Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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The truth is not many people practice honesty and being vulnerable.
It isn’t easy, it doesn’t always make you friends, and more often than not someone’s feeling’s get hurt. I’ve learned that while many people “appreciate” honesty--most do not fully appreciate it when it is directed towards them.
We’ve all heard the famous line “you can’t handle the truth” , and well--most people can’t. The truth while necessary often hurts and cuts deep. People do not want to be told that they are in the wrong, that their actions are inappropriate, or that their lives are messed up in some fashion.
So, let’s be honest for a moment,
we like to live in control of our own lives without someone telling us what’s up.
. . .
I’ve learned that i’m more honest than most people would like.
I “tell it like it is” and i’m not one to sugar coat anything. I saw a quote on Pinterest and it is exactly how i feel:
This is not a bakery. I don’t sugar coat anything. If you ask for my opinion...then that’s what you’ll get. Don’t be mad when it’s not what you want to hear.”
I’m working on only giving my opinion when asked for it, i struggle with always keeping my opinions and views to myself. Sometimes i succeed in this quest, and other times...well, i fail. 
I’ve tried to become better about my approach in lovingly telling someone the truth and being as open and honest as i possibly can with them. I value and long for honesty and so i just offer it in return...call it a flaw if you’d like. 
. . .
So what’s with this real talk | real life rant?
I’ve just noticed how fake, materialistic, shallow, and surface our culture has become. Everyone wants to put on a happy front, show all of the best qualities of themselves, and always make the best impression.
Honestly we’re not all that awesome.
I think that if we were to be honest not only with ourselves, but with those we conquer life with we’d realize we are not alone in our struggles.
Who else struggles with food addiction? Who else struggles with a sailors mouth? With temptation? With a messy room? With clutter? With depression? With lack of hope? With down days? With mascara frustration? With [insert whatever you need to here]?
We are not alone in our battles.
I personally have Jesus Christ to lean on and take strength from during my high and low times and i’m surrounded by an amazing group of people who love, support me, and hold me accountable during the good and bad moments of my life.
Who do you have?
Who are you investing in? Who are you allowing yourself to be real with? Who have you been honest and vulnerable with?
Just give it a try.
 . . .
I also think so many of us struggle with perfection.
We look at magazine covers, movies, decorating shows, DIY projects, cooking, etc and say “I should look like that, my hair should be that silky, why is my house not in order?, Why doesn’t my kitchen stay that organized? Why does my cooking stink?”.
Whose standards are we trying to measure up to?
Society or God’s?
Now, i’m sure that all of my readers are not Christians; i’m not expecting you to be but to be honest God’s standards are the only one’s worth measuring up to.
So often...
I get stuck in this rut of continually comparing myself to other women.
How my body doesn’t match up, how my hair is too frizzy, how my make up never  looks like theirs.
How my home doesn’t have the same style, how my room (no matter how hard i try or don’t try) always gets messy by the end of the week, how i pick the wrong paint color, etc.
Am i alone in this? I don’t think so; i think a lot of women feel the same way.
Can we please practice honesty every so often?
Whenever i read a blog entry about the struggles of DIY, working out, eating, fashion, etc my heart feels like a weight has been lifted and i can breathe a sigh of relief.
“Oh, you too girlfriend?! So glad i can relate to you on that!I”
. . .
So let’s be honest with each other.
Share with your readers about your life.
How imperfect each day can really become. Post a picture without make up. Share your frustrations about sweeping and mopping the floor only to have it dirty within 5 hours. Open up about a real-life struggle. Share sweet memories.
Share anything and everything...as long as it’s honest.
I’ll start.
I’m Amy. I’m a food-addict who struggles with saying no to things that are unhealthy. I’m working on making a healthier life for myself but each day presents new challenges. Sometimes i don’t represent Jesus in the best way possible. I actually like NOT wearing make up but i feel that my features are enhanced with it. I love having order to my house but more often than not i end up eyeing a laundry pile way longer than i should and it smells. I have hurt a lot of people by being to brash i’m sorry. I’m afraid of scary movies. I'm constantly comparing myself to others. I sometimes struggle with finding joy in each and every day even though i have a ton to be joyful for. I'm selfish. I can’t kill roaches. I do have my “own way” of cleaning but i love help. I’m hard-headed. I love sunshine. I also love rainy days. I'm weird. I talk a lot. I interrupt. I’m a sinner saved by grace.
Here is my photo without makeup, freckles, zits, chapped lips and all. 
Now it’s your turn.
Be honest. Be vulnerable. BE REAL.
Can we start a revolution? Maybe i’ll make this a monthly thing. Honesty Day. What do you think?
Link up to your own post about being honest and real with your readers and yourself. 


Abbey S said...

Oh my goodness, I have a post about being honest/genuine scheduled for next week... might have to post it today instead!

Abbey S said...

Also, kept thinking about this post. Yes, I compare myself to others way too much. I texted a friend about it last night. It's a sucky problem to battle.

ashlyn williams said...

very very very well said. you hit the nail on the head. we all struggle with being ourselves, we are always trying to impress someone and sometimes it is the wrong person we are trying to impress. i constantly have to remind myself to only give my opinion when asked, & it cant be rather difficult to do.

heres to be true to ourselves + others!

xx. A

With Glitter On Top said...

just came across your blog, I love it :) please come check mine out some time!!