Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday...v7

Why do i love Pinterest so much?
Honestly...i think it's because it gives an image to all of the thoughts/ideas/inspiration that i have floating around in my brain, maybe it's also an escape. 
I think sometimes we allow things to take up our time so we don't have to sit in silence and focus on what is really going on in our lives.
This is just a random observation i've made from my own life. Instead of dealing with an issue, or allowing myself to actually think i can sometimes find myself pinning away my problems...anyone else relate? 
With all of that being said, i'll still be linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for Pinteresting Wednesday.

. . .
I found this little beauty on Modern Eve and i will DEFINITELY be using it to clean out my closet this weekend. 

^This quote completely floored life resonates with this. 

2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 
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Ah...why does today feel like it should be friday?!?!

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Also, don't forget, we've got another Frankly Friday coming up in two days! :)
Get your posts ready!!


Bev said...

I love the mermaid pin!!! So very true!!

And the simplicity of the desk is so adorbs!!! I love the details on the chair legs!

Happy wednesday friend! xo, Bev

Victoria said...

As usual, you pick just about evrything I would pick. Except N*Sync. I never was a fan of them and especially didn't care fot Timberlake. Just saying. ;)

Emily B said...

That flowchart about which clothes to keep is a great idea! I desperately need to go through my closet and use that.

~em at small girl, big world

Kalie said...

I agree, Pinterest is an escape for me too.

I love, love the desk with the prints as well as wardrobe editing. I may just have to try that out someitme!

Sarah Grace said...

ooo my gosh,,,,the nsync pin almost sent me into convulsions. always a classic.

happy wednesday!
xo, sarah grace

Lora Ashley said...

I do believe I shall do me get on the ball with blogging :-)