Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh Deer...

I finished! 
With the super secretive project i've been working on...ok so it wasn't that secret, i just didn't want to share it until it was finished.
But OH did i finish it last night! 
. . .
Before my brother left for school this semester he wanted me to paint him something. I told him to get me all of the supplies and i would do it. Here is a little bit of advice...most 19 year olds don't really care to go get "materials" so their sister can do a painting for them. 
So, being the amazingly awesome and yet still humble sister that i am, i picked up all of the materials and with the help of Maria glueing it together the project was completed...MUAHAHA.
. . .
I got the idea for using wood from this image {found here}:
I followed some of her instructions, but then i just started going a little crazy...ha. 
I'll let the pictures do the talking.
I placed a long strip of glue on the boards and then stacked them on top of each other and applied pressure for a minute or two and then let them finish drying while sitting like this. We then glued them all together (this glue is awesome by the way) and pressed the sides in. 
{Learn from my mistakes, don't use OOKOOS of glue...it will just drip out of the cracks and onto the floor, which was ok since i loath very much dislike the kitchen floors}
I then glued these strips onto the back, flipped it over and applied pressure using a chair. :) Hey, when you've got to improvise, you find the closest heavy thing. 
Then came time to use the stain! 
Oh my gosh, this color is amazing! 
I was SO EXCITED to start staining that i was an idiot and stained inside without the windows open. Yup, i killed a few of my (apparently non-existing) brain cells and my roommates, and my cats. 
I learned quickly to open the windows, crank the fans, and then once it was decently dry i took it outside. Yup, idiot mistake #47 ha. {so in the future, always stain outside}
Do you see the glue marks that dried and wouldn't come off with sanding (on the right)? Meh, i actually kind of like them; i think it gives it a little extra umphf and character, at least that is what i'm telling myself. 
Now onto what i was putting onto this beast. 
My brother liked the idea of a deer silhouette, and i figured it would be easy enough. I would just print the image onto four pages and then trace it and take the easy road out of it....
The deer head was TOO SMALL, way too small. 
SO then i ripped apart a page protector, printed out the image on one piece of paper and traced it and put it on my projector, crossed my fingers and....
It was now too big, at this point i was a little frustrated because i realized i would have to actually use my art skills on this project, i know i was just being lazy! 
So i freehanded the image while looking at the printout...and i think it turned out pretty decent. 
I'll let you be the judge of it. 
 . . .
to make this easier on myself, i traced the image in white chalk so that way i could paint without the projector beaming down on me.
Can i just say, that tracing an image with chalk on wood using a projector is not the easiest thing. You have to sometimes guess where the line is and hope for the best.
. . .
I then grabbed my acrylic paint and went to town...
I think it turned out to be an overall easy, and nice looking piece. 
My brother thought so too...
{Sorry in advance for the crappy photo, i can't take a screenshot on my phone and i had to use my computer camera...lame}
. . .
He's excited to pick it up i'm sure. 
. . .
Have you tried any projects recently? 
Have you ever used too much wood glue? 


Victoria said...

AMAZING! That is something I would NEVER be brave enough (or talented enough) to tackle. Seriously, you did an awesome job. Gkad your brother likes it too!

Sarah Grace said...

this is brilliant! how are you going to hang it?? or are you?

and i love that you have a projector. hahahaha

Genna said...

I LOVE IT! Your brother is a lucky guy to have such a creative sister :)

Abbey said...

Ah so cool! Great job. Def did not get to my project this weekend. Whoops...

Laura said...

That turned out great!!

I've seen the wooden signs and have them pinned. Would like to try it out someday... when I have money again. (That's my answer to everything right now... when I have money again.)

Beverly said...

super duper adorbs!! you really went out for your bro... he needs to treat you to din din.. or coffee.. or drinks!! LOL