Friday, May 2, 2014

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i was up half the night feeling super crappy. i'm not sure if i ate something that didn't agree with me or if my body was just going to war - but it was not a good night. i really thought i had that virus that was going around, but nope...not that eventful (too much? haha). thankfully i got around 3 hours of sleep and it is pretty quite at the office today. praise for the little things. this will be another crazy weekend - helping someone move, a formal benefit event, a creative meetup - on top of just the regular life. did i mention i'm tired.
+ if you like seeing happy pets, this is adorable. (the cat!!)
+ these are some wise, wise words i needed to read.
+ i would move in everything they put inside.
+ nom nom nom...perfection.
+ one of the best april fools ideas i've ever seen.
+ my artistic heart just exploded.
+ man oh man, if i could build something like this in my backyard i would - then use it all the time.

+ i remember doing this as a kid.
+ stunning photographs.
+ the art of celebration.
+ not sure if y'all read this blog...but it is one of my favorites.
and just for a little something extra.
megan in all of her awesomeness is hosting a little giveaway (ok it's really an awesome giveaway!)
so make sure you enter!!.

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Julia Barger said...

Oh no! Sorry you had a crappy night. :( that's no way to start out any day...especially a Friday. Hope you get to feeling 100% asap!

Also, super awesome giveaway! I love the "count it all joy" print. A great reminder. :)

Aimee | This Darling Day said...

Those photos with the old camera are amazing! :-)

Jenna Griffin said...

Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Love all of these links. Have a fun weekend!

Kiki said...

Sorry to hear that you're tired and may have gotten sick, too. I know the feeling, haha. :) Hope you have a fun-packed weekend, though!

And these are great links! I love all the work that the Petersiks do and that home they designed is amazing to say the least. And I also love those wise words, too!

meg mcilvaine said...

woohoo! giveaway! :)

OMG that house is to-die for!! i pass a house on my way to work every morning that is that color of blue, and i have to keep myself from drooling over it. the blue + that dark wood stain, yes please.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Hope you are feeling better by now!