Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...v1

This will be my first time linking up Thursday Thoughts with Sarah from Life of Love

. . .
Stacy & myself have made a deal.
If either one of us misses another saturday run (without a legitimate excuse) we have to pay $10 towards our fundraising goal. What goal you ask? Oh, i've mentioned it here...and you can read our running blog here. But the truth is, we're participating in a half-marathon in November for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So if you feel like you'd like to donate, i would greatly appreciate it, even if its $5. :)
. . .
I've done a little updating on the Share Love & Hype Love pages on my blog.
If you didn't know they you do. :)
I'm attempting to change them up constantly so keep checking back for latest things. I'm thinking of adding a music section to my hype know since i got some awesome responses from my music post. :)

. . .
Real life, i make the most awkward faces (no not just in random pictures) but when playing Just Dance. I really should be their product model hahaha.
I'm completely ok with making a fool out of myself.
Good stuff right?
. . .
I love reusing things i already have. 
For instance...take a look at this beauty i moved from an un-used place to right when you walk in the front door. 
You'll be seeing more of him once i do an updated post on the foyer. 
Are you excited yet? You should be, ha!
. . .
I'm working on my prayer life right now...because i've been slack. There are some serious things going on not only in my life, but in the life of others that i need to be in some dedicated prayer over. I've been slack at seeking God out and dedicating time to reading and studying His Word. I've come to know that the minute i step out of communion with the Lord is the minute i start to unravel. Seriously. 
So heres to making a commitment to re-establishing my relationship with the One who never leaves me, who never disappoints me, and who unconditionally loves me. 

pinned here.
. . .
Is it friday yet?
No, hey that's ok...this weekend is going to be slammed full of places to go. 


Sarah Grace said...

girl....i don't even want to know what i look like when i'm playing just dance. especially when i'm playing by myself and i'm taking it way to seriously. oooo boy. haha loved this post today lady!

Genna said...

My just dance face looks like I'm either in pain or a full out panic! I'll be praying for you :)

Joslin said...

I'm way too awkward to look funny when I'm doing those dance games. They're fun though!

Sar said...

I love Just Dance! You look fantastic. Work it!

Also, that mirror is divine! It's so gorgeous, and right inside the door is the perfect place.

Praying for your prayers. Lol

Abbey said...

hahahaha loooove the dance pictures! And your TWOLA shirt :)

Laura said...

So... I lead this Bible study group. About thirty women come and we break into smaller groups for discussion. Last year my group got to talking about prayer and turns out every. single. one of us admitted that we were not happy with how often we pray.

This year we are offering tree different studies instead of just one and I chose to lead one on prayer. Very few people are choosing that study. All that to say... go you for recognizing where you are at and taking steps to get to where you want to be. :)

My of my favorite quotes is from a book about Smith Wigglesworth. When he was asked how long he prayed he responded with "I rarely pray longer than five minutes. But I rarely go longer than five minutes without praying." That's my goal... learning to pray continuously... to always be aware of God and His presence in my day and to talk to Him all day long. :)

Katie said...

I am the same way when I dance! I just don't know how to relax my face LOL.

Victoria said...

Amy! The bit on prayer is soooo true of all of us. Whenever we step it up and keep it up, we are always glad we did. So, your not alone, but don't let that keep you from pressing in!

Katie said...

I can't even imagine what I look like while playing Just Dance. ...I hope I never find out!

Also...I spy a boyfriend tee in that mirror! I have like 20 of those shirts! :)

Melissa said...

I freaking love you & i now know why:
"I'm completely ok with making a fool out of myself."

Me too, girl. ME TOO.