Monday, August 27, 2012

From Tables to Windows

Well, since my top secret project hasn't been completed (it is taking a little bit longer than i expected) i thought i would share with you a little update that has happened in my bedroom. 
No, i haven't gotten married and added a man so you can calm down now. =)
Let's talk about curtains shall we? 
Remember these little gems i have had hanging up in my room for, oh i don't know almost two years: 
[YUP. When looking for a "before" picture i could only find the picture from when i showed you how big of a mess my room had become. Joy...]
Yes...hideous and way too short (which i just realized you can't see in the picture, but TRUST ME, they were way too short). My friend Josh actually rehung my curtain rod a year or so ago and once i rehung the curtains...they were a solid foot too short. Not to mention that the color scheme i had picked out for my room isn't working for me at. all. {shudder} So, i decided it was time for some new curtains. 
The problem?
99% of stores don't sell over 84' length curtains, and if they do it will cost you an arm and a leg. 
Maybe i'm just cheap but paying $30+ for ONE panel just seems a bit extreme. {am i the only one who thinks so?}
So, i was walking through ross and decided to check out the table cloths. 
TABLE CLOTHS? Why yes friends, hear me out! 
Table cloths are already hemmed, they are easily washable, and they can come in some pretty sweet designs/colors, and they are CHEAP. :)
So i took them home, ripped them out of the packaging, threw them in the dryer and waited. 
Once i hung one of them (using curtain ring clips that i'm going to have to spray paint) i was like OH MY GOSH THEY ARE AWESOME, once i hung the second one i was like, uh...wait a minute...this one is way to short. 
That's right ladies and gents, i bought ONE table cloth that was 102' long and the OTHER was 86' long. 
I'm a genius i know. 
womp womp.
I'm sure you're brain is now doing what mine did, "oh crap, Ross rarely EVER carries the same thing twice, let alone THREE times" i scurried back on over to Ross and sure enough they didn't have any more. UGH. SO then i thought i would scour the internet knowing that for sure this would be easy to find. NOPE, no luck. The company didn't have a website AND when i did find some of their table cloths on other websites this pattern was no where to be found. 
By now i'm thinking i'm going to have to cut and re hem the excess off the other curtain and try to line it up with this one, etc;  I wanted to cry. 
And then the beautiful music started playing, my friend beverly suggested i check out another Ross...DURH. 
. . .
Ah, i love them! They are going to look AMAZING once i repaint the walls and switch up a few things. I am so excited. 
Now let's do a side by side comparison shall we?! 
. . .
While i have your attention, let me go on record and say that i do keep my room clean. This just happened to be laundry day and i was washing my comforter, etc. 
Like i've said before, i'm all about keeping it real and my house is most definitely NOT picture perfect ready all of the time, that and i'm impatient and just want to take a picture. 
So there you have it, you can take table cloths and turn them into curtains, take my word for it. :)
. . .
Have you tried to be thrifty in an area before?
How did it work out?
Do you think $30+ for one PANEL is too much like me?


Sarah Grace said...

clean rooms are overrated. :) and that is such a great idea!!!

Sarah Grace said...
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Victoria said...

That is an awesome idea! I NEVER thought of that....Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what else you do to that space.

Oooh, and sorry that you had to deal with an oops on the way to this makeover.

Laura said...

Love the lighter curtains!

I have never bought curtains because of the price. For the past 9 1/2 years I have made my curtains every time we move. We have three HUGE sliding doors in this house and it would have cost a fortune to put curtains on them. I went thrifty and shopped Joann Fabrics. I bought one huge piece for each window and then used my 40% off coupons. Cut them to the size I needed when I got home and saved LOADS of money!

Beverly said...

I am diggin' it gooorlfrannnd!! I have used blankets and sheets as curtains myself.. some with really great designs on them! As long as you clip em with those handy dandy rings you found, nobody will ever know ;)

PS Loveeee your bed! Simple and CUTE!

xo, Bev

Kylee Groves said...

Amy, you can just dust your curtains frequently using a vacuum attachment. This way, you'll keep your curtains clean without having to periodically take them down and put them back up. :) By the way, use the lowest setting of your vacuum to avoid sucking down the curtain.

Kylee Groves