Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five For Friday

Time for the High Five Friday post! <3
Taken from the lovely From My Grey Desk.

Some highlights from the week:

1. Spending some much needed time with Jesus. 
. . .
2. My last Chocolate Cloud Cookie (for at least 6 weeks) from Bake House downtown. This i seriously the most delicious cookie i've ever tasted!! I'm going to probably have withdrawals from this awesomeness. I start my training next week, so no more Cloud cookies for me. 
. . .
3. Sarcasm. I seriously find it everywhere i go. These signs make me laugh SO MUCH. I pass this sign almost daily on my routine downtown walk. <3
. . .
4. My beautiful friend Christina & her husband paired up with a local couple to do a recording to help Kenyan Missionaries who are adopting twins. {there is a LOT more to the story} It is beautiful and completely inspiring. Christina's voice truly draws out the most beautiful piece of your Spirit. I'm so very blessed to call her a friend!! I'll be posting more information about the story behind the song and where your purchase of it will be heading. But for now, follow the link and purchase the song on itunes! I promise you won't regret it! 
 Click here to go purchase the single!! 
5. WOAH i'm on! 
Check it out...
Yup...i almost crapped my pants. Now i can't take credit for the pictures, i just found them (and gave credit for where i found them), but still WOW!
. . .
Ready for the weekend!!
Now head on over to From My Grey Desk and check out her High Five For Friday!! 

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Christina Frazier said...

Thanks for the shoutout doll! :) <3 That cookie looks like a delicious cloud of from heaven.