Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello Peeps! 
Did you like that? I called you a peep, because we're so close and all :)
I just wanted to pop and say that my city flooded SO MUCH yesterday, especially downtown...which is where i work. I HEARD (not a fact) that we got more rain than the people who were being hit by Isaac at the time...crazy right?
So i just thought i would share with you some pictures, that of course i stole randomly off of enjoy: 
Don't know what a Charleston Sweet Grass Basket is? Well find out here. 
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Also, if you haven't already, check out my latest PROJECT
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Did anyone else get any flooding?
Does your town have a special "item" that people like to buy?


Victoria said...

Amy, have you shared that you live in Charleston before? I knew you lived in the south and near the ocean, but Charleston was NOT in my head.....If I knew and forgot, I'm a ditz!

Charleston is one of my favorite places. It is at the top of my places to move. I can tell you now, if my family wasn't west coast, I would be lining things up now. Two of my cousins go to college there, so my FB has had some flood pics too.

How are you? Did all of that extra water give you any troubles?

Laura said...

Oh wow! Good thing you got your fixed!!!

I love the people that can make the most of awful situations. Floating in rafts, smiling in their boats... of course those are probably people who don't own anything that is getting ruined. A lot easier to be carefree when the responsibilities aren't yours!

Melissa said...

It DEFINITELY rained more there than here in Baton Rouge! It's rained all day today, though. But not much at all yesterday! I think Isaac has done some serious flooding in Plaquemines parish which is at the VERY VERY TIP of LA... and those people were supposed to evacuate (although some didn't & were on their roofs to be rescued! Yikes!).

I LOVE these pics! HAHA! :)

Beverly said...

omg I hope nothing terrible has been happening around your hood :/ Although these pictures are super funny... esp the one where he's kayaking in the office hallways!

Stay safe girlie!

xo, Bev

Sarah Grace said...

i just love how people just have kayaks ready....just in case! :) hahaha it makes me want to go buy one!
hope you're staying dry! and that your roof is ok!

Genna said...

First of all, that flooding is crazy! Second, those pictures are seriously hilarious.

Amy said...

Wow this is SOOO crazy! We never get flooding like this, but I'm not gonna lie, the pictures make it look like way too much fun ha. Hope you're having a great day! Oh and I kinda like your name :)