Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving & Growing

I've been doing some re-arranging inside of the dinning room.
Let's just say that 99% of the furniture/accessories in this room have not been moved or changed since we moved into this house (almost 20 years ago) so it's been a little dated for a long time. 
Of course while looking for a picture on my computer the only before picture i could find was the picture i took when my brother came home from his first year of college and dumped it all in the living room (by the way, this all fit in his small 4 door car, we know how to pack...ha!)
So i promise that every room/before picture in my house does not prove that i live like a slob, as you've seen before. :)
{dang that's a lot of stuff right?}
As you can see the china cabinet was the first thing you saw when you looked through the alcove. 
It isn't that i didn't like it that way, it's that i've been seeing it for almost 20 years. Now that i'm able to move things around because it's what i like i kept thinking, Well hey, why not?!
So i took an afternoon and cleaned out the china cabinet, dusted, cleaned the glass, etc, and recruited my roommate to help me move some things.   
. . .
Things still to do {or thinking of doing}...
#1 I still have to paint in here...i'm thinking i will do a pop of color on the wall where the mirror is; maybe make it a little more interesting. (Maybe use the color i used for the top wall in the kitchen?)
#2 Re-arrange, get new art work in this space. As you can see in picture #4 the pictures of my brother & I when we were younger are now blocked womp womp so i'll have to find a new place to put them in this room (im thinking the wall to the left of the window). Taking down the plates and replacing them with some new fun pieces...but i haven't figured that out yet. 
#3 Putting up an awesome backdrop in the china cabinet to brighten it up a bit. 
#4 Painting all of the other walls to match the grey in the living room. 
#5 Painting the trim white...ahhhh, i'm not looking forward to that. 
#6 Re-apolstering the chairs at the dinning room table. 
#7 Maybe eventually paint the china cabinet? 
& much more.
. . .
For now, i'm happy with the change. I think it has opened up the room and really brightened things up! Change doesn't always have to be a big thing, it can be as small as just moving furniture around. :)
. . .
Today is also my brother's 20TH BIRTHDAY! 
Where did the time go?
I love my brother, he is my favorite person in the world. 
He is patient, hilarious, loves Jesus, smart, sweet, compassionate, driven, and growing into an awesome man. 
So happy birthday to my little brother that i am so blessed to have! I love you!! 
Be prepared for a picture overflow!
Photo taken by Susan Lloyd Photography
Photo taken by Susan Lloyd Photography
. . .
Happy Happy Birthday Bro. 
I love you more than you will ever know! 


Sarah Grace said...

happy birthday to him!!! what fun photos! :)

and the dining room transformation looks fantastic already! i can't wait to see what you do next!

happy tuesday!

Victoria said...

Happy birthday to your brother! Will you two be able to get together to celebrate?

I love what you did there in your dining room!!! That mirror really opens things up. Also, I love that space before it, I think you called it the living room? It looks like the perfect spot to sit and read.

Abbey said...

love love love all the family photos. Happy birthday brother!

Your dining room looks great! very cozy and welcoming. :)

Laura said...

oooh! Love what did to the room! Looks great!

I'm horrible at decorating and have an ENTIRE house to get to. Blah. Might take the next twenty years. :)

Donna said...

Aw, those pictures made me tear up! I love you both...happy birthday to sweet Bo!