Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday...Christmas Picture Edition

I'm thankful for...
| Jesus |
This time of year it seems that a lot of people have Jesus, or some form of Christianity on their mind. Whether that is figuring out where they should go spend Christmas Eve, being thankful for the birth of Christ, or just acknowledging that others celebrate it. Even though Jesus wasn't technically born in December (most scholars pin-point it around the fall), celebrating His life is always important to me. 
| Family | 
I had so much fun with both sides of my family this Christmas. It amazes me how stark of a contrast each side represents. My mother's side is loud, hyper, and all over the place & my father's side is calm, relaxed, and easy going. I love the balance and i love each person. You know the saying "you can't pick your family"...well even if i could i would still pick them all over again. Sure there is drama and disagreements but i've learned so much from each individual and i'm so blessed to call them MY family. 
| Health |
While i may not be the most healthy person, i'm reminded of how grateful i am to have my full health. Do i need to spend more time in the gym? Yes. Do i need to eat healthier food and smaller portions? Gosh, yes. Do i need to take medicine every day? No. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with good health within this season of my life, and i am fully aware that it may not last forever. Within my family and circle of friends there are many health problems, and it reminds me how people still find joy daily in the midst of pain. I'm blown away and encouraged by their good nature, loving hearts, and optimistic attitudes above all. So, if you are within a season if health issues, know that a. you're not alone and b. you can still have joy. As my family always says, don't let someone or something steal your joy.

| Gifts | 
I'm thankful for gifts?
Yes, well humbled really. I'm humbled that i'm able to give gifts to those i love and in return receive a gift. I am definitely the kind of person who loves giving gifts and feels awkward receiving something. 
This Christmas i was blown away with some of the things i received. 
So to keep a memory for myself (and i guess share with you what i got?) i wanted to post some pictures. Is that weird? I don't want it to come across as a brag or look what i got and you didn't because that is mean, and self-centered. I honestly just want to remember what all i received AND show you my nappy morning hair.
. . .
So here are tons of pictures from Christmas Day! 
Funny story about this Jig Saw: it's mine; yes i asked Santa for a jig saw. Christmas morning my brother goes, "What is that?" i replied "my Jig Saw...obviously"; he gave me a puzzled look, "Why did you want a jig saw?" I smiled and said "To cut things, and because i'm more of am man than you are, i ask for power tools" ladies and gentlemen you KNOW you're into DIY when you ask for power tools for Christmas that you don't even know how to use yet. :)
& then my brother grabs my camera...and these pictures happen:
He is skilled i tell ya. Skilled. 
. . .


Melissa said...

Ha! Y'all are so funny! Love the pic of him in the bed! Haha! Love all your gifts, and heck no, it's not bragging! I posted some of mine too & more to come! I've seen a lot of bloggers & instagrammers sharing what they got - it's fun!

Um, is that the lens i want? I just decided i want it so i didn't decide it early enough to ask Santa! Ha! But i am taking a photography class in January & the teacher put that as a suggested thing to have... and so now of course i'm like - i want one! I did order me a tripod though!

LOVE your new watch!!!

Cracks me up you wanted power tools. So when we strike a show at the theater, there are always certain girls who go straight for the power tools to help tear the set down - instead of like grabbing a broom or going to clean out the dressing rooms. :) Pretty sure you'd be one of those girls! Ha!

Jamie said...

Looks like you had a fantastic holiday. Merry Christmas.

Jordan said...

Go on with your power tool and bad self! I have a feeling I'd take someone's finger off with that thing though. Looks like you had a great Christmas! :)

Katie said...

I think you look beautiful, morning hair and all. Can't wait to see what you use the jigsaw for! :)

Robin said...

I don't think that posting pictures is bragging. You got some interesting things!

Victoria said...

Love your pictures! :) You did get some good stuff! Was that a lens for your camera? What camera do you use?

Way to be the man of the house too! lol....Somebody has got to do it. Oh and those giant bags, you've got to tell us more about that tradition.

Lora Ashley said...

I want your watch! Glad you had a great Christmas!

Miss Riss said...

Love that you got Harry Potter!!