Thursday, December 12, 2013

thursday finds...

since I am a poor planner - and have nothing to go on today ;) - I thought I would share some things that have really caught my attention over the last few days/weeks.
check back in tomorrow for frankly Friday. <3

+ in case you missed it: my blogger confessions

+ two words: snoqualmie falls (oh my gosh I want to go!)

+ oh my gosh I want it!!!

+ we are created beautifully.

+ maybe make morning of Christmas eve?!

+ her hair. her curls are rockin! (and the pictures are breath taking!)

+ when gifts are big and the gospel is small - such a beautiful post.

+ I would love to live in this house. their style meets my style so wonderfully. seriously all the tribal and Aztec prints?! yes please! (and uh those buffalos! YESSS)

+ ok so it's in a different language but uh - cinnamon pretzel rolls?! I would eat an entire batch of these!

+ I don't think I would ever take this off. ever.

+ I could not stop laughing - I'm going to die alone.


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Melissa Suggitt said...

welp looks like i too will die alone. damn you hunger games...

Kiki said...

That. Pin. Oh my goodness that is soooo me. :)

And that home tour on YHL? Loved it, too. I especially loved their mudroom and kitchen.

And I also loved that photoshoot (her hair is so pretty!), the Snoqualmie Falls photos, and Jenny's post, too.

Also, I am loving these links! I think you need to do more of these because I love reading these kinds of posts and I can always rely on the fact that your link posts will be good ones. You have great taste, that's for sure!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Im a poor planner too! :) but love the photo.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Wow! Snoqualmie is beautiful! The fox clock is so cool and that pin - hilarious!

Angela said...

Fox?! Too cute! Love that post too--just what I needed to hear. Apple egg pancake? Delish! And that HG pin?? Too funny!

Courtenay Coleman said...

Those apple pancakes look awesome! I might have to make those too soon :)

Elizabeth said...

I love that hunger games pin!! so funny!