Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas in July

I've noticed that a good handful of bloggers have posted something about Christmas in July! 
I love Christmas!! 
I love that it's a time to reflect and celebrate the birth of Jesus, to spend time with family and friends, and to is most definitely better than receiving! 
So in the spirit Christmas in July, i thought i would share an outtake from one of our Christmas cards photoshoot. 
{i say photoshoot, it was really before i had a tripod for my camera so it was stacked on top of books and i kept running up and down to make sure our heads weren't cut off}
This one didn't make it on the card, but i still love explains our household to a 'T'! 
. . .
. . .
I figure while i'm at it i might as well share one of the amazing gifts i received (and gave) for Christmas. 
We so often "WANT" so much that we forget that there are millions around the world in desperate need. In need for basics like shelter, water, and food. They are in need for medical treatment, education, and protection. They are in need of love, hope, and sacrifice. People are in NEED. 
It humbles me that here i sit having the audacity to write a list of things i want when there are children dying because they don't have clean water. 
So this gift made a huge impact in the life of a young girl and also in my heart. 
. . .
Maybe this puts an idea in your head of another way you could do gifts this year. I've heard of many parents doing this as the "big gifts" for their children and then having smaller gifts (essentials) tagged on to really show what Christmas is about. It's a really radical and unconventional way to do Christmas, but i think it's awesome. 
There are plenty of organizations that take donations like this (like compassion international). 
My friend Beverly and I did our donations through World Vision
Just a little something to think about.
. . .
I'm currently working on the gifts i'm giving to family maybe i'll post about that once they are 5 months. 
. . .
I hope everyone has a safe and awesome weekend! 


Laura said...

Yeah! Love that you gave someone an education!

I struggled with how to do Christmas with my kids so that we could keep the focus on Jesus and giving while they still got some fun gifts as well. We do what I call The Giving Tree all December long. Everytime one of us in the family gives to someone in any way we write it on a piece of paper (cut in some sort of ornament shape) and put it in a basket. The idea is that the basket is full of giving by Christmas morning so that Jesus has a soft bed when he is born. My hubs and I love it just as much as the kids do!

We also love to do the Operation Christmas Child and send shoeboxes. The kids really get in to that!

And I love that you are making gifts for your family. I love to make gifts as well. I started on some a while back but have been overly busy lately and am so far from finishing!

Christine Bryant said...

Our church now has a Hatti ministry where you can fund a child's education and we periodically send people over to minister and help out those that we're working with...I've been wanting to do has just been the issue...Its a wonderful thing knowing someone can now be educated because of you...Go 'head, what's for this year?

P.S. Am I still a no-reply blogger??...I'm soooo surprised no one has pointed this out to me.

Joslin Williams said...

I always liked grabbing tags from the angel trees in the mall or at church. It's such an amazing feeling to buy toys for children who otherwise wouldn't get any.

That's a great outtake photo!

Annmarie Pipa said...

my husbands mother gives a donation to a charity in our name for us for christmas...a win-win all around!