Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Writing on the glass...

Remember me saying yesterday that i was really behind on reading blogs??
I thought i would show you some proof:
Pretty dang intense right? Try being my eyeballs...they are twitching like mad. 
So, last night i attempted to get some reading done {on top of cleaning/etc}...where am i know?
& the number will keep climbing as more people post throughout the day.
::twitch:: ::twitch::
 . . .
So to compete with the madness i figured i would share one of my latest projects for Christmas, that turned out to be a two-part maddening piece...because nothing is ever easy right?!
I was inspired by this post by Brooklyn Limestone:

Beautiful right?
So, with this inspiration in mind i started thinking of different ways i could make this into something surrounding Christmas. Hmmm....where would i do this? What silhouette would i choose?
The possibilities were endless.
I decided on a deer in the woods.
A deer? Why? I'm not really sure, other than the fact that i'm currently obsessed with them
{see other deer DIY project i've completed here}.
The first thing i had to do was find an image online that i could eye-ball while drawing & then i free handed the trees. After sketching them i used my exacto knife to cut the little suckers out and bam:
 Once i had the images cut out i placed the deer on my projector, turned y coffee table on the side and tapped up some black craft paper (that you can get in HUGE roles for pretty cheap at a teacher store). Once i had the image projected i grabbed some white chalk and started tracing.
Then it was time to tape the silhouette up on the outside of my window and get to work.
I decided i would write lyrics to Christmas songs...you know to be festive and all.
Well that ended quickly. Do you know how many words it took to fill in this deer?! Oh, i dont know...let's say almost two hours worth. I started writing out prayers, random thoughts, etc.
To say i was starting to go a little bat crazy is an understatement; but i was so excited with how it was turning out that i would take a few more steps of crazy to complete it!
I also couldn't get my hands on any fine-tipped chalk markers but found these bad boys at Target. I ended up using the white and grey markers...to make things light and airy while still {hopefully} being visible. So let's get to the pictures shall we?

Lovely right?
Well...it was until i walked outside and realized
{unless you pull the curtains back so everyone and their mom can look into my house}.
To say i was frustrated was an understatement.
I started thinking of things i could put behind it, more black craft paper? Maybe it would pop? NO.
Maybe some left over Christmas'y fabric?
Can you really see it? Do you think you can see it from the road? NO.
I was pacing around thinking, Well if this was a freaking store front window it would work...it would be beautiful...all of my time spent on this wouldn't go to waste...but this isn't Anthropologie and my time wasn't fully a waste, i mean i enjoyed looking at the finished product.
So i cleaned it all off and started back at square one.
I had to RE trace/chalk the image on craft paper, RE cut it out, and RE-tape it up. I also had to cut out craft paper trees...so here is the FINAL product and how it looks on my windows now.
. . .
At night i've placed a little spotlight behind the curtains to help it pop a little more.
Do i love it?
At first i was all, meh...it's alright, it isn't my favorite...my favorite was the dang words but you couldn't see them. Now...i like it, i still don't OH MY GOSH LOVE IT...but that's ok. Trial and error people, trial and error. :)
[Want to repin? you can do that HERE & HERE]
. . .
Have you attempted a project recently only to have it shut down?
What are you currently obsessed with (aka what are your pin boards reflecting lately?)
Have you even started decorating yet, or do you plan on decorating at all?


Tarabelle said...

This is seriously amazing. I'm saying it now: Best Christmas Decoration i have seen this year. INCLUDING PINTREST!!!


Come to my house and do my windows!!!



Abbey said...

I love this. I really do. I think it would look lovely and different if I was walking/driving down a street.

Happy blog reading, too! :)

Genna said...

So great! You are so creative and your projects always turn out so well.

Robin said...

I think it looks great!

Miss Riss said...

This is so cool!! It looks like all your trouble was worth it :) ...I've never used blog lovin' and I don't quite understand what it is, but I hear it mentioned all the time, what's the hoopla all about?!

Laura said...

I think it looks great!

And too bad you couldn't see the writing. :( Those window markers are awesome though. Jason's last bday-- he got dart guns with those suctiony darts. I ran out to the store and bought window markers so we could draw a bullseye on the windows. Mike and I had some fun completions haha.

I'm working on my Christmas decorations! Made that tree skirt. Sewed up some stockings yesterday *love them!* I'm waiting for my red burlap to arrive in the mail so I can make a wreath. Kind of pumped about it all. My life has been consumed with pinterest crafts lately!

PS... you should send this in to that pinstrosity site!!!

Ella {champagne+cardigans} said...

These are beautiful!! I want to try!! Thank you for posting this :)

Love and Such said...

OKAY this is the COOLEST IDEA i've EVER SEEN! I'm totally stoked about this! I found your blog from Recently Roached. SO cute!

Excited to follow and read more!

Ech and Will said...

So cool! I love it! The writing idea was pretty awesome too. I'm bummed it didn't show up well because it looked amazing.

Kenzie said...

I love this, Amy! It looks amazing! You did such a brilliant job! Talent, sista, talent!

Felechia said...

I love it! And I don't care that you couldn't see it from the street. Brilliant.

laura b said...

Oh, that word deer was amazing! It must have been painful to wash away after spending 2 hours making it. Loved it!

shadowhaswings said...

You have given me a 'WOW' moment this morning! I loved your 'deer' too, what creativity you have, I am so sorry you had to erase and start all over again, I don't know if I could have done that. Both projects were amazing to me, I'm looking forward to following your blog now.
Thank you, ~ Debbie

Maricar Gomez said...

Very wonderful ideas.. I will try this at home.. thanks a lot for sharing this one..

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