Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tea Time.

I love tea. 
Sweet tea, herbal tea, green tea, black tea, mint tea, jasmine, etc etc...i just love it all. 
Well, for Christmas i was given two beautiful tea towels from my Aunt Evita & Michael that i've been trying to figure out what to do with. You see they are SO PRETTY that i don't want to actually use them, ironic i know. They've been sitting in a box out of the way for a few months calling out to me when it finally hit me square in the face---Frame them....DUH.
I've been needing some art to go on either side of the kitchen window and it took me this long to figure out that i didn't need to go buy anything (yet) to help fill it in, why not use what i've got.
. . .
I did go buy a pack of two frames from Michaels Art & Craft store a few weeks ago with the intention to frame these other pictures, but hey, i'll work with what i've got.
I then figured that instead of sticking the tea towels in there (with a white background that would wash them out) i would wrap the backs of the frames in a neutral wrapping paper i had laying around. 
At this point i had to fold each tea towel in a way that would A. look presentable and B. wouldn't drive me bonkers all while C. looking similar. AHHHH....i had to give it a few tries and then i finally finished even though they are NOT perfect i'm embracing that imperfection and loving it! 
Now it was time to hang them in the kitchen. Let me remind you of how the space looked before these little beauties were hung up...
Yes, this picture is a few months old (notice the old light fixture), but it's the only one i could find at the moment. See all of the blank space on either side of the window? I've been wanting to hang up multiple pictures/items up there for a while now, but i've been dragging my feet an haven't found the right things...that is until my brain decided to be all smart and remember the tea towels. 
(excuse the bright flash, i couldn't get it to come out bright enough on manual)
Do you see what i saw?
It was looking a little puny. I knew that eventually there would be other things hanging on that wall, but i couldn't leave it looking THAT unbalanced for let's be honest who knows how long. 
I then remembered i had these little babies that i found at TJ MAXX some time last year...
. . .
Interested in getting some tea towels yourself? 
It's gorgeous, all of it...sheesh. 

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Abbey S said...

What a great idea!