Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Come to me...

I wanted to share a song/video with you this morning that has helped to keep me grounded the last few days. 
Come To Me
By: Jamie Grace 
. . .
This song has just been lifting me up, and reminding me that i am never alone.
I love her voice, and presence. You can completely tell that she loves God fiercely and radiates pure joy. She is definitely a delight to listen to and her CD is so much fun! :)
. . .
In other news I watched The Vow last night for the first time.
I really really liked it.

'Aint that the truth.
In all seriousness...i thought the movie was great!
The ending however, meh...it was alright. I felt like i was kind of left hanging there.
Have any of you seen it? What were your thoughts?
. . .
I'm so excited for Thanksgiving, for many reasons really!
I love spending time with my family and building memories.
I'm also going to take some pictures of my cousins this year so that will be exciting...we shall see.
. . .
I'm a little brain dead today...forgive me :)


Abbey said...

BROTHER TIME TONIGHT! (right? or was that last night?) Either way, YAY THANKSGIVING! :)

Victoria said...

Jamie Grace has quite the voice! I discovered her thanks to pandora, I think....

I never saw the vow. It sounded like a good one, but I just know I will bawl my eyes out. Maybe someday?

Have a great Thanksgiving. Be sure to squeeze your brother's cheeks. They love that! ;) If my brother was able to make it, I definitely would. lol

Laura said...

The Vow... the movie was good the book was amazing. The book is the true story wrote by the couple that the movie is about. I definitely recommend reading the book.

Also... word is that Channing Tatum if filming in the area. He was spotted in a field fifteen minutes from where I live and a coffee shop a mile down the road... and I don't even care haha! :)

his little lady said...

I've never heard this song before. So relaxing to have playing in the background! And wasn't The Vow adorable? It ends in a very realistic way. And seriously, who would question that! haha
xo TJ

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I felt the exact same about the ending of the movie!!

Ali W. said...

UGHHH I hated the ending to that movie! I love the movie though. I cried (and so did McKay! hahaha. he would die if he knew I wrote that).