Thursday, September 20, 2012

I've already started....

On Halloween projects...and Tobi likes to supervise. 
. . .
I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday, i'm taking the day off, but i'll still be reading your posts! :)
. . .
Tomorrow is Frankly Friday!
So get ready to link up!


Laura said...

We've never done halloween. Neither my family nor my husband's did it growing up and we just never started doing it when we had kids. It was easy because NO ONE came to our neighborhood. I don't even think Liza and Jason knew they were missing anything.

But we've moved to a neighborhood with tons of people so I was thinking through my decision again. I was considering that we might do something this year and at least pass out candy... then last night our neighbor told us that about two or three years ago he counted that he had 900 trick-or-treaters come by and that's when he quit. I'm thinking we'll skip it too because buying candy for that many people will break us haha! HOLY COW!!!

Abbey said...

Pat doesn't like halloween. Or really, he uses it as a reason to drink and eat candy, but doesn't dress up. I think dressing up is required if you're going to celebrate in other ways.

I've always liked halloween all right, but last year I lived in a neighborhood and bought halloween candy and made Pat come over to hand out candy with me and we only had ONE trick or treater! he was in a stroller and dressed as Buzz Lightyear, though, so I guess he was a pretty baller trick or treater.

None of this has anything to do with anything. Happy Thursday!

Kristin said...

Ooh those cards look pretty, and so does Tobi! I too have a cat named Tobi! :)