Thursday, April 19, 2012

Office Inspiration

Yesterday you saw the current situation i'm in with the office. 
It's fugly. 
I mean ok, it isn't horrible, but it definitely isn't a place that is inviting you in to pay your bills, get some ministry work done, and all around crafting. Oh, i didn't mention that i wanted this to be my crafting room either? *tsk tsk* 
Let's get to the list of changes that i'm DREAMING about for this room: 
The List: 
-Flooring. This is an issue that goes all the way through to the kitchen. I still need to go pick out the tile i want to use (because i do NOT want linoleum again), and then we are hiring a professional to rip out not only the existing linoleum but the sub-flooring as well. There could end up being a joist issue (i'm praying there isn't), and so we need professionals in there to make sure that the job gets done safely and up to standard. 
-Lighting. Currently the lighting situation in this room is jank. It is just a circular 70's light fixture that gives off a mostly yellowish glow and heats the room up something fierce. I'm thinking of doing track lighting in this room. The track lighting would give off just the right amount of light without having to use desk lamps, floor lamps. I've also considered doing a small fan in this room because of how hot the room can get. 
-Shelves. I'm thinking about doing some open shelving over the desk instead of the hutch that is currently there. #1 i have loaded down that hutch with some heavy school textbooks, ministry books, and nicknacks that i'm terrified its going to topple down. #2 I think wall to wall open shelves would be much more ascetically appealing as well as less junky. 
-Paint Color. I love the boldness of the teal in this room, but i feel that it is just TOO much. I'm thinking of going gray with pops of color. I believe it would make the room feel so much more open and breathable. The fact that there is no window within the room means i need to do as much as i can with paint color/lighting to make it appear to be more open and inviting. 
-Organization. I really need to go through all of the cabinets and drawers (and obviously the book shelves) and put things in the right place. I currently have bins under my bed with craft supplies galore. They need to come out from under my bed and into this room. I will make it work. 
-Cord Control. I know i'm not the only one who recognizes that hot mess of cords. Dang Genna. Any ideas anyone? I'm kind of at a loss. 
-Stencil. I'm thinking of possibly doing a stencil on the wall. If not in here, then definitely in the back hallway. This one has really caught my attention. Oooo Dandelions 
-Countertop. If you look at the first picture you see a towel/sheet covering a piece of wood over the two (NOT MATCHING UGH) cabinets. Well that wood is completely unfinished, and it will give you splinters. The goal for that countertop (once i figure out what i'm going to use) is to be used as a folding station (since the washer & dryer is right outside the door) and a craft table; and obviously a lay-place for Tobi. 
. . .
So those are the goals so far for this room. 
. . .
Now time for some images that are completely blowing my mind lately--in a good way of course.  
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20 Going on 80 said...

Love this post! I wish I had a office to decorate! The top left picture is gorgeous...what fun colors! I could live in there forrrrevvver :)

Amy said...

Isn't it though!?!? Those colors make me want to curl up on that couch and read a book, or 17,000!!! :)
Thank you for stopping by, seriously!! <3
Now time to go check out your blog.

TexasBobbi said...

I love the color but I can see where it would be to much. I miss having an office our computer now lives in the space at the top of the stairs.

Amy said...

Yes, it can most definitely be too much!
Having a room dedicated to all things paper-work is going to be SO freeing! :) It definitely sucks not being able to have a room dedicated to the space, BUT at least you've found a home for your computer!