Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm a little more than floored right now. :) 
The beautiful, sister from another mister, Abbey over at Finding My Forever nominated for a blog award.
WHAT!?!?!?  Yes your reaction is about the same as mine...shock.
Happy shock, mind you.
. . .
I've come to realize that Abbey and i have a lot in common, fear of surgery/zombies, experience(d) long distance relationships, hilarious dry humor, attempting to learn how to run, loving honesty, and so so much more!
I guess i'm floored because it makes me a little happy that someone(s) actually enjoy and read my lil' ol rambling steam of conscious. Some days i dont even know what to write, but i try's all a learning experience for sure.
So thank you for the nomination Abbey! 
. . .
Let's get to the basic rules:
1. I post 7 random facts about me. 
2. Thank the person who nominated you in your blog. {Done}
3. Put the Liebster blog button on your post. {Done}
4. Nominate your 5 favorite bloggers with less than 200 GFC followers. 
5. Let them know you nominated them. 
. . .
Since i am the queen of random...
1. I loath the sucking of the teeth/pop sound. It literally makes my skin crawl  and it makes me want to throw things at whomever is doing it. 
2. I couldn't spell the world 'definitely' without spell check until i was 21. 
3. I have a love/loath relationship with the beach. I love hanging out, jumping in the water, walking the beach and soaking up some waves. I loath packing the cooler, dragging it over the dunes, coming back with sand in inappropriate places, etc. 
4. I sleep like i'm in a coffin. I used to move around a lot as a child but now i fall asleep on my back with either my hands on my chest or by my side...this is why i'm meant for Edward...joke guys, that was a joke (the edward part anyways)
5. While i like to have clean spaces at all times  I sometimes let the room get a little "messy" so i can enjoy cleaning it up...weird right?
6. I get sucked into books easily. Once this happens i become completely wrapped up in the story line and have been known to cry when a series ends...i'm a little emotional sometimes what can i say?! :)
7. I rarely paint my nails. It isn't that i dont want to, its that i'm too spastic to keep the paint on long enough to justify spending the forever'and'a'day amount of time it takes to put it on. 
. . .
Now i want to list off some blogs that i really enjoy reading:
1. Sarah Grace at Gracefully Made. We actually met through a mug swap hosted by Suzelsays blog. Sarah is such a genuinely nice, stylish, and fun person! I enjoy reading her posts a lot! 
2. Joslin at Joslin Williams. She is amazing, hilarious, and real. I just recently stumbled across her blog and i'm so happy i did--i feel like i've known her for years! 
3. Jenna at Hey Home Slice. I'm not sure how many followers she has (it could be over 200), but her blog makes me consistently drool and happy! She posts a lot of inspiration, DIY tutorials, and just random tidbits from life. I love seeing when she has a new is always worthwhile to read! 
4. Beverly at La La Love Learn and Laugh. Sheesh, another fantastic blogger i just happened to stumble upon recently, who is getting married soon!!  Her blog is full of style, fun ideas, and humor...a fantastic combination! 
5. Last but not least, my lovely friend Christina at The Lost & Found. She is one of my real-life best friends who is full of inspiration, wisdom, and humility. She is continually being encouraged and encouraging on her journey to a new and beautiful step at a time! Plus the girl is funny as crap and always puts a smile on your face. TRUST ME on that one! 
. . .
So take a few minutes, check out the blogs, get to know them and bookmark them because you KNOW you want to! 


Pamela said...

I still can't spell the word "definitely" without looking (had to look at yours) Infact, I used the word last night in my blog - I think I better go check to see if it is correct!!

Abbey said...

Guarentee is my word. Yup, look. There it's wrong. Gaurentee? still wrong. So wrong that chrome doesn't even know what it is. The one time I spelled it right I was so excited I tweeted about it. :)

Joslin said...

Wow, I'm speechless, thank you! And now I have more new bloggers to follow!

I do the same things when I'm done with a good book or series. I feel like I just got dumped by my best friend when it's all over.

heyhomeslice said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was so nice of you to nominate Homeslice, and it was SO FUN to read more about you! Thanks again!

Christina Frazier said...

Thank ya much sista! Love you!!!