Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Edisto & Honesty

As mentioned yesterday i spent the last three days with family out at Edisto Beach. 
It was a lot of fun, and i look forward to it every single year. 
We stay up late, wake up early, spend all day at the beach, eat food we shouldn't, play board games, laugh, and like any family ruffle each others feathers. 
. . .
I breezed through two different books, all because the book i REALLY wanted to read wouldn't download to my nook...you want to talk about frustrating? Oh well. 
. . .
This week the goal is to stay on track with exercising, cleaning, and getting some things set up for DIY.
My goal this weekend is to pick out a new paint color for my bedroom and hopefully do some sort of craft. I laugh almost every time i say the word 'craft' because it makes me feel like i'm in 5th grade all over again and i'll be glueing yarn to a piece of construction paper....hmm good idea. 
. . .
I'm sorry i've been so short the last few days, but the truth is...i haven't had much going on in the area of home improvement, crafting, DIY, cooking, etc. I've been super busy, out of town, and very sleepy. 
We all have moments like this right?
I've got to be honest though...it makes me feel like a bad blogger.  How crazy right? I feel bad for not doing more, updating more, writing things with more substance.
I guess i'm realizing that the more i try to do things FOR an entry it makes my life complicated...but the more that i live life and seize each day to it's fullest...it provides me with more material.  
Just rambling through some thoughts...
. . .
What about you?
How was your weekend? 
Do you struggle finding things to blog about?


Abbey said...

Sometimes I do. And if I'm forcing myself to post something, I generally end up not posting at all that day. I also try to write when the inspiration hits and save the drafts so I can have a back up if I've been in a rut.

Sarah Grace Chastain said...

i struggle all the time! i always worry about whether or not my post is interesting, or if it is a waste of time. i read on another blog once that she always writes what she wants to write because it's her blog, and that's all that matters. so I just remember that and feel encouraged by it! :)

i love your blog! it's so fun! :)

Christina Frazier said...

You forgot to mention that we rode dolphins into the sunset on Sunday :) hahaha <3

Victoria said...

I had a decent weekend.....Saturday I had a bad attitude even though I went out with my family to a day fair. I was dealing with a killer headache and no appetite. It was so bad I skipped out on Mexican food AND ice cream :(. Sunday I had some good time with God and chilled out a little! Got to read and rest up.