Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Worm.

I love reading.
It's kind of insane really. Between my brother and myself i'm sure we have well over 500 books. 
I love falling into a story and becoming completely submersed in the characters lives. 
Some nights i will sit in a chair for a few hours and just read and read and read until my brain can't handle it anymore. I love the way books feel in my hands, i love the illustrations on the covers, i love the titles...i love it all obviously.
For Christmas my brother got a Kindle Fire. Was i jealous....maybe but i kept thinking psshhh i don't want a ebook reader, that's lame i like to HOLD my books. This still holds true mind you, but i've also realized that ebooks are 99% of the time WAY cheaper! AND you can share them with your friends (if they have an ebook reader device [like a nook or kindle]) and not worry about the books coming back to you all bent or worn out. It's lovely. 
. . .
So...to confess...
i cracked.
Meet my new lil'friend. 
Oh, and did you see Edgar up there? Say hello to Edgar.
I will still buy books.
I am not abandoning my love for the physical book, i am more so learning my options and loving my options! Not only can i share books with my new little Simple Touch Nook but i can "borrow" books from the Library. Now i haven't figured out how to do either yet, but i'm learning!
If you have a nook, give me your addy so we can share books!
and yes, i just used the term "addy" don't judge me.
. . .
Last night i also finally made the flourless zuchinni brownies i've been talking about.
I've mentioned them here before and i'm sure a few other entires but i'm currently a little flighty.
Did i take pictures? No...i was to dang excited. What is my verdict?

Yes, that serious.
Image & recipe from Delighted Momma.
In attempting to describe them they were moist, delicious, had a different but fantastic flavor, almost cake like, gooey, and i will probably never make "regular" brownies again...seriously.
. . .
Lastly...i've been wanting to give another shout out to my girl Christina for the song i've mentioned previously. #1 When you buy this song you are helping to raise funds for two amazing missionaries in kenya to adopt two amazing twin girls. You can check out more about the cause on their facebook page.
Click here to purchase the single. 
. . .
Have you tried any new recipes lately?
How did they turn out?
Are you a reader?
How do you feel about ebooks?


Victoria said...

So, I just started reading your blog over this past weekend! I can't even remember how I came across it.....Anyway, reading is a lovely thing to do for sure. What are some of your favorite books? I have a kindle app on my ipad but so far I haven't really gotten into it. I have read maybe 2 and 1/2 books on it...two fiction ones I got for free and John Piper's Bloodlines book.

I am going to make these brownies today. We still have some zuchinni in the freezer from last year and I have been wanting to bake something. Thanks for the perfect recipe. Hope we like it as much as you have.

Abbey S said...

I love your kindle case! My sisters both have kindles and I'm a wee bit jealous, but since I mostly borrow from the library, I think it would actually increase my spending, so I'm holding off. For now...