Friday, June 29, 2012


Story of my life at the moment. 
My head is a jumble of different ideas/thoughts/memories/etc. 
I'm hoping to get some of my creativity, frustration, hopes & joys out of me this weekend by either painting, doing some crafts, DIY'ing around the house, whate'have'you. 
Man that was a lot of commas. Whoops. 
. . .
I'm not really going to make a list of things i'd like to accomplish or would like to craft because if i'm honest i deviate from lists 
. . .
Tonight i'll be running errands and hopefully seeing a movie with my broseph and cousin and then tomorrow is packed full of fun; all the while Sunday i'm going to church and a wedding! 
I'm telling you i can't see straight
. . .
Next Week...i'll be in a photoshoot. Yeah, you read that right...a photoshoot. 
I'll give you all the details after the shoot is completed but just know that i'm working with some awesome people and that it is to help build a portfolio of an amazing woman with an even more amazing goal! holla.
. . .
What is your weekend looking like? 
Anything crafty you want to try out?
Are you wedding hopping like i have been? 


Abbey said...

A photoshoot!? SO fun! Can't wait to hear :)

Victoria said...

Sorry you're feeling all blaaaaaa. :( That just won't do!

This weekend might just cheer you up a little though. As things happen you'll have less to keep up with.

This weekend is going to be full of WORK. My room is looking like yours did a while back.....How did this happen?

No crafting happening around here.

Next year will be my turn to wedding hop. FB is full of all my friends getting engaged right now. Well, not all butquite a few. There were 3 couples just this week! The first wedding is set for fall, so it will begin.