Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday thoughts...v2

Linking up with Sarah from Life of Love for Thursday Thoughts. 

You can see volume one here. 
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I finished Enshadowed
Not sure what Enshadowed is?!
Well, let me help you out. It is the second book in the Nevermore series...which i LOVE (see i even talked about it on my hype love page). I can not begin to express how much i get sucked into this series. For instance, i re-read nevermore right before reading Enshadowed (in like two days), and then read Enshadowed in one day. Yup, they are that good. However i was completely distraught over the ending in Enshadowed that i had to write Kelly Creagh. Oh yes, i wrote her an email praising her work as an author but also confessing that i was completely unraveled with the way the book ended, and i basically begged to know if there would be a book three...
Guess what, she responded THE NEXT DAY...what?! 
So basically, do yourself a favor and go purchase and READ the books. You won't regret it, especially if you're an Edgar Allen Poe fan like myself...he is all up and OVER this series! :)
. . .
A lot of it has been happening around town and two young girls (18, 22) were just found murdered in the woods in the area where i volunteer at youth group. Last night at church the amount of brokeness, tears, and frustration coming from these kids completely shattered my heart [much like it did here as well]. So many students were affected by this, they had so many questions, so much pain...i just wanted to take it all way from them. Honestly, i've been there. I've dealt with the pain of loosing someone you love and cherish...and no words can really make it better. The best advice i can give to someone when they are going through a hard time...lean on Jesus. As cliche as it sounds, it is absolute truth. Without Him there is no hope, there is no thought of a brighter tomorrow, there is no relief from the pain.
I know because i've been there, i've done it without Jesus.
PLEASE be praying for these students. Pray for the family and friends of the two young girls who lost their lives this past week; pray for comfort and peace and rest.
. . .

I'm learning to become more humble. To become a woman who not only recognizes her blessings, but is willing to bless others. I read this blog the yesterday and it wrecked me, as it should you.
What am i doing with my life? Am i living it for the Glory of God? Or for myself?
Lots of thoughts, lots of conviction, and little action...that is what my life has been lately.
It's time to change that.
. . .
It will be the first ever Frankly Friday.
I mentioned a few months back about starting something where people are honest. Frankly Honest with themselves, their readers, and life.
I'm thinking of doing this on the last friday of every month, unless people would like to do it weekly.
SO, if you don't have a post for tomorrow...consider joining up with me for Frankly Friday.
Take an entry to be open and honest with your readers and with yourself.
Whether it's about a situation your'e struggling through, a victory you've made, a memory that you can't let go of...anything as long as it's honest.
I'll have a link up all ready to go...let's start a revolution.
Let's just be honest. 


Katie said...

Your youth group, you, and the families of those two girls will be on my heart. What a difficult situation to go through.

Love the idea of Frankly Friday. I so appreciate honesty and openness through the blog world as a form of encouragement.

Victoria said...

Good idea on starting a link up! I will definitely join you whenever I have something frank to say....Wait, isn't that like everyday and just about every post I write? Guess I'll be joining you often. ;)

Now, about Love, America St., THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing that. That my friend is EXACTLY what I want to see the Church be about. Married, single, young, old, families, or groups like that, just giving their lives to do life with people. People of the Church, people of the community, and probably closest to my heart are the people of the streets. They need us. They need us not to sit by in our homes with the shades pulled, a fire going, the tv on, and our BMW safely locked in the garage. Jesus didn't save us for that. Jesus saved us so that we could be like Him. The group doing Love, America St. GETS that!

Have a great day!

Beverly said...

Sad to read about those young girls in the woods :( It's also sad to just know that more and more deaths with young girls are shockingly becoming more and more common :/

I'm glad you're taking a step towards being more humble. I love when those boosts of self-confidence happen to us... I sure had one today!

xoxo, Bev

Genna said...

I'll be linking up of course girl!

Laura said...

So sad about those girls. :(

Love the idea of your link up. Not sure I'll be able to get in on it tomorrow but really... I figure just about any post I would write would work because I believe in being who I am always... and I love to share what is truly going on in my life, heart and mind... it freaks people out. :)

Sar said...

I love when writers care enough about their readers to respond. I haven't heard of that series but if I get some time to read for fun, I'll check it out. sad about the two murdered girls. I'll be praying for peace, hope, and justice. <3

Melissa said...

So sad about those two girls. Will be praying for those in the youth group & for you!

SO cool that the author of that book responded to your email!! :)

All Grown Up and Single said...
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