Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday...v14

Is anyone else conflicted on being EXTREMELY ESTATIC AND OH MY GOSH PUMPED or ummmm...what the heck you better not ruin my childhood over this new show:
Girl Meets World
Hmmm...if this spin off of Boy Meets World ruines the old one, i might snap; BUT since they have Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel signed on as the might work.
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What's been eating up my pinterest boards latley?!
Psshhht you guessed it, mostly Christmas related, but that won't be all i'm sharing today.

^ one of my favorite episodes!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 
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You can check out some past Pinteresting posts here:
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Well, i'm still behind on my reading/responding to apologies.
I've just been off my game this week and i can't seem to catch up.
Meh, life happens right?!
So to help me connect back with you, & please share with me one of your favorite things about the Holiday Season. Hot chocolate, family, movies, music, traditions, etc....anything or everything i totally want to hear it!


Victoria said...

Love these pins and the news about the new show!!!! I saw that on FB the other night,but didn't knowif it was real. I don't have cable/dish etc. so I hadn't heard anything that way to be able to know for sure. What channel is running it? I loved that show, those two, and of course Mr. Feeney! Who didn't?

Ahhh, Christmas! What's not to love? Music, movies, cookies, hot drinks, homemade eggnog, books, decorations, picking out gifts, and of course more family time. I love the whole season. The world is in a good mood, people are usually loving and caring and happy. And it's a time through Advent that I take time to slow down and think about/study something "new" about Jesus! Then, comes the new year. Perfect, just perfect!

Jordan said...

I am also skeptical about GMW but will watch it nonetheless! I'm so glad they got them to come back as parents, I'm hoping it doesn't butcher BMW. If it does, well, we always have the memories...

It's the most wonderful time of the year....... :) :) :)

Robin said...

I wish they would stop trying to re-make so many old shows and movies...leave the classics alone!
I like the kitchen in that second Pinterest picture. Imagine accidently walking into it with mud on your shoes, though.

Ali W. said...

I totally heard about that new show!!!! I am SO excited! I am def going to watch it. I LOVED Boy Meets World!

Genna said...

I'm pumped about it. I saw that Danielle, who played Topanga, said that they were in talks for a long time and she wouldn't have agreed to it if it wasn't going to have the same morals and characters and meaning behind the show. That made me feel A LOT better!