Tuesday, December 10, 2013



+ work
+ responding to emails.
+ attempting to catch up on blog reading.
+ training.
+ errands.
+ more Christmas decorating.
+ sleep. (holla!)


etsy crushes, so get your posts ready!

Taking Steps Home

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Julia Barger said...

Yay for Christmas decorations! I'm working on a few Christmas projects myself! :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Love that you included sleep on your list! Ever since I got flannel sheets a few weeks back, I literally look forward to getting in my bed every single night haha!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you are busy busy! Hope you manage to relax some part of the day. :) Looking forward to your etsy crushes tomorrow!

Susan Jeffries said...

Busy busy!! I hope you get to enjoy some down time! I am wondering if Lemonade Makin Mama is one of your Etsy crushes now;) Susan