Thursday, May 1, 2014

may | monthly goals

monthly goals.
i can't count the number of bloggers i've seen do this - and i've been dragging my feet.
i have my yearly goal list & my house goal list (which, uh, hilarious if i was to update the "progress").
i know that with big goals, it's good to have small steps along the way - little check points if you will.
so to build these monthly goals - i'm looking back towards my overall 2014 list. while some goals may not directly reflect the list - i definitely want to keep it in mind.

so...starting fresh (in may haha!) here we go:

// read a non-fiction - christian living/theology book.

// try two new healthy recipes.

// do a pinterest project.

// be able to hold a solid headstand.

// do some artistic painting.

// not feel rage when i hear the word burpee.

// random acts of kindness for others.


are you a monthly goal (daily goal?) person?
what are some of your goals....where are you thriving? where are you struggling?

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Victoria said...

Generally I always have goals going. Right now my only goal is to stay balanced and not allow myself to grow anxious or overwhelmed by things. :)

Do you have a book in mind for your non-fiction christian living/theology read?

Laura said...

hahahaha... not feel rage when you hear the word burpee. Burpees make me feel like I'm going to puke and pass out... all that up and down. Ugh.

I am actually not a goal person at all... but things still get done.

Robyn B said...

i am all about some goals! :) i make lists for like every section of my life cause that's the only way things will get done! ha!

and i love your second to last one :)

Jenna Griffin said...

You have such a good idea! Making goals at the beginning of the month sounds awesome and motivating. A headstand!? Is it for yoga? I don't think I could do that! I wanna see photos of your success!

Rebecca Jo said...

haha!!! Burpees do the same to me.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I haven't done a handstand in years. I'm pretty sure I will have to go try one today now that you mentioned it, though, haha!

Esther Ju*Lee said...

which book are you thinking?

Jennifer Prod said...

your monthly goals are so en-point that i just might steal them :) a yoga headstand is pretty ambitious, but it's been on my list for so long that i might as well take the plunge:) which theology book are you considering??

The Lady Okie said...

oh man, a headstand?! I cannot do one of those things. I'm trying to buff up my arms to be able to do a pullup, though! Good luck with your goals :)

Paige said...

Last summer I did monthly goals every month, and I really enjoyed it! I might have to pick this back up :)

Jess said...

Ha! That second to last one needs to be on my list as well!