Friday, May 18, 2012


I love my family. 
We're very close and always willing to bend over backwards for each other. I'm reminded sometimes how not every person is blessed with the same family situation that i am. Some people have family that live many miles (or states) away from them; others they only get to see during the holidays; some have barriers built within their family, etc etc. 
Regardless, i'm blessed and i was raised to always love and invest in my family. 
If you don't have family...that is ok, the Lord has blessed you with the ability to create your own within the friendships that you hold dear. I consider my friends a piece of my family as well. 
. . .
I just wanted to brag on the awesomeness that i'm able to say i'm related to. <3
I love all of you so much and i wouldn't be where i am without having you walk life with me and holding you in my heart! Thank you for all of the encouragement, discipline, love, and morals you have instilled within me. I'm so extremely blessed. 
Prepare yourself for a picture overload. 
. . .

This is just a small amount of pictures, I thought my computer would crash if i uploaded anymore. 
<3 you all...
And you best believe i'll be putting more pictures up throughout other entries. 


jiffycoil said...

I was talking to your Grand mom Smith yesterday about how everyone is growing up and finding who they are as adults. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to be part of your lives. I truly wish I could have known your parents, but by knowing the two of you I feel I do.

Amy said...

Thanks Michael! It's crazy how fast time seems to pass now that everyone is walking towards a personal goal!
Thank you for your sweet words, and we are glad you are a part of our lives as well! :)

Pamela said...

Great pics. I love the one that is a silhouette.