Monday, September 24, 2012

Snail Mail...pinterest in real life v.4

I have a problem, 
with mail.
You see, i have all of the best intentions to sort it when i get home and make nice little stacks and file things and be all suzie home maker, but the reality is this: 
What normally happens is Monday evening i get home and either place the mail there (or Maria's already gotten it) and think "i'll get to that after dinner"; the same thing happens Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and sometimes even saturday, sunday, monday get the idea
So i'm left with a pile of mail that has bills, statements, coupons, etc mixed in. 
This was not a healthy habit to be starting. 
See, that's a flippin' huge pile of mail (from just [i think] ONE WEEK)...told you
I knew that i needed to do something to make this process go from complicated to user-friendly.
I had tried putting three little baskets on the first shelf on the table (you can see one in the first picture). One basket for myself, my brother, and Maria (the lovely roommate). That lasted all of a day. 
I didn't like pulling out baskets and then trying to shove papers in them (that oh wouldn't you know, didn't fit in the basket i bought), so i needed to find a better plan of attack. 
Then i remembered i had pinned something recently where Tiffany from The Nest Effect made a file folder for her mail.
Well color me happy! 
I decided to take this off of the pin-board and give this a shot in real life. 
. . .
I found a file folder holder i had all of youth ministry papers in from my last church, and i knew it was time to go through and decide what needed shredding, saving, and trashing. 
Chaos right?
=) I like organizing chaos.
Excuse the mess, as always, i'm just keeping it real.
I gave each folder a job: 
Incoming mail | Outgoing mail | Bills to pay | To file | Receipts | Coupons | Grocery Ads
Put everything in their rightful folder and took it back to the foyer. 
I'm not planning on keeping the files on top of the console table at all times, more than likely it will be placed on the bottom shelf, but for now this works and i'm happy! 
. . .
As a random side note: I LOVE mentioned here.
I am also very, very, particular about what kind of smells i like, does that make me sound snotty? oh well.
This candle...smells like men's cologne. I am not kidding it is absolutely hands down incredible. 
You're welcome in advance for the knowledge {bath & body works}.
. . .
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Sarah Grace said...

such a great transformation! well done!

happy monday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Laura said...

Stack spots... I'm trying so hard to avoid them in the new home! I keep telling my husband "you can't put that there!" haha. :) He loves it. Not!

I used to have stack spots all over the house and then I had kids and I am too lazy to go around yelling all day "don't touch that" so I found a place for everything and learned to no longer have stack spots. It took a while but it was worth it.

For mail... I just sort it as soon as I grab it. If there is a bill I write a check and put it in the mailbox for the mailman to pick up. My mail usually doesn't sit long. Of course I don't get much either.

Hooray for Pinterest saving the day for you!!!

Tarabelle said...

I am so making this. I am not kidding, i am really really realllly going to make this. THIS WEEK.


Abbey said...

Love the painting over your table thing there! Also, love candles. I had one going upstairs and one going downstairs pretty much all weekend.

Melissa said...

I must do this. Seriously. The mail that comes in (most of it junk) is RIDICULOUS. We have a stack to go through on the table, a stack on the counter & a basket thing FULL OF MAIL that we have yet to go through. It's just been sitting there. It drives me INSANE. I must organize!!!

Victoria said...

Good idea! I have an obsession with dealing with mail right as it comes in the door. If I don't it piles up EVERYWHERE.

I LOVE your entry,...That door, that clock, the paint, the painting...All of it!

And, now I have a new candle to hunt down!

Beverly said...

Lovin' the creativity of your mail sorter girlie!!! The polka dots makes it fun to go to and sort your life away, right?! The part I HATE about mail are of course the bills and statements... wahhhhhh!!

Happy Monday love! xo, Bev

Katie said...

This is a must do for me! We have a basket but it overfloweth and has no organization. This looks like a great fix!

Kristin said...

Great job! I love that I'm not the only one that makes a huge mess when I'm organizing!

Genna said...

That is adorable! Also, I love candles too but have recently converted to a wax warmer because I suck at remembering to blow out my candles sometimes!

Kerri Carrie said...

I REALLY need to get organised like this! This is super cute; my way totally isn't working for me so I might looking into something like you've got. Great Idea!