Wednesday, April 30, 2014

etsy crushes | mothers day gift ideas

ah mothers day.
what a beautiful day, set aside to really honor our moms.
and while we should honor them every day it is nice to have that special day to not only remind ourselves of how thankful we are for their lives, but to remind them.
while my mom is no longer with me (man, has it already been almost 10 years?!) i have a lot of women in my life who have helped guide me and mother me over the years. i am so thankful for their lives, wisdom, spiritual guidance, love, and encouragement.

here are a few things i found, via etsy, that i know some moms out there would love!


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meg mcilvaine said...

bahahaha that card, though. hilarious.

these are all fun mother's day options!

and lady, i'm so thankful that Jesus has given you other mama's to invest in you, and love you, and give you Godly advice over the years.

Victoria said...

Motherhood is so beautiful!

It' is fun to honor any all moms we know. :)

Meghan Kraft said...

AH. Mother's Day is a lot closer than I first thought...thanks for the inspiration!

Lacey said...

HAHA that card!! Oh my gosh, my mom would be mortified if I got that for her... haha.

Love all these suggestions! I felt relieved when I saw this post because I get so much anxiety over picking gifts for people!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Hahahaha! That card... oh my goodness. So terrible and yet so true!