Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest in Real Life v.1

Happy Monday! :)
Coffee, check
God's Word, check
Breakfast, check
Reliv, almost check, i'll take that when i get home
Trying to have the best attitude possible to continue throughout the day, check
. . .
This past weekend was super chill for me (other than my fan in my bedroom catching on fire but that's another post entirely!) and i enjoyed not doing much of anything. 
Thankfully i was able to express some pent up artist frustration. 
Let me start off by saying that i rarely call myself an artist because i believe so many people don't understand the word or what it means to be an artist. Art is passion, it is more than just what you's why you do it and who you do it for. 
Deep right? ha, maybe a little too much right off the bat in the A.M. 
. . .
So, with that being said i thought i would share with you two paintings i've completed (one was completed a few months ago) that i found/was inspired by pinterest. :) 
I'm attempting to do more off of my DIY board instead of just "oooooo i'd like to do that" and never push forward. Actions people, actions, it's all about what we do with our words. 
Am i making any sense this morning? I feel like i'm rambling and incoherent, maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. 
. . .
Well without any further ado...[oh and please be kind lol]
Painting #1.
Pinterest Inspiration found here
How beautiful is that?! Ok, take your eyes off of the incredibly adorable little girl and look at the painting. Ahhhh i love it! :) This is one of my favorite hymns and it wrecks me every time i sing it. No matter what life throws my way, no matter how many times the rug is pulled out from under me, no matter how many joyful memories i have...all of it is well with my soul.
When painting this i decided i didn't want just a plain white background so i chose to add some contrast and color! I think it came out very nicely.
My rendition:

Let me just say, those letters were a beast to paint and my OCD is running a little rampant because they are not all level, but OH WELL. :) I like it.
. . .
Painting #2
Pinterest inspiration found here:

Ahhh i love it! It immediately made me think of Hebrews 6:19  "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain..." and i was inspired!
My rendition is a little bit different, and even though i decided to not add the anchor (because it was overpowering) it still resonates Hebrews 6:19 to me.
. . .
So there are two things i've "found" on pinterest that i've actually DONE, score one for me!
The last painting also reminds me of "The Boat Song" by JJ Heller. 

. . .
What about you? 
Have you done anything off of pinterest lately? 


Laura said...

Love both of those!! I am not an artist at all. I'm also not real creative... but I'm crafty and can copy just about anything that is a craft. I've done lots of things off Pinterest and I'm sure I'll do lots more this winter once things slow down and I have a house to decorate. :)

The thing I find and do most off pinterest is crochet patterns. I love that others do the work of finding the fun stuff and all I have to do is repin. :) What a time saver!

mrs. tabb said...

lovely! I've been trying things from pinterest a lot lately but more on the recipe/homemade cleaners side. I've been trying to review them on my blog so I can rememeber what works and what doesn't! :)

Sarah Grace said...

you are so talented!!!! lovely!

Katie said...

You are so talented with a paintbrush! I know what you mean, art is definitely more than what you do but the passion behind it!

I have been doing embarrassingly little off of pinterest lately! I just keep pinning, but the doing? Uhhh....oops :)

Joslin Williams said...

I like your versions better than the Pinterest versions!

heyhomeslice said...

BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, really wonderful job! I love the waves in your second painting... so much movement and color.. really wonderful!

Melissa said...

Wow! You are so talented! I love yours better than the ones from Pinterest. So colorful! :)