Monday, September 15, 2014

diy | feather crown


materials needed:

// glue gun

// package of feathers (you can get from michaels or other craft store)

// thick ribbon (i used burlap ribbon)

// velcro

how to

// take your ribbon and wrap it around your head for measurement. make sure it overlaps some (for the velcro strips), then cut a second piece of ribbon at the same length.

// warm up your glue-gun and start placing your feathers in the order you want them (make sure you mix up colors and heights!)

// glue your feathers to the ribbon and let dry.

// glue your second ribbon over the first to cover the feathers, let dry.

// cut a strip of velcro and attach to the ribbon so you can easily wear it as a headband.

// enjoy your feather crown!


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Friday, September 12, 2014

friday | links

friday, you wonderful day you! 
i am so excited for this weekend! tonight i'm going to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate charleston restaurant week with some friends! tomorrow is a sweet friend's baby shower, then kickball and fellowship on sunday all with cleaning, organizing, house work in between. i'm trying my darnedest to keep a positive attitude and outlook on life these days - i just don't have room for negativity and bitterness in my heart...i want to exude joy and share it with others - i want to be a bright light for Jesus and be encouraging and happy to be around. whew it's a tall order but i'm going for it! :) 


+ i absolutely love this idea - gratitude is key!

+ i'm still on this craving chinese kick.

+ what terrifying statistics.

+ this photographer took my breath away!

+ i feel like every person needs this shirt - because let's be honest, this is our mindset.

+ if you love ed sheeran - this will make you roll with laughter.

+ i. love.  this. // why are they constantly changing it? the original is so much better!

+ maybe it's my ovaries talking...but this pie needs to be in my home immediately.

+ this new collaboration between pink and dallas green has me incredibly excited. they are releasing a folk album on my birthday!!! fun fact: pink is like my celebrity/woman crush haha...i love all of her music, her determination, everything and she has such a soulful and interesting voice that i am thrilled she is making a folk album - and this song, you and me, is just...incredible.

+ i love this gallery wall!


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Thursday, September 11, 2014

throwback | college

it's been a long time since i've done any sort of throwback.
probably because i recognize how weird i am...
...and i'm not sure the blog world can handle it.
just in case you were every curious of how insane i was in college (or life in general because let's keep it real - i haven't really changed haha) you will get to see it today.
i'm not sure whether to apologize in advance or offer a big ol' you're welcome.
either way - enjoy.



y'all...that is just a small taste of all of it.
i. am. so. weird.  :)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

etsy crushes | random

happy wednesday!
i figured since sign-ups opened yesterday for the fall etsy swap that i would continue on with my etsy crushes this week! i obviously have a soft spot in my heart for all of the handmade/vintage goods on etsy and the small businesses that make it happen.
you go etsy, you go! ;)

this week is just a bunch of random current crushes - no flow or order - just love!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 


my favorite this week is the Ron Weasley bookmark - true perfection. :)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

etsy swap | fall 2014


y'all i am so excited.
seriously - there are few things better than fall time and getting gifts.
which both will be happening when you sign up for the etsy swap!
this will be our THIRD swap and megan and i could not be more thrilled to have so many people join in each round! we started this thing a year ago and the first swap was a little small (you awesome few you!). the second swap more than tripled in size - and we knew, this had to be a twice a year thing!

we are all about blessing others with snail mail and supporting small businesses.
plus it's nice to open up something besides bills, am i right?

if you have other questions feel free to check out the etsy swap page!

fall timeline 

9/9     | sign ups open
9/19   | sign ups close
9/23   | you will receive an email with your partners information
10/7   | deadline to mail off your package
10/22 | reveal link up

price range

a minimum of $25 for the etsy item.

a little more information

// if you are a non-blogger signing up for the swap - please participate in other social media outlets (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc)

//  feel free to grab our button and share it on your blog & use our hashtag on instagram and twitter:#etsyswap2014

// commit to the price range - no one wants a sour sally.

// make sure you browse through the social media links your partner has provided (blog, pinterest, etsy, instagram, etc) to get an idea of their style.

// please make sure to mail your package out ON or BEFORE  the deadline. if you are running late please contact us.

<div class=“Taking Steps Home" style="width: 300px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt=“Rivers and Roads" width=“300" height=“300" /> </a> </div>



1 | do i have to be a blogger to participate? 
no ma'am/sir!
NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS: we will be pairing up all international participants with each other unless there are U.S. participants who are also willing to ship internationally.

2 | what is the price range?
we've settled on $25 - but you're welcomed to spend a little more.

3 | do i send anything more than what i've purchased off of etsy?
you don't have to - but we've noticed that since the start of the swap everyone adds in a little something. extra (target's dollar spot, you're favorite coffee/tea sample, a little sweet treat, etc). we highly suggest sending a personalized note to help connect with the person you're swapping with!

4 | am i sending/receiving from the same person?
this is more of a secret santa style swap. this way you get to know two people - the one you're sending something to and the one who sends you something!

5 | should i contact the person i'm sending to?
if you don't have to - dont.
part of the fun is the mystery!
we will provide you with their contact information in case there is a miscommunication or you've shipped late (try not to!) that way your swap partner is informed!

6 | i never received my etsy product / i'm not happy with what i received. 
ugh, we dislike this very much, but unfortunately it happens. we sometimes have people sign up who don't follow through on their commitments and it  really ruins the experience for others. we try our best to make sure everyone understands their commitment prior to signing up - you are given a partner, a price range, and a list of likes - we hope for you to lovingly follow through on your end. please remember that with any sign-up you run the risk of having a flaky partner and you might not receive your gift. the best we can do is ask you to be a woman/man of your word and follow through with your commitment.
if you are not happy with what you've received, we are super sorry! try to put a positive spin on it - you sent out an awesome package to your partner and were a blessing to them!


sign up below: 


fall 2014 | giveaway 

we wanted to say a little thank you for participating in the swap; and what better way to make this happen than with some etsy shop giveaways?! everyone that enters automatically gets one entry (enter your email in the rafflecopter) - after that we will have additional entries to support the shops that donated! 

amanda fair designs | liberty shoppe | water in my paint | hey abby | notional notions  

here is your chance to win! 
the giveaway will end on september 19th at midnight, and one winner will be selected at random and anncounced! the winner will be contacted via email. all entries will be verified, so please play by the rules! good luck!!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

don't forget to spread some cheer! #etsyswap2014 

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Monday, September 8, 2014

home | master bedroom gallery wall

the last real update i gave on the master bedroom was back in july when i finally finished painting my bedroom (oh you know it only took me close to 4 years).
i've found that i become extremely hesistant to put holes into a wall that i just freshly painted.
does anyone else do that? get picture hanging fear?
yeah - i did, i can admit it.
then one night i just had enough.
i was sick of looking at the bare walls and i knew i had pictures to hang up there.
enough was enough.
i started with laying them on the carpet and got a general idea of how i wanted (which by the way, took forever, and i am envious of those of you who can just slap a gallery wall together without much brain power!). i didn't put up stencils (too impatient) and so i'm left with a wall that isn't perfect or always in line - but i like that little character!


on my wall: 

// you are my sunshine print by lindsay letters | gifted to me by megan  | which i don't think she sells anymore - but this print is so special to me because it is a song my aunts/mother/grandparents sang when my mom/aunts were growing up and we used to sing it while my mom was in the hospital.

// Chattanooga, TN sunset | also from megan

// my mom and dad

// calligrapher canape plates by anthropologie (got them on sale!)

// the instagram of the dandelion & my brother holding tobi are mine.

// the mountains are calling & i must go hoop art by jillian audrey designs | gifted to me by sarah grace 

// a picture from my close friend Lauren's wedding.

// harry potter by lovely people

// the bird was a random shop find (i actually bought two since they were on clearance)

// the bear print is from the free people calendar.

// all frames are a mix of target and michaels clearance :)


have you completed any house updates?
share them with me please! i would love to see them!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

friday | links

| north berwick, scotland | 

man oh man i am so glad friday is here! 
this week has been long for a 4 day work week.
wednesday night i felt like i had been hit by a truck and had aches, chills, fever, i was certain i was coming down with the flu. i took yesterday off from work to rest and recoop and i'm feeling about 50% better today. i was going to write a status on FB last night how i'm so over all of these physical limitations i've had the last few months (whether it is injury or illness) and then God so gently reminded me to be thankful. i am so thankful for a body that is mostly healthy, has little limitations, and is able to get stronger and healthier with each choice i make. many people struggle to make it out of bed in the morning due to pains, mental illness, or _____. i'm just reminding myself to be thankful in everything. 


+ i'm thinking of making these for our churches next ladies night (that is at my house this round!)

+ it wasn't supposed to be this way (lenthy post, but it hits home on so many levels, praying for kylie & her family)

+ just in case you needed a good heart check this morning - you're welcome.

+ some delicious summer salads via kat!

+ this make up is perfection for halloween! (especially for a skeleton, vampire, ghost outfit)

+ day before the wedding hiking photos = LOVE.

+ i would love to learn to crochet this...i mean seriously - SO CUTE.

+ i would vacation here all of the time. so incredibly beautiful!


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megan's favorite things giveaway!

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