Monday, April 27, 2015

list | it's the small things

i got this post idea from rebecca over at from roses.
she makes lists of things she  appreciates, and while i've done this in the past, it's been a while since i've really sat down and listed out the small things i'm thankful for.
so that changes today.

i'm thankful for...

1. rainy days and blankets.
2. laundry detergent.
3. deep conversations.
4. the dust shining in the morning rays peeking through the window.
5. laughter. lots of laughter.
6. a God who extends grace & mercy.
7. acoustic music.
8. witty jokes.
9. brother's phone calls.
10. health.
11. freshly squeezed orange juice.
12. people who encourage me.
13. sore muscles.
14. crisp nights in the spring time.
15. broken book spines.
16. lunchtime walks.
17. my avocado slicer.
18. wifi.
19. wrist wraps for boxing.
20. smiles from strangers.


when was the last time you stopped and appreciated the little things?
take a moment today and make your own little thankful list.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

friday | links

this has been a long and ridiculous week.
i've had a lot of weird health stuff happening this week that i haven't chatted about on the blog.
long story short i have a pretty ridiculous sinus infection that has kept me so incredibly dizzy and off kilter that it's been overly frustrating. i've also had this ridiculous neck pressure that decided to hitch it's wagon to the dizziness. :)
this will be a great weekend though.
i'm going to a garden party tomorrow, we have a fundraiser for the pool, a family reunion, and the usual house stuff (maybe a DIY thrown in there?). i like being busy, it keeps me focused.


+ some californian's try some of our beloved food from south carolina! and it is hilarious! "i'm general cotton, MARCH!" hahaha - and the ginger ale portion - HILARIOUS (excuse some of the language)

+ cute & easy photo DIY

+ the confident tree | a short but beautiful post on giving ourselves some credit. so. much. yes.

+ such a cute bathing suit

+ THIS MASH-UP of all the disney princess songs = for the win!

+ gluten-free & dairy-free cinnamon rolls?! fo'serious?!

+ beautiful outfit for spring.

+ waking up to this view would be absolutely breath taking.

+ i would love to go here on a nice winter vacation. <3

+ a beautiful romantic charleston engagement session.


you may have missed...

+ journey | weight loss progress

+ photography | brooke + jordan

+ bloggers | spread the love

have a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

photography | brooke + jordan

it's been a while since i've shared a photography post.
these were taken a few months ago, and i was completely enamored with the beautiful couple, and the absolutely stunned by the lighting of the afternoon.
these were taken with my older camera, canon rebel xsi, so this goes to show that this little workhorse still takes some lovely pictures!
feel free to browse through the rest of brooke + jordan's session here! <3

location | charleston, sc



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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

journey | weight loss progress

it's been a while since i've done an weight-loss outfit post.
and since it's #TransformationTuesday i figured why not?!
you can see the same outfits (minus a few) from may 2014.
i accidentally got rid the black dress with the buttons (whoops), as well as the pink shorts with the blue stripped shirt...apparently i forgot about posting my weight-loss journey progress.
and yes, the fancy dress STILL HAS NOT been hemmed; i guess i just haven't had the occasion to wear it (so why did i buy it?!?!) haha!

i'm very happy of the progress i've made.
so far, i'm about 65 lbs down...and it has been a challenge.
i'm working on another 15-20lbs and it has proved to be difficult.
between being sick a lot already this year (WHY IMMUNE SYSTEM, WHY?!?!), traveling, and not being as consistent as i would like i've lost around 2 lbs. -__-
i'm restructuring my diet, trying more challenging and intense workouts, and trying to get some accountability within this area to push me past this "maintaining slump".

so here is where i am.
still pushing.
still working hard.
still eating some chocolate here and there (i know, i know it is so delicious!).
still learning to love my body through transition.
but i won't stop.
i'm motivated.
i'm a fighter.

to read more about my weight loss journey so far, click here.

how the clothing is fitting:

-the red dress: hangs off of me now if i'm honest. i still wear it because i love it, but it is always slipping off my shoulders and hanging really baggy around my thighs.

- the black dressy dress: a lot looser. i honestly won't be able to wear this once i hit goal weight, and that makes me a little sad because i love it so much

- stripes and workout pants: obviously, huge. the workout pants kept sliding off during a workout last week and the shirt is basically a sleep shirt now, no complaints there ;)

- my high school chain pants: i love them. my gosh i still love them; and will fully admit i've worn them out in public, once.



and just in case you wanted a little last year/this year progress shots here you go.
i will admit, the challenger in me is frustrated by the lack of more progress in between these pictures.
it's been almost a year, i wanted to have ALL of the weight off - but i didn't.
life happened, vacations happened, injuries (LOTS) happened, and i really am making this into a lifestyle change, not just a fad or a few month decision.
i want to live healthy and strong.
i want my body to be challenged.
my mind.
my spirit.
i want to grow and see gains and see progress not just in clothing and numbers on a scale, but in how i love myself and pour that love out onto others.


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Monday, April 20, 2015

bloggers | spread the love

oh bloggers.
i love them.
& i love being encouraged by them and pouring into them.
here are some blog posts that i've really enjoyed reading from some lovely ladies; and yes i like to browse through the archives of people's blogs - because i'm a creeper lovely individual like that.



josie | fine & feathered // fitness inspiration

the flybird // winter hues

style me pretty // a trip through france on film

bridget | tales of me and the husband // winter survival guide 

christina | christina elyse  // mid-century man cave inspiration 

kerrie | life on mission // how to throw a last minute hobbit party 

it's the little things // our ritual of following light

elizabeth | delightfully tacky // hexagon painted wall mural

samantha heather // farewell 2014

megan | rivers and roads // a coffee date 

dana | house tweaking // your favorite comic strip into a wall mural

bleubird // vanity project - beauty routine

katie | hope engaged // what i've learned this past year

vanilla & lace // wild thing on halloween


do you find yourself ever browsing through other blogger's archives?
what posts do you enjoy reading?

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Monday, April 13, 2015

blog | a break

"stop the glorification of busy."

i'm feeling a void in my space the last few weeks.
as i'm sure it's been reflecting...
...lacking creativity.

so i'm taking a step back this week.
to just be present in life.
to not have all of these expectations for posts.
to really relax.
i'll still be reading, commenting, and creeping around...and i'll be back. :)
i just need a breather.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

friday | links

tobi says hello

i am so glad this weekend is here.
the work week has been literal torture and i've been left feeling a little more than drained.
i'll be heading upstate to spend time with meg & megan. i am looking forward to a weekend with no demands, lots of chatter, snapping of pictures, and some moments of being poured into. i love these ladies and their hearts and it's just awesome to be able to call them friends outside of this blogging world.
i do have a few prayer requests:
* my anxiety has been atrocious lately and i'm not wanting to live in fear and have it effect my life.
* i'm struggling with flesh and what i want to do - and i need to in turn pray to the Lord for my wants to be His and to align my heart to His.
* for my brother as graduation approaches - i know first hand this is when things start to get stressful.


+ the best april fools joke i've seen in a while!

+ this before and after?!?! YES I WANT THIS TO BE MY HOME!

+ ice cream specifically for when you're PMS'ing...uh yes please!

+ dude hiked from mexico to canada...amazing.

+ 16 genius uses for apple cider vinegar.

+ man this video hit home. if i were honest i would probably walk through the average door. why do we put ourselves down so much?

+ this party is so dang cute, and could totally be for an adult!

+ 24 hours in new orleans (i love jacksgap!)

+ there are days where i just want to be a burrito.

+ adore this post of lately lovings.

+ even though i just chopped off a solid 6 inches - i want my hair to look like this!

+ dip-dyed photo backdrop - yes please!


have a lovely weekend! seek out joy!
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