Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve | Life Changes

let's do this. 
. . .
I mentioned on Friday that i'm not making resolutions this year...i'm making life changes.
In my opinion resolutions can be forgotten or discarded easily, but making a change holds more weight & forces you to actively pursue a better life.
I've made a list this year full of changes, hopes, and activities that i plan on pursuing.
I may add more as time continues, but for now here is what i've come up with.
. . .
Play hop scotch.
Go to the gun range more often.
Cook more!
Go Kayaking.
Learn how to use my 50mm lens.
Be Happy.
Look into going back to school.
Move more!
Play in the rain.
Have a big game of capture the flag.
Start writing my story.
Take a few day trips out of town.
Go to a conference.
Get my passport.
Love others more.
Study God's Word.
Participate in a color run.
Paint More.
Go to a few concerts.
. . .
What about you?
What changes do you want to see happen in 2013?
Happy New Years Eve everyone!


Amanda Schroeder said...

I like your outlook. Life goals. Not resolutions. Yeah..I like that a lot.

amanda @ we and serendipity

Melissa said...

OOooh! I am getting a 50mm lens, too! The photography class I am taking - the instructor suggested we get one. So i am thinking I'm gonna! YAY!

Great list!

Jordan said...

Hope you have a very happy New Year!!

Victoria said...

Love your 2013 list!!! Just the right balance of work and play! You should definitely write your story. :) Do it now while you're young and later on you can add to it.

What would going back to school be about? What would you study or work towards?

And you paint?!?! Let's see some of your work!

Ech and Will said...

Excellent list. I haven't made mine yet. I guess I should probably get on that. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Genna said...

First of all, your handwriting is adorable. Second, I wish my lists were this cute! I really, really wanna go to a conference too, probably the Influence Conference, but alas I am a broke college student :(

Amanda said...

oh I love your life changes. the gun range, being happy, capture the flag, moving more..they are all things I want too! What would you do if you went back to school? And where would you go if you got your passport?