Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mornings at Mi Casa

Does this happen to anyone else who has the privilege of owning a cat. 
If you haven't met Tobi yet, now you have and i promise your life just got 10x better because of it. 
Tobi likes to think he runs this joint...he doesn't. Okay maybe a little bit
When i get ready in the morning his little toosh has to be right next to me either sitting on the floor or up on the counter. He has become so spoiled and now begs to drink out of the faucet. Even when i don't turn the water on he will continue to lick the faucet...nice right? {Don't worry i'm OCD and i clean the faucet after every time Tobi uses it}
Oh my little fairy. 
he loves me...don't let those angry eyes tell you anything different.
Let me explain something, Tobi loves [aka will 99% of the time not drink it unless it is] fresh water. 
That means that if water has been sitting in his bowl for over a day he will rub your legs, meow, and jump up on sink counters until you dump the "old" water and give him fresh new water. Weird right?! Oh the joys of Tobi. 
All animals have weird quirks this just happens to be his. He also slightly enjoys showers...mmmhmm weird. 
And yes, you just spent 10 minutes of your thursday morning reading about Tobi drinking water and soaking in his gorgeous self. 
You're welcome
. . .
Do your pets have any strange habits/quirks? 
What are they? 


Abbey S said...

Haha my sister's cat loooves water. And streams of all kinds. She's been known to bat at streams when boys use the bathroom... Ha!

Joni Joy said...

My Kate loves drinking from the faucet too. She also likes to hide behind the sofa, chase the dog and tuck herself into bed when it is empty. She use to like going for walks outside on a leash. Our dog is more normal.