Thursday, March 22, 2012


Tonight is the night, is the night for...
The Hunger Games Midnight Premiere!!! 
 found here.
Imagine me doing this consistently today:
At least i'll get in my exercise! :)
In all seriousness...i'm PUMPED.
I'm meeting up with a rather large group of friends to bask in the awesomeness of waiting in line for a few hours before getting to sit down in the theater. Sitting with friends, laughing, talking, trying not to fall asleep, all while ingesting way too much caffeine is one of the most fun parts of the evening! (other than the amazingness that is the movie)
I'm planning, that is if i remember, to take my camera tonight so hopefully tomorrow i can share some pictures with you. I'm SURE we will see some people dressed up in their outfits (hopefully from the capitol) and prancing around.
Hey maybe for next years premiere i will be dress up!
Don't judge me, i think it could be fun!
Onto other things.
. . .
I was talking with my grandfather a few days ago and he mentioned that we be starting the process to get the kitchen, laundry room, and computer room floors pulled up soon!
That means that the hideous linoleum will be g.o.n.e. and more importantly the rotting floors will not be an issue anymore. We actually have a hole, yes a giant hole,  in the laundry room that goes straight to the ground. It creeps me out and makes me embarrassed. =)
We're hiring professionals to get this job done because quite honestly i'd probably die in the process of ripping up the floors and sub-flooring, replacing the sub-floor, and laying down tile.
Ugh it gives me hives just thinking about it.
I have yet to really pick out a tile, so thats on my to-do list for this weekend/next week. I need to narrow it down and get that junk ordered. :)
I mean if money was not an issue, my floors would look like this:

pinned here.
YES, that is ceramic tile that looks like hardwood AND has an awesome design etched into it.
Jealous?!? I know i am.
It actually makes me drool a little bit...yum.
After the flooring is replaced i'll start on painting ALL of the kitchen cabinets. That junk has got to get done because the kitchen is so dark with the cabinets in their current color.

While i'm at it lets make a list of what all has to happen in the kitchen shall we: 
.Replace floors
.Paint Cabinets
.Buy ceiling fan
.Replace counter tops (i'm thinking with wood, maybe even marine grade wood from an old boat yard, is that even possible?!?!)
.White subway tile backsplash

Thats the main list...pssht it will be a piece of cake, psych. :)
I also think that we might have to start looking into getting a new stove. UGH.
I think mine is possessed. In all seriousness its a GE and it keeps beeping F1, F3, F5 when i try to use the oven (it doesn't happen every time, but will sometimes cut off in the middle of your cooking). Let me tell you how frustrating it is to try/want/need to bake something and you can't; its making my toaster oven get an extreme P90x workout.
So this would be another dream (a costly one at that) to add to the kitchen list.
I'm acting like i'm made of money...make it rain!
. . .
Here is a kitchen that i drool over constantly:

pinned here.
I love everything about it.
The subway tile, the different colors of upper and bottom cabinets, the HOOD over the stove(!!), the open shelves, the farmhouse sink.
...that is a HOT kitchen.
Pun absolutely intended.
. . .
So there are many ideas/thoughts/dreams running through my head when i think about the kitchen, but all in due time my friends.

Is anyone else going to The Hunger Games Premiere? What are you most excited about? Any new renovations going on in your casa?


Stacy said...

I'm going! I'm going!! Oh wait- you knew that b/c I'm going to be in the giant party! Can NOT wait!!! 12 more hours!!

Your floors are gonna look awesome! So is your whole house- well it already does! :-)

Amy said...

YESSS i'm so excited that we're all going! it is going to be so much fun! Seriously!

And aww thanks. Its definitely a challenge, and it takes T-I-M-E. We all know i'm anything BUT patient haha