Tuesday, June 12, 2012


warning: picture overload. 
As mentioned yesterday this past saturday we had a surprise birthday party for my friend/roomie Maria! 
I wanted it to have a nautical'ish theme and was drooling over images on pinterest for a few weeks. Needless to say that some of these people who throw parties must have some $$ in'tha'bank because to make some of those decorations was going to be crazy expensive. 
I digress. 
I was honestly very surprised that she had no idea ANYTHING was going on (or so she says). My brother and I, and our friend Christina, almost ruined the whole thing on multiple occasions. Apparently we all get so excited that we want to share our excitement with everyone aka it's hard to throw a surprise party. 
The run-down went a little something like this. 
I was going to spend the day hanging out with my friend Beverly while Christina took Maria out for the day. Well, i was up at 5am to go on my 3 mile run and when i got back to the house and started cleaning a little bit, maria jumped up and threw on a dress and left to go hang out with her parentals and nephew. The only negative---she didn't fix her hair or makeup. AKA she would be frustrated to have pictures taken of her at her surprise birthday party without looking her best. (you know you would be too) 
We had to come up with an elaborate plan [web of lies] to get her to come back to the house and get ready. Enter fo'ladies night. Christina tells Maria that we're going to all go out to dinner (all the girls) at one of the fancy restaurants in town and we're all going to dress nautically. Christina then sends me a text telling me to text her back multiple times so it looks like she sent out a mass message about dinner. 
LONG story short, i ran errands, waiting patiently while they were at the house getting ready, and then turned into overdrive the minute they left. Thankfully i had Beverly, Donna, and Becky there to help me with the decorations otherwise it wouldn't have gotten completely set up. 
I had everyone park at the pool parking lot behind my house so Maria wouldn't see their cars and obviously it would ruin the whole surprise thing. We shut the door to the den and waited on Christina's  text messages to tell us where they were; next thing you know you hear the door being unlocked and then Maria says "I smell corn, what has she been cooking?" [one of the side dishes was corn haha]
She opened the door and SURPRISE! 
. . . 
We had a photobooth set up [aka i bought 3 yards of fabric and put ended up tapping it against the wall] with fun props and the outcome was hands down the best thing for the party. I'm going to be making a "yearbook" for each year and these pictures are going to be filling up the pages! 
. . .
I just want to say, while uploading these pictures i continued to laugh until tears were rolling from my eyes...maybe its one of those you just had to be there kind of things. Also, it's pretty obvious but i'll go ahead and point it out, the bird gets around. 
 bromance in full swing. 
 Funny story about the picture above. They had been playing with a tension rope and well, Lauren accidentally let it go and BAM right on Jared's foot...i just happened to snap the camera at the right time. Hilarious.
. . .
All in all it was a fantastic night! 

Have you had any parties lately?
What was your favorite part?
Did you do a photobooth?


Abbey said...

I may need to do a photobooth at the bridal shower I'm having in July! Gotta get together with the MOH and figure all that shiz out...

Donna said...

That picture of Matt holding Tobi, standing behind Becky is awesome! He looks like some creepy stalker!

I laughed at the pictures - again - until I cried! An awesome time was had by all!

ashlyn williams said...

you did such a great job Amy! love all the pictures :] & loving all these outfits!


Fash Boulevard said...

haha, oh my goodness, you did a great job. looks so fabulous and fun. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures from my wedding ceremony and my latest post for LaurenConrad.com. Eeek. Love to hear what you think. xo


asimplesouthernaffair said...

We're you the primary photographer for the photo booth? I'm having a party for my husband next weekend and this would be so much fun!