Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Backside.

As promised yesterday i will show you the flip side of my bedroom. 
Yesterday you saw this picture: 
Well prepare yourself for more yuck. 
I decided to slightly picked up the area and then decided to not make it "picture-perfect". Let's face it folks, this is real life and real life is messy
Right when you turn around this is the little nook that you see.
The left door leads to a small bathroom (the door barely misses the toilet when you open it) and the right mirror door leads to my walk-in closet. All in all this space isn't horrible. I could probably do a nice paint job and it would make it look 10 times better. 
However i'm not about doing things easy or half-way. I want this space to be not only functional, but pretty. I want to fully enjoy getting ready in the morning, and not always look at how junky things look.
Let's continue on shall we: 
 This is the wall to the left of the bathroom door. It had been bare since my cousin took down the wallpaper for me, and i decided to quickly hang up some form of artwork.
 Now, to the right of the vanity you have the mirrored doors that definitely helps out with putting on makeup. =)
 Once you open the doors, you're faced with this monstrosity. EEK EEK EEK!
Obviously i have a little problem getting rid of clothing, shoes, etc. {i apologize for the crap lighting}
The picture above is actually hiding something. Under all of those clothes sits this large and in charge chest that holds blankets and pictures. I've completely packed this closet out, and not in a pretty way.
. . .
Lets get down to the list of changeable's: 
*Paint color. I might keep it seamless and paint this area the same color as my bedroom; or i might switch it up a bit and go a tad darker or maybe even lighter suggestions?
*The towel rack has got to go. bleh.
*I need to re-paint the vanity and i'll replace the knobs. :)
*I want to frame the mirror. 
Something like this: 
*Get a sweet tower to go where my current short one is. Or end up having no tower at all and hang some floating shelves. 
Tower thought: 
*De-clutter everything. Get rid of what i don't need/use and stick with essentials. 
*Get an extra-long shower curtain and curtain liner and hang it up super high in the bathroom.
*Nix the curtain and get some shades. 
*Remove the wall art and build some sweet shelves (like my friend Donna has) to not only have artwork, but keep lotions, towels, etc. 
Something similar to this:
*I'm even thinking of replacing the mirror door with something else. Yes, i love my mirror door and have already stated about how helpful it is in getting ready, but then i saw this image and i fell in love:
Isn't it gorgeous!! Granted i would have to keep my closet super clean at all times...but with doors like that i totally would! 
*The closet, well i need to paint all of the walls, and then the shelving. I'd love to re-do all of the shelving but i can work with what i've got for now. PLUS in order to do all of this painting i'll have to pull everything out of the closet aka time to get rid of junk.
 . . .
 So that is the plan...or at least the wanna'be'plan.
I just have to show this last picture of a bathroom that is GORGEOUS!

Amazing right?
Found here on Paloma81's blog. 
But the owner is Katie over at Modern-Eve.
<3 Swoon. You're welcome.
. . .
Do you have any plans for a bedroom-redo?
Where do you get your inspiration?
Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts. 


Christina Frazier said...

I think you should paint a big portrait of my face and hang it above your sink so that when you wake up you see my Sthweeeet Smiiiiiiile. hahahahahahahahahhaa

Donna said...


Amy said...

EWWW the "sthweet" made me gag haha.
Maybe i will paint a big portrait of your gorgeous face...muahahhahahaha :)

Amy said...

YEAHHHHHHHH :) Shelve making time.