Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Let me set this situation up for you. 
I was getting ready for my training lesson this morning at the gym (530am) and i'm trying to be super quiet because Maria is still sleeping. All of a sudden i hear this scratching/grunting/hissing sound. What the french toast?! I'm thinking it's Tobi scratching on the door of his hallway wanting to get out because he's heard me. Oh crap, i thought, i can't let him out yet he will wake up maria with his meowing when i leave. I quietly walk down the hallway and pause in the the small hallway that leads into the Den. We've had issues before with some animal being in the wall, so i thought maybe that was what was going on again. *shhhhheeekkkkkkk* and then a few scratching noises, let's just say at this point i flipped on the light and started tapping on the AC unit cover. I wanted to scare those little animals out of the crawlspace of my home. UGH. 
Have you ever had this issue?! 
How did you solve it? 
Because honestly, i don't want these as house guests. 
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It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.
Needless to say my brother will be coming back next week, and hey...maybe i can bribe him to crawl under the house?! If he's not up for it (shooooooot i wouldn't be), then we've got to find how these critters are coming into the walls/crawl space. It is not ok, and i do NOT like it. 
. . . 
I decided to do my own research on Google; because you know just as well as i do that we always go to Google when we have a question.
 What is this minecraft business? I'm guessing it's a game...but spawning? Really...come on. 
. . .
I stumbled upon this little beauty when searching through Yahoo answers. 
Is there really a device that will do this!? If you know if it, leave a comment, otherwise i'm going to hit up Lowes/Home Depot and ask around. 
I also happened to come across a website that gave 8 different steps you could try out and see if it would get rid of the rodents. While reading through the article i learned some very interesting techniques that i've never heard of. I did know about making a lot of noise/having light because that will scare anything away that is trying to hide; but otherwise this was a pretty good learning experience for myself. 
Here is the list: 


  1. Small Animals

    • 1

      Tack the glue boards to the plywood.

      Affix the glue boards to the plywood with the brass tacks. Glue boards are cardboard sheets covered with a tacky, glue-like substance. Small animals become stuck in the glue when they attempt to cross over the traps. Hardware stores and exterminators usually sell these traps.
    • 2
      Place the plywood board into the crawl space. Position the board against a wall where animals are likely to cross.
    • 3
      Check the traps daily. For humane concerns, do not allow the animals to remain mired in the glue any longer than necessary.
    • 4
      Remove the occupied trap from the crawlspace and carry it far away from the house. Be extremely cautious because the trapped animal may become aggressive.
    • 5

      Vegetable oil breaks down the glue to release the animal unharmed.

      Pour vegetable oil on and around the trapped animal. The oil will slowly break down the glue so the animal can escape unharmed back into the wild.

    Large Animals

    • 6
      Place ammonia-soaked rags in the crawl space. Most larger animals are repelled by the scent of ammonia, so ammonia-soaked rags will discourage the animal from remaining in the crawl space. Place the rags along the walls and by any openings into the crawl space.
    • 7

      The smell of mothballs will repel animals.

      Scatter mothballs across the crawl space floor. Animals also find the scent of mothballs to be noxious. Add a few extra balls in the corners and at the openings to the crawl space.
    • 8
      Expose the animals to loud music and lights. Animals cherish a dark, quiet shelter, so you can drive them out of the crawl space by being a bad neighbor. Place a blaring radio and a powerful weather-resistant light into the crawl space. The light may be a portable flood lamp or a high-powered flashlight.

Read more: How to Get an Animal out of a Crawlspace | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_7881367_animal-out-crawlspace.html#ixzz1sxuRTGwW

Tips & Warnings

  • Secure the crawl space to prevent future occupancy. Driving an animal out of the crawl space is only a temporary solution to the problem. Prevent other animals from moving in by securing all entry points with wood, brick, screen, fence or mesh.
  • Seek appropriate medical care if you receive any injuries from the animals. Wild animals may become aggressive when you attempt to remove them from the crawl space. Use caution to avoid bites and scratches.
. . .
I guess this is what happens when you neglect your landscaping and backyard; you don't look for any holes or entrances that animals can use as their front door. Oh boo.
. . .
Has this ever happened to you? How did you address the issue? Do you get creeped out when you think of rodents crawling through your walls as well? 


Amy said...

I most definitely want to run away and hide!! This is going to be absolutely ZERO fun!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

EEEEEEEEEEKS! eheh. you're brave. i would SO cry. or command a brother, friend, dad, uncle, neighbor to help me :) ASAP!