Wednesday, June 29, 2016

charleston | blackbird farms & market

i've said it before - and i feel like i will say it until i can't anymore - i love buying local.
there is something about a community coming together to support each other.
one of my favorite places is blackbird farms & market on johns island.
they have produce and other grocery items from local farmers and vendors (and some from upstate SC and other areas) as well as goodies you can take home to cook - their tomato pie with pimento cheese is AMAZING.
AND you can order something off of their daily menu and eat outside at the picnic tables (or take it home, we just love eating there). i've gotten the roasted vegetable goat cheese, tomato and pesto pannini, and my brother and eddie have both gotten the BLT & the Italian and said they were delicious.

i kind of have to tell myself to not go back weekly because i would end up eating everything on their menu and regretting it later.
this past visit was after heading out to the johns island farmers market - we both wanted something a little hearty and eddie had yet to go to blackbird. it was nice to go unwind, chat, and just be present with one another without feeling like we had to do something.
aren't those the best days? - the ones where you're able to just go out, without any real definite plans and fall into small little adventures and meaningful moments? they just make my heart happy.

what are some of your favorite local places to eat/shop in your city?
does your city help support each other with a "shop local" community?

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Monday, June 27, 2016

my style | hot summer days

it's been hot here.
like - stupid out-of-character-for-june hot. the last few weeks have had a heat index of over 105 and you basically walk outside and feel like you're walking through a swimming pool, it's been lovely.
as a native charlestonian i've long since learned to embrace the humidity and the feeling of back sweat - it's just a part of our lovely life. what i have never been able to fully embrace is rompers.
i just didn't understand them - and all that i tried on let me looking, well, like an overweight kid during their awkward years. recently i saw a friend of mine wearing this sweet romper that i kind of fell in love with - i asked her where she got it and immediately went to try it on.
it was like cinnamon toast crunch fell from the sky.
it fit perfectly!

it took a few weeks to actually build up the courage to wear it - i guess shorts and pale legs and being comfortable in your own skin can take a while - especially on a fashion trend that has never worked in the past. since that first outing - this is my go to outfit for warm days where i still want to look cute.
i was also a little leery about wearing the hat (for the record i own a LOT of hats, but rarely wear them because a hat + curly hair = horrible hat hair). i've since let go of that care and embrace the hat and all of it's lovely shade it has to offer!

romper | old navy
hat | target dollar section ;) 
necklace | fedeli
earrings | forever21
sandals | dr scholls
clutch | francescas
lipstick | burts bees - #512 fuchsia flood

p.s. anyone else notice that huge crack in the foundation of my house?
yikes - i need to get that checked!

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Friday, June 24, 2016

life | furnephew

this is bandit - my brothers blue heeler - aka my furnephew.
i just met him earlier in june during eddie's weekend visit. lando and his girlfriend, emily, came down for the weekend and i was finally able to cuddle this little cutie.
he is so obsessed with my brother that it's borderline crazy - if lando leaves the room so does bandit, if i'm holding bandit and lando leaves the room he will wiggle and wiggle and whine until i let him go.
do i let him go?
no, i cuddle him harder. hahaha

lando is doing such a good job with training him.
he knows how to sit, speak, and wait on his food.
he is still a puppy though - chewing everything, super hyper, and nibbling ears and nipping at clothing (the nipping is part of his bread of a cattle dog).
i still consider myself to be a cat person first and foremost, but this little cutie definitely stole a piece of my heart.

bandit isn't allowed on furniture - at least when he is at my house - but somehow i just couldn't take him off the bed when i saw them both taking a nap. i wish i could have gotten a picture with his eyes shut - but he heard me adjusting my settings and perked up and started moving around - ahh so cute.

p.s. he is so curious that it just makes me smile - those little side-head-cocks is just precious.
p.p.s you can see more of bandit on lando's instagram.
p.p.p.s. you're able to see the small update i've done on my brothers room - i still need to snap pictures but i really like it and so does he when he comes home to visit! (the last post i had on his room!)

do you have any furnephews or furnieces?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

travel | maine - acadia & portsmouth NH

i'm still obsessed with it - and can't wait to go back!
i left the story chatting all about my love for york and the delicious food. now let's continue on our weekend adventures shall we?
one of the main places we wanted to visit was acadia national park.
we wanted to see the mountains, hike around, and just spend the day being together and having a little adventure. well, our adventure turned out to be a little different than we anticipated.
the drive was supposed to be around 4 hours - and it ended up taking us almost 6. whoops.
we blame it on driving all of the back country roads (which mind you, were gorgeous) and seeing all of the things. there were so many times i wanted to say "pull over" but i KNEW we wanted to get to the mountain - so let's be honest, i kept my mouth shut for once ;)

around lunch-time we were driving through this cute town, Rockland, and my eyes popped out of my head when i saw the window design for main street markets. we parked and i was trying to play all coy like "well, where do you want to eat"...and staring in the direction of the market - eddie just laughed at me and started walking in that direction. when we walked inside my heart started jumping for joy. not only was it a place to grab some lunch - but it was a legit little market! fresh produce, jams, butters, meats, and other grocery items, i wanted to pack the store in my pocket and take it home with me. our food intake up until this point had been rather unhealthy - i mean when on vacation, have a little fun right? so we got some smoothie bowls and some delicious peanut butter toast with bananas and honey drizzled on top. p.s. eddie's drink was uh-mazing.

after eating and more driving we finally made it to acadia.
and boy was it as beautiful as i was expecting.
what we weren't expecting? no hiking.
at least the parts of the mountain we were planning to go to - it was all driving with pull-offs and at the very top a parking lot and small amounts of walking from one side to the other. we were definitely disappointed at not realizing this fact - and made a promise for the next time to actually do some hiking (it's one of our things, and we both really, really love it.)

to sound like a total girl, i really really wanted pictures of me, on a mountain top, in a nice dress.
i love the mountains, through and through, and i rarely get to actually visit them and hike them and love on them ;) so i had eddie snap a few pictures. we got some seriously strange looks (i forgot other shoes so was walking around in this dress with hiking shoes (ha!) - and the dress plunged a lot deeper in the front than i intended...sooooo that was fun - but i love it. i found it on etsy and it is handcrafted beautifully by a woman in Thailand. there was another thing i wasn't really expecting on this hike - full-sunlight. womp womp. if you know anything about my photography style it's that i love magic hour, sunset, moody images. so these are out of my norm - *until you get to the end* and eddie did an excellent job with letting me run back and forth to check the light and settings. some of them are a little blown out for my taste - but hey, i'm always learning!

after being on the mountain we drove into bar harbour and grabbed some dinner at poor boys gourmet. it was really tasty and all of the homes there had american flags displayed proudly with bunting and what-not. i was in love. we wanted to do more exploring but that 4 hour drive back home was looming over our heads so we started driving. there was a moment where i saw this beautiful marsh area and incredibly stunning waters that i begged eddie to turn off - which it ended up being a park with bathrooms so win-win! i threw my dress back on and had him snap a few more pictures of me (these are some of my favorite, and that moody light i lurrrve, although it was overcast and not that southern sun i'm used to!).

one of our last full days was spent driving into portsmouth NH (only like a 15 minute drive) to grab some dinner at the flatbread company. i ended up building my own flatbread (minus tomato base sauce - it can make reflux a jerk) and it was soooo freaking scrumptious. they hand-toss all of their stuff and pair up with local shops and sellers to get their produce and such. we even had this INCREDIBLE pumpkin ice cream (made from a local ice cream shop right down the street) with gingerbread cookies. oh. my. gosh. i need it back in my life immediately! and even though it was raining - i fell in love with portsmouth, it reminded me a lot of walking through ireland with my brother - it just had such an old historic feel to it, and so many shops interested me; i can't wait to visit again!

so that is our trip in a nutshell <3
we did a lot of unpacking for his place, lounging watching tv, exploring his new area, and just enjoying the company. it was beyond fantastic - and i can't wait to see him again, and see the beautiful state of maine.

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