Thursday, March 29, 2012


No, no, this isn't about a certain little bunny that comes around this time of year. 
It's about the music. 
I love hip-hop (and pop since we're on the discussion).
I'm one of those crazy people who enjoys busting out a move every now and know doing the "white-boy dance" while shuffling around making things awkward. 
Yes, i love hip-hop. 
I wish i could dance around and pop&lock it with the best of them. Seriously I've always wanted to b able to breakdance and get it done. I know that might come as a shock to you--but i love it. 
The Crew from ABDC "I AM ME" rocks my socks off. 
What i don't love? 
The words.
I was listening to a local radio station the other day and this sweet beat came on and i was nodding my head to it when all of a sudden the words actually registered in my brain. It was a song by Wiz Khalifa "Young, Wild & Free"
Let me give you a little taste of the lyrics:
So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
We’re just having fun
We don’t care who sees
So what we go out?
That’s how it's supposed to be
Living young and wild and free
...Yea, roll one, smoke one
When you live like this your'e supposed to party
Roll one, smoke one, and we all just having fun
 Yeah...because that makes you cute and so much cooler than me.
I mean this kind of crap is on the radio stations (as well as other garbage) at all times where kid will just start singing along (hey i did!) without realizing what they are singing. 
It kind of makes my stomach turn. 
The truth is, the beat to that song is ballin'. I've had SO MANY students tell me, "i dont listen to the words, just the beat"...which may be true, but at some point the words make their way into your head. I'm not saying to live a sheltered life by any means. The fact is, many people live this kind of "i dont care what you say, its my life and i'm going to partay" lifestyle. I guess i dont understand why you want to continually fill your head with negative talk? And more importantly a lot of these "popular artist" lyrics BLOW...there is no thought behind them and the chorus is just 5 words repeated to a catchy beat.
That's not music, it's noise. 
"That's how it's supposed to be, living young and wild and free."
Well, i've lost a lot of friends to the "young, wild, and free" lifestyle.
It isn't worth it. 
. . .
Ok off my soap box. 
Back to the Hip Hop. 
Since most of the hip-hop music out there only talks about: drinking, drugs, sex, hoes, and partying...i kind of find it hard to enjoy dancing to it. 
So, with that being said let me offer up some freshness.
I've been loving these hip-hop/rap artists for a few years now and i definitely don't think they get the attention they deserve.
The beats are hot, the lyrics are deep, and the people are real.
Let's get started shall we.
"Man Up" by: 116 ft. Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, PRo, Andy Mineo, and Sho Baraka 
Now one of my favorites, Lecrae
"Just like You"

"Used to do it to"

Trip Lee "Robot"

Flame "Move"

. . .
So there are some fresh beats and fantastic lyrics to take you on your merry'thursday'way.

Do you like hiphop?
Do you agree with me in regards to lyrics, or no? Why/Why not?


Anonymous said...

i finally figured out how to comment! it's like hidden! :P lame sauce! anyways nice blog friend & chachi is awesome :) i will send you a link of a guy dancing to one of the sweet christian hip hop artists :) he has sick moves! - beverly

Amy said...

Yay i'm so glad you figured it out! :) :)
And YUYES i want that link...holla at cha girl!

Suz said...

I thought the same thing about Wiz Khalifa the other month! Then I got home and looked up one of his songs and was shocked at what I was hearing! I love me some lecrae though :)

Amy said...

Susan, i'm glad i'm not alone!!! Isn't it crazy that these songs (that really don't have any artistic flare at all) get all of this hype when many other true artists are struggling?!!? :)
And yes +1 more for Team Lecrae!!