Monday, May 5, 2014

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i know, i know - there are lots of hair posts already on the internet.
you've already been told about the 'best products' and how to use them.
i get it - trust me, i normally scroll past these too.
in all of my online trolling through hair posts - i've found very few dealing with naturally curly hair.
not posts on how to CURL your hair, or how to sleep in rollers, or what products to use before a curling iron - no just naturally curly hair.
i've seen maybe...two other bloggers with naturally curly hair embrace it - talk about it - and share what they use and do. (if you know of some let me know!!!)
if you are like me, you like to know what works and doesn't work before buying it. products marketed for curly hair are any where but cheap (we're talking $15+ for some GEL!) and i would love to skip over some not-so-great stuff and spend my money on something i know will work.

so hopefully you're not bored and this is informative....if not, just keep trolling scrolling ;)



shower routine 

if you're going to "brush" your hair now is the time to do it; use a wide tooth comb while the conditioner is in your hair. personally, i rarely brush my hair. i will comb through my hair with conditioner in it to help keep some of hte natural curl pattern.

i absolutely love this stuff. curly-haired girls have to have sulfate free shampoo - so finding this on the shelves of target was fabulous. i use this shampoo only twice a week (normally sunday's and wednesdays) - or if i have had a really gross day (ahem yard work). 

i realize that most people use this once a week or so to help hydrate their hair - but us curly-haired girls know the importance of a solid conditioner. i use this in my hair every day - and i don't fully rinse it out.  

after shower: use a cotton t-shirt to scrunch the water out of your hair. do NOT use a towel, it will cause frizz and can break the natural curl pattern.

my current daily routine 

i actually use this product last in the morning. it helps give a little more definition than the curling gel. it will add a small amount of crunch to my hair. i pump about 10 sprays into my palm, rub together, and scrunch my hair upside down. 

absolutely love the smell of this product. not only does it smell fantastic - it helps give my hair some hold without all of the weight or crunch. 

i normally put this in my hair first - to help keep the moisture inside. & it really does help with the frizz. 

this is another great product to help with the frizz. i may not use this EVERY day, but i use it often. 

after putting all of this stuff in my hair (which i promise does NOT weight it down, keeps it light, and very little to NO crunch!) i use two HUGE claw clips to pile my hair on top of my head. One towards the front, the other towards the back - i try to let my hair air dry as much as possible.

once a week

i sometimes throw this in my hair after a night shower to help repair some hair damage. 
also if i sleep in too late and i wake up extra frizzy i use this to help calm things down. 

honorable mentions

when i don't feel like putting a lot of stuff in my hair i'll throw this in. it is a great product that doesn't add weight or crunch. i will still get some frizz with this product but not enough to care haha. 

i've found that with this product i'll have a decent amount of frizz. the curls aren't always as defined, but i still really enjoy the product. 

i recently got this mousse and have only used it a few times - so i can't make a solid review of it. i love the smell, the feel, and how it held in my hair. 


^ this was after a hot day, lots of running around, and tons of humidity. the frizz isn't too bad! :)

i was not compinsated in any way for mentioning these products. i just wanted to share my routine & opinions.

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meg mcilvaine said...

well, i don't have curly hair, but if i did, this post would be super helpful to me! good job, friend. also, you have super pretty curly hair!

Jenna Griffin said...

The tshirt idea is such a good one! Never thought of that, but I will definitely be using it. Beautiful hair, my friend!

Aimee | This Darling Day said...

As a fellow naturally curly haired girl, I've often wondered what you use to get such pretty curls! I've been embracing my natural curls lately and loving it. Great post! Thank you!

Abbey said...

you are lovely.

chelsea said...

Hooray curly hair! Thanks for these tips, I'm always on the lookout for new products. Such a challenge trying to keep the curls happy :)

chelsea said...

Hooray curly hair! Thanks for these tips, I'm always on the lookout for new products. Such a challenge trying to keep the curls happy :)

chelsea said...

Hooray curly hair! Thanks for these tips, I'm always on the lookout for new products. Such a challenge trying to keep the curls happy :)

Chelsea Phelps said...

Your hair looks so good, so you must be doing something right! My hair is straight straight straight, but I have always admired curly locks! This post will be helpful to so many people!


Robyn B said...

woohoo!!! SO glad you did a post on this!!! i am loving that shea moisture shampoo!!! i tried "hair one" that is a poo free cleaner but i like this sulfate free shampoo better for my hair! and i love me some aussie mousse!

Sarah by the Sea said...

I love your curly hair, Amy! It's so beautiful, and truthfully, this girl with the straight, flat hair, is envious of the body you get!! :)

Orlando Smith said...

Honestly you don't need all of those products. I mean it kinda just happens if you wanna tell the truth.

amydhodge said...

I love your curly hair!

I have naturally curly- and actually don't use any products in it- which has been a journey in itself!
But, this is helpful in knowing which products are the best!

I will have to send this to my sister!
Thanks Amy

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Reading this makes me want to try wearing my hair curly again. My hair is so unpredictable when I let it go natural/free. Sometimes it looks amazing and sometimes it looks cah-razy, haha! I am going to look into a couple of these products and see what I can find! :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Girl! I just started looking at these products and they really are super reasonably priced! I am adding them to my to-buy list this week. :)

Britney said...

Love this post girl!
It was super helpful, as i have curly hair as well. And it's always hard to find something that works good, I use "Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream Gel", and it works pretty good! But i will have to check out these products for sure! And i've seen that T-shirt thing on Pinterest and wondered if it worked, now i know it does.

Jess said...

As a naturally curly headed girl as well, I am VERY thankful for this post. I'm always to find posts like these and to see what other curly girls are doing. Believe it or not, I just recently got to the point where I actually cared what my hair looked like. I went through a severe non-curly, frizzy, wavy, nothing helped phase. THANKFULLY my natural curl has come back significantly since I started taking care of it.

I only brush when in the shower using a wide-tooth comb. Some days I leave in conditioner and don't rinse out. Other days I rinse it completely. I completely air dry. I'm trying out Suave's Curl mousse right now. It's alcohol free which I'm really loving and apply when my hair is still fairly wet. I also just switched to L'Oreal Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner. It has done wonders and my hair is super soft. One of the things I'm glad to have adjusted and gotten better at is having the no crunch feel to my curls. That is THE worst! Great post and great curls! :)

Meg said...

I LOVE finding "normal" people products... not these crazy expensive things I'll never be able to afford each month! I just use a combo of suave naturals shampoo/conditioner, garnier leave in conditioner, and herbal essences gel. Simple and cheap. And the t-shirt trick... so awesome! I flip my hair over and then wring it with the shirt and then fling it back over my head so the natural part happens. Random though... I HATE how I get addicted to a product and then they change it or discontinue it! I might have had a panic attack or two in the hair isle.

Miranda said...

Love, love, LOVE naturally curly hair! Yours is beautiful. I find posts like this extremely interesting.

Victoria said...

Love your reviews! I have straight hair, but frizz can be a problem especially when it comes humidity...I don't think I've ever even thought about NOT using a towel on my hair.

Sarah Carletti said...

This is great info! I've been struggling with my hair and I'm going to try this!

Julia Barger said...

pretty, pretty. :)

argon oil is like magic in a bottle. i use a hot iron or straightener on my hair a couple times a week and that can be pretty i use argon oil and it makes it silky smooth again.

Lacey said...

I always think I have naturally curly hair, and then I see your hair pics and I laugh at myself because mine are more just lots of waves compared to yours. I have always LOVED curly hair, yours is so gorgeous! And I bet these tips work great for all levels of "curl" out there... I had no clue that drying with a towel will encourage frizz! Great to know.

Jami Nato said...

my little penelope has curly hair and i have stick straight, won't curl if i curl it hair. this is super helpful!
and thanks for your sweet comment. it means a lot.

Kasey Lynne said...

You rock that curly hair so well!!