Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Something i'm learning...
Most things in life are a process.
Some things aren't: jumping into a pool, screaming, tripping over steps, having the urge to squeeze a fluffy animal...those things don't require a process. 
Most everything else does. 
. . .
I started working on my August meal plan yesterday...and it is hard. 
I've never actually sat down and planned out an entire month's worth of meals complete with recipes, ingredient lists, and what i'll be eating each week. I'm hoping to add to that weekly list my exercise routine as well as Scripture memorization to help keep me motivated and accountable. 
So why am i doing a meal plan for august? 
Well, my girlfriends and I decided that we would make a "No fast-food August pact". 
We are going to donate our money that we would normally spend eating out to a local charity. 
We will take the amount we've spent over the month of July (fast food AND restaurants) and use that to budget our individual donations for August. 
Have you ever sat down and actually looked at how much money you spend eating out within a month?! It will make your jaw hit the floor. 
So, once i get my binder made up would anyone be interested in seeing it?! 
I'm not promising it's going to be amazing, but hey you never know right?! haha just kidding. 
. . .
I'm also learning how being a home owner and getting things fixed is a SLOW process. 
Currently i'm having to get my roof replaced, replace the kitchen floors, and get a new oven. Why? Because all are rotting, leaking, and broken. As well as the stone walls in both showers are peeling off the walls so they have to be re-glued and re-caulked; both of which i know NOTHING about but i'm thankful to have family to help show me the ropes. 
Yup so i will be absolutely broke in the next few months, but at least i am thankful to have a roof over my head and food in my pantry...it's humbling
So many of us have SO MUCH and yet we continue to WANT so much. 
I think we've forgotten the difference between a need and a want, don't you? 
. . .
Rant over. 
So those are just some of my thoughts and daily musings going on in my head. 
If you would, please lift up my dear friend Stacy this morning; she is having her gallbladder removed today at one.
. . .
What have you found is a process in your life? 
Anything that you're having to work through right now? 


Joslin Williams said...

That's a great challenge! I'm pretty good about cooking meals at home, but I need to be better at meal planning. I should try your method of planning for the whole month. It'll make grocery shopping and figuring out what to eat a lot easier.

Sarah Grace Chastain said...

i feel like you've been living in my brain...haha bryce and i talk about how much money we spend on food all the time! it kind of makes me sick if i think about it too much, so i'm definitely trying to learn how to cut back and make better choices at the grocery store!

Laura said...

Life is most definitely a process! And for me it all seems lumped into one big process which is becoming more like Christ.

Love your challenge that you and your friends are doing! But I would never be able to write up a menu for an entire month haha. I do one week at a time. And I found an awesome menu planner sheet that someone else made. I use it every week now. Let me know if you are interested and I'll find the link. :)

Abbey said...

Dude, I didn't realize you're a homeowner. Also, yup -- that sounds like a lot of money out of your pocket!

It is crazy how much the "little" things add up. Compared to a lot of people in my life, I feel pretty frugal when it comes to eating out. But, compared to how I grew up, I eat out constantly. It's relative. But it's difficult. I'd love to head to Chipotle every time one of my friends does, but since I grew up eating out maybe twice a year, I feel guilty a lot when I do.

Aaaand... not sure the point to all that. I guess just that I admire your goal. :)

Megan said...

You go girl! A whole month of meals down? Sounds so overwhelming right now. I do great if I can plan an entire week. Love what you're doing that for, though. Such a great cause.

Hope all you house fixer-upers work out!