Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Have you ever had days where everything within your head has turned to mush?
I'm having one of those mornings. 
Oh well. 
Maybe looking at some pretty things will help'a'sista'out.
Or maybe i'm just being lazy in blog posting. 
You will never know the truth muahahahahahaha.
. . .
I've noticed lately that a lot of my "pins" have been very nautical. I love it. 
I live in the south, I'm 20 MAX minutes from the beach, I love hanging out in the sun, i'm all about nautical. 
 So that is what i've noticed about my current obsession if you will. What about you? What is the latest theme you've been pinning? 
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Abbey S said...

That tshirt one is so cool! And I love the little anchor tattoo.

Natalie said...

xoxo kisses!!!

Victoria said...

I love all things nautical too! Just wish I lived closer to the beach.....I definitely miss it. Thanks for the "trip".