Wednesday, March 4, 2015

currently | march

i have been so ready for march to get here.
my real estate class is almost over, the weather is warming up, i'm getting out of the winter slump, my cousin is getting married, and just overall goodness to be had. i'm finally getting back on my fitness has taken it's sweet time - i'm also PUMPED to start getting back on my normal food routine. working 830-5 then going straight to class from 6-10 really makes things difficult to pre-plan and pack and have healthy options.
but it's all about being positive!



watching... wolfblood. i've become obsessed with this show. it's British - need i say anything more?

dreaming... of halloween costumes - yes, already. 

planning... FINALLY starting to really iron out the details for my sibling trip with the broseph! ireland and scotland won't know what hit them when we show up for the party!

pinning...  some ideas for our hopeful outdoor garden

listening to... sweep the leg by family force 5. this is seriously my workout jam! (also their live performances are some of my favorite - i never sweat so much in my life from dancing like a fool)

making... some new jewelry and restocking fedeli with past products.

loving... the fact today is mid seventies and full of sunshine! 

baking... sweet potato fries on THE REG! and naan pizza. because i love bread too much.

working on... my core. i want to be able to beast out paddle boarding this summer. 


joining up with jenna + anne for their currently link up.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

thoughts | to be saved without a fight.

north berwick, scotland

the house was empty.
the sounds muffled.
the coffee warm.
the word of God spoken through john piper was strong, piercing, and hard to swallow.
i was wrecked.

...that was this morning...and i'm still processing all of it.
the truth is - i'm a messed up sinner.
and i get it, that is the normal christian jargan we throw around.
so, let me put it a little more blunt - i can be a really, really evil person.
i have mean thoughts.
hateful intentions.
lustful desires.
gossiping conversations.
backstabbing motives.
and a selfish heart.

i mess up, a lot.
i am not perfect.
i am not always happy.
or joyful.
or put together.
or full of grace.
or offering others grace.

and i'm not saying any of this to get a pat on the back for being honest.
i'm just being honest for the sake of honesty.
for myself.
for my relationship with Jesus.

the evidence of God's power in our lives is not the absence of our willing but the strength of our willing.*


anyone who says, 'well i believe in the sovereignty of God and so i will just sit back and do nothing,' does not really believe in the sovereignty of God. for why would someone who believes in God's sovereignty so blatantly disobey him?* 

when you sit back to do nothing, you are not doing nothing. you are actively engaging your will in a decision to sit back. and if that is the way you handle sin or temptation in your life, it is blatant disobedience, because we are commanded to wage a good warfare (1 timothy 1:18) and to resist the devil (james 4:7) and strive for holiness (hebrews 12:14).* 

that is hard to swallow.
those two words hit me like a dang sledge hammer.
blatant disobedience.
i am so guilty of it.
and then, as if my heart wasn't already heavy, piper just ripped it out and laid it on the table before God.

if you have lingering sin in your life, or if you keep neglecting some good deed, just because you have been waiting around to be saved without a fight, you are compounding your disobedience. God will never appear with power in your will in any other form than a good resolve that you make and keep.*

just. bury. me.

would you like to know something?
i consider myself a warrior.
yes, yes i do.
i used to pretend to be xena running around doing her ayayayayayay call and swinging a pretend sword.
i climbed trees and sought out adventure.
when i got hurt, oh well, i put a band-aid on and kept moving.

when my father died, i fought a stupid battle with God and dug myself deep into a messy pit.
when my mother died, i let God fight.
and then i fought back against the world.
i fought.
and fought.
and fought.
and i envisioned myself as this warrior princess with dreadlocks standing on top of a mountain with my hand on my swords hilt ready to face the day, with the wind at my back and bright sunlight in my face.

...and then i read this.
and that warrior princess was no where to be found.
she was faking it.
because i have been waiting to be saved without a fight.
do you know how much i hate admitting that?

my struggles with sin.
my struggles with anxiety.
my struggles with _____.
all things that within God can be conquered....and i just sit back and wait for Him to do it without putting in the work.
how is that even logical?!
it isn't.

i know, that deep down, i am a warrior.
God has created me to be a fighter.
to push and test boundaries.
to break down the walls of callous hearts.
to mend fences.
to fight against the grain of society and show others hope.
i am born to carry His sword.
yet i've been inactive.
waiting to be saved.
wanting to win the war because i believed in Jesus.
without making sacrifices.
and without putting in the work.
...sweet friends, it doesn't work that way.

so may your day be wrecked as mine has.
may your heart tremble.
may you swallow the fire and let it burn within.
and my hope is, it will awaken the warrior within you.
we all are warriors, just different kinds and with different strengths.

don't wait around to be saved without a fight.
enter the battle, and with God's grace, guidance, and mercy, fight hard.

* = john pipers devotional

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Monday, March 2, 2015

my style | vintage plaid

i'm such a goofball.
seriously - i feel like a weirdo posing in front of a camera.
like, i'll take your picture all day long - i'll even "demonstrate" how i think you should pose...but when i have my roomie take some pictures for a "fashion post" i do a lot of duuurrrrhhhh faces and poses.
que status quo foot kicks.
there were a lot of those in the out takes.
i'm guessing i think that is super cute?...maybe.

i was given this jacket from a friend.
it came to her from a friend - and goodness knows how old it let's call it vintage.
i love vintage.
i love red.
i really love this was a match in my closet heaven.

...also picture #5 i was in mid-fall...yes, i told you, awkward.


jacket | vintage
shirt | basic black tank
pants | ross 
shoes | belk i think? 
purse | groopdealz
sun glasses | TJ Maxx (kenneth cole reactions)


see other style posts here.
are you a fan of plaid?
what trend are you lovely lately?

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Friday, February 27, 2015

friday | links

this weekend.
y'all, this weekend. it is going to be a mixture of awesome, terrifying, and so much fun.
i'm shooting my first solo wedding. jordan + jay are getting married and i am so pumped!
i have some amazing friends who are letting me borrow some of their camera gear = THANKFUL!
i have the normal weekend things - cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and hopefully finally watching Big Hero 6! 
random: i've found myself dancing every morning, it's a great way to start the day to be honest - you should try it!
another random: i may or may not already be thinking of halloween costumes ;)


+ started watching wolfblood on netflix...and this kid is so young but so dang cute.

+ this entire wedding = photography obsessed. (especially the video!)

+ people try kim kardashian makeup for the first time. HAHAHA ("instead of working out, i will just contour my face every morning")

+ historically accurate disney princess (warning for the Pocahontas part)

+ 10 things to do in harry potter world - i need to go here, immediately.

+ christina aguilera impersonating britney spears?! EPIC

+ i would spend all of my weekends here.

+ i really, really want to make this recipe!

+ can you watch this without smiling? you can't.

+ completely in love with this session. (the hair, makeup, crown = LOVE)

+ i'm now hunting for run down places in ireland.

+ tobi needs me to make this, i'm sure of it.

+ this is absolute perfection! (i would love to do this if i have a family some day)


do you have any fun weekend plans?

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

recipe | sausage + veggie goodness

one thing i've learned while on this weight loss journey - you've got to eat right.
you can put in hours in the gym, lift as many weights as you want, and run miles on miles but if your diet consists of you over-eating or even just eating plan ol' garbage you're not going to get the healthy body you're working towards.
over the least year i've found some staple meals that keep me full, are cheap, and overall pretty dang healthy.

i'm a high-protein and veggies and LOW CARB eater.
i try to limit my carbs to the occasional whole wheat wrap, brown rice, oats, and a hamburger bun + fries on a lovely weekend.
i'm also a HIGHLY CHEAP individual, so my meals need to be able to stretch, the dollar and the number of times i can eat it. i do admit that i splurge on organic meats and sometimes veggies at the local health store.
so with that being said i want to introduce y'all to a new staple recipe that is cheap, easy, delicious, and full of flavor + protein!


sausage + veggie goodness

turkey sausage (i used butterball)
zucchini (i used 2)
squash (i used 2)
cherry tomatoes
minced garlic

1 | put some oil and minced garlic in the skillet and start cooking (medium heat)
2 | slice up turkey sausage and put in skillet - cook thoroughly (upwards 7 minutes)
3 | while cooking sausage - slice zucchini, squash, tomatoes
4 | add veggies to skillet
5 | put on your favorite spices (i use a few different pre-packaged blends)
6 | mix around / maybe even put a lid over skillet for a little while (this is what i do for my meats/veggies because it keeps them moist)
7 | eat as is - or over rice/noodles
8 | you're welcome ;)


what is one of your favorite staple meals?
do you have a go-to place to look for new healthy recipes? 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

etsy crushes | lets go somewhere

i have the strongest desire to just pack a bag, get on a plane, and fly out west.
soak up the sunlight in the desert.
see the beautiful hues of a dripping sunset under a joshua tree...
...i have dreams of standing on the west coast beach cliffs being surrounded by a hauntingly beautiful fog with the wind kissing my back.
...i have dreams of hearing celtic music echoing through the taverns and pubs on a rainy night in ireland...those dreams will be here sooner than the others.
so today's finds are about adventure, dreams, and escapes.
little things to remind me to keep m heart open for something new.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 


what have you been dreaming of lately?
if you could pick up and go anywhere tomorrow where would you go?
share your adventure dreams with me!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

photography | testing light

i've been reading a new photography book that i'm obsessed with.
it's called the luminous portrait by elizabeth messina...and y'all it is on point.
lately i've really been trying to learn more about natural light photography (since it's what i do) and it has been an awesome process!
one saturday morning i asked maria, the roomie, to let me test the lighting coming through the windows in my room; she had on zero makeup, was eating breakfast, and was just GORGEOUS!!
and simple and really raw images were just bathed in this beautiful glow.
it makes me want to have my own studio with huge windows and just do simple portraits all day long hahahaha.

...also i snuck in a few pics of tobi - as always - because he is my constant model.

ps. these pictures were hardly touched editing wise. i bumped the contrast here and there, otherwise - untouched.



are you learning anything new photography wise?
what is one of your favorite places to take pictures? 

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