Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Monday

Another link up with Megan from Happy Day for Dear Monday. 
Dear Monday...we meet again. Why do you have to be so swift in making your presence known? It's not that i don't love you--i do. However our relationship lately has been one sided. You take and i give, what kind of fairness is that?! Can we have a day where you bless me with some awesomeness and i just jump for joy at the sound of your name?! no...? Well, fine, until that moment we will not be friends. 
. . .
Dear weeds...we talked last week but i feel we must converse again. You are NOT welcome to camp out and take up residence in my yard, period. I hate you and your white tufted lameness that spreads all throughout my front yard making it look like there are a bunch of miniature white kittens scampering around. We are not friends, i do not like your presence, and i'm about to go Hunger Games on you and be the last remaining tribute standing. You've met your match, prepare to die. 
. . .
 Dear Jessie's wedding...I'm so excited you're almost here! You're going to be awesome and so much fun! I can't wait to see my best friend of 23 years marry her best friend! I'm so honored to be not only in the wedding party but her MOH! :) Saturday could not get here quickly enough! 
. . .
Dear running...I really need to meet with you more often. I've been slacking something fierce which is NOT good considering i start my half-marathon training in about oh idk three weeks. EEK. I also need to get new shoes so that we can become BEST friends! I'm slowing starting to enjoy your presence, even if it means i come back sweaty, panting for air, and with horrible shin splints. I sort of have to fall in love with you---otherwise these next 6 months will be unbearable.  Heres to our arranged marriage.
. . .
Dear Brother...I'm so excited you'll be home tomorrow for summer break! I've missed your face and our witty banter. I'm sure by August we'll have our moments of drop-kicking, and throat slapping but hey i wouldn't have it any other way! You're a beast and a fantastic brother. We're going to have cooking challenges, running dates, and movie nights! So excited. 
Man, i love that kid. 
. . .
How is your Monday going?
Any big plans?


Victoria said...

great "dears"!

have fun at the wedding! i have gotten back into running this past month,too,slowly but surely :)

happy monday!

Abbey S said...

Gah I loved your letters! Good luck in the Hunger Games ;)