Thursday, October 23, 2014

renew retreat | first impressions

so, now that you've met everyone in person, do you feel like their blogs represent their real-life personalities? do you feel like we are all reflected well?

i asked that question to the group of ladies at the renew retreat.
i was curious of the impressions we've made - if we came across transparent enough on our blogs to translate well in real life. i think everyone agreed that each person was exactly like they thought they would be.
i wouldn't say i was surprised by that.
reading these ladies blogs and then meeting them face to face, and not only that, but conversing and spending the weekend together really did show me how true authenticity and transparency is appreciated and respected in the blog world.
there is something beautiful about a community who preaches transparency.
so i thought i would share some of my own first impressions.
and of course, i would be curious of what their first impressions of me would be ;)


it was so nice to give them a real-life hug.
madison is warm, bubbly, and incredibly open. she reminded me of a ray of sunshine.
rachel reminded me a lot of the mornings in the mountains; she was thoughtful, inquisitive, and genuine.
| rachel's pic is from her blog, i somehow didn't get a pic of her at the retreat! :( :( |

meg | jenna
granted i just met these lovely ladies at the maiedae mixer last month, i loved seeing them again.
meg is my twin. i really think we were separated at birth. she is full of such life and joy and love that it is contagious. i just love her zeal for all things adventure.
jenna is so incredibly compassionate. i love it, and i love her. she exudes love and warmth and acceptance.

jenni | meg 
big ol' smiles.
jenni has a beautiful laugh. she exudes happiness, and she is real. which i really, really appreciate.
meg made me feel at home right away; as weird as that may sound. she's a listener, a pursuer, a woman who digs a little deeper. i loved getting to really know her and share life stories with her.

kaitlin | robyn 
i just want to hug their faces.
kaitlin has such a sweet smile! she was such a thinker, and a sharer, and full of passion. i loved getting to hear her story over the weekend.
robyn was exactly who i thought she would be. kind, beautiful, smiley, and an absorber - i loved that about her, she absorbed the conversations and offered great snips of advice.

lauren | jessa
such sweet women.
lauren is so kind. she has an enveloping kindness that puts you at ease and makes you feel welcomed.
jessa is so happy. she was constantly smiling and making a solid effort to know us better.

somehow i didn't get a picture of lisa & carrie #bloggerfail.
forgive me ladies!! (but madison got some great pictures!)

lisa | carrie
these sisters are so beautiful and kind
lisa brought a sense of wisdom - i don't know how to explain it, but she just carried herself with this wisdom.
carrie like lisa also exuded wisdom, but more-so i just noticed how graceful she was.

bailey | kristen 
they brought a fun balance to the group.
bailey was more quiet than some of the other girls, but not in a bad way - in a really pretty way. you could tell she was taking everything in and learning - it was encouraging.
| bailey's pic is from her blog, i somehow didn't get a pic of her at the retreat! :( :( |
kristen was hilarious once she fully warmed up. she was all smiles and laughs!


what do you think of first impressions?
do they carry a certain weight?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

etsy swap | link-up

where has the month gone?!
it's already etsy swap reveal day - and what a glorious day that is!
every round megan and i are floored by the beautiful gifts that get mailed to and from strangers across the states AND globe just because.
i mean, who doesn't like getting gifts just because?

i sent out a package to jenny | coffee and honeycomb | that i completely spaced to take pictures of. this actually seems to be a theme with me and sending out boxes - i never photograph what i send. so i guess you'll have to head on over to her blog to see all the goodies she received!
shout out to the shops i purchased from for jenny's package: zen threads // degno di nota // tokyo factory. all lovely shops with beautiful products - make sure you go take a look!

the beautiful woman who received my name was jordan | she who fears | and i was so. pumped. when i laid my eyes on the beauty that she sent. she sent a hand-made (YES SHE MADE THAT!) scripture wood art with some delicious teas. i can not begin to describe how my rustic and earthy heart skipped a beat. i am so incredibly excited to hang the art on a new gallery wall i'm working on - and i only have two bags of the tea left. jordan knocked the ball out of the park with this swap! (she does have an etsy shop, but is not currently taking orders...but maybe if you beg? i would beg for another one of these!)



megan & i are so humbled, thrilled, and thankful that so many of you participated! 
and lets not talk about how incredibly excited we are to see what all y'all received! 
make sure you link up to your reveal post so we can browse through and see all of the goodies!
<3 y'all! 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

comfort | fall favorites


// harney & sons cinnamon sunset tea | y'all. this tea makes my bones feel like fall. it needs zero creamer or added sweetener - it is truly delicious all on its own. i am a huge lover and fan of harney and sons teas (plus their tins are gorgeous!). plus target sells them on the cheap!

// over-sized sweaters | the larger and more worn in, the better. i actually have a sweater that was my fathers that i will bust out around the house (isn't the best for public wear haha!) to curl up in. there is just something special about a worn-in sweater.

// chocolate chip banana bread | i have a recipe that i've been using for years and i think it tastes better every fall.

// fuzzy blankets | my house is has one in every corner. i think we have something around 25 blankets laying around in piles; and yes this is after i gave some away. i may or may not have a blanket hoarding problem.

// svelte organic protein shakes | the cappuccino is my favorite, but so many of them are delicious.

// thankful lists | i try to sit down each year and write out things that i'm thankful for. i also try to do this outside of the fall season to keep things in perspective.

// cool weather & changing leaves | while we don't really get the whole beautiful changing leaves that i was able to experience at the renew retreat (our leaves die and just fall off the trees) i do love seeing some of them yellow before they die. and that cool weather brings me to my next point.

// bonfires and smores | there are few things better than sitting around a fire with friends and chatting, laughing, and making smores. i absolutely love this part of the fall season.


what are some of your fall comfort favorites?

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Monday, October 20, 2014

my weekend | iphone photos - renew retreat

i can not wait to share with y'all ALL of the awesomeness that was the renew retreat.
i had so much fun.
so many memories were made, so many friendships developed, and so. much. laughter! this is a weekend i will never, ever forget and i can't wait to have many more like it in the future!
so for today i'm just going to do a quick run down - because let's be honest...this weekend deserves at least 5 posts (yes, that many pictures were taken).
i am so excited to share more, more, MORE!

friday: up early to go to the local tire shop because i thought my tire stem was broken. NOPE i just had a nail in the tire (EEK!), got it patched (for free), got in the car and started off towards Tennessee. i rocked out to lecrae's new album as well as the always lovely ed sheeran and even started listening to the host on audio cds. the drive went rather quickly. i arrived at the cabin and was able to hug so many amazing bloggers in real life. IT WAS AWESOME. we spent the night being silly, sharing stories, eating lovely homemade lasagna (YUM!) and getting to know each other.

saturday: coffee in the crisp fall air in a rocking chair on a porch over looking the mountains with some Jesus time. YES it was the most beautiful start to the day. we all then headed in to gatlinburg to walk around and see the city. it was beautiful (AND SO CROWDED!) we were able to snap some pictures, get some lunch, sweat a lot, and then load back in the car to head to the house. all of us then got ready and went to do some photoshoots! (can't wait to share those pics!) and then had another night of devotionals, conversations, tacos, and laughter. THESE LADIES = <3 they even sang happy birthday to me! =) SO SWEET

sunday: up early to say goodbye to some lovely ladies, loaded the car, and then meg, meg, and i (ha!) all went to laurel falls to go for a quick hike before hitting the road. the hike was beautiful and we had some incredible conversation while walking and taking pictures. i love these ladies!! we are hoping to plan another trip to see each other again soon! the drive back was a little longer...but just as glorious. the trees - STUNNING CHANGING TREES!



make sure you check out all of the ladie's blogs who went to the retreat, i'm sure over the next few weeks you will start to see updates on updates with their thoughts/lessons/loves from the retreat!

madison | the wetherills say i do // rachel | oh simple thoughts // meg | rivers and roads
meg | me with the three // jenna | dearest love // jenni | frankly my dear // kaitlin | sew my soul
robyn | robyn's nest // lauren | sunshine & sweet tea // jessa |  jessa olson // lisa | life to the full
bailey | becoming bailey // carrie | talking in space // & kristen | couple of cloyds

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Friday, October 17, 2014

friday | links

i feel like i might be sounding redundant lately...but oh well.
as you're reading this i'm in the car traveling to the Renew Retreat for the weekend!
6 hours of music, a book on cd, bad singing, coffee, and snacks await.
i am so excited about seeing and experiencing fall (hey it's been in like the 80s here) for a few days and getting in some good ol' hikes with some incredible women!
so if you happen to see some random chick stopping off the side of the road and gallivanting around between upstate SC and Tennessee that would be me, make sure you say hello! ;)


// zombie apocalypse workout 

// this has to be one of the most perfect family halloween costumes ever.

// taco needs to shut his mouth ;) hahaha

// what a fun wedding tradition!

// i may or may not be obsessed following this project.

// this maternity session - WOWZA!

// they don't know this, but i'm moving in.

// weasley is our king!

// i would love to make this for my home.

// why my cat is sad (y'all so funny.)

// some lovely words on embracing change - i definitely needed to read it.

// i'm so happy for them and the new journey they are stepping on, but i honestly want to ugly cry.


you may have missed...

// birthday advice | twenty six years

// i have a facebook page - GASP i know. i haven't shared it or made a button for it on the blog, i'm so horrible. :) so feel free to go "like" know, if you actually like the blog haha.

// etsy crushes | it's a dark night

// my weekend | iphone photos

do you have any fun weekend plans?
share them with me, i'd love to hear!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

birthday | shenanigans

turning twenty-six started out like any other day.
alarm went off at 6:30 (ok so that's later than normal, didn't exercise that day) i rolled out of bed to go feed the meowing tobi. when i turned on the light in the laundry/mudroom/back hallway i saw that my roomie used her (unknown!) skills to leave me a little message on the pantry chalkboard.
uh...too sweet and too cute!
i made my coffee.
spent time with Jesus. 
got dressed and then the phone started pinging away with lovely texts from friends and family.
work was work -  mixed in with a little birthday celebration.
my office will bring in the birthday person's choice treat. i chose greek yogurt, fruit, granola, (and some cinnamon rolls and cheese danish) since we had red velvet cake on monday.
i actually went out of the office for a few minutes towards the end of the day and came back in to my friend Beverly jumping out from behind my desk with balloons flowers and a present. seriously, my friends are too awesome. we hung out until the end of the work day and then headed on to eat at the tattooed moose. y'all....delicious. duck-fat fries with garlic aioli....swoon; and their burger, oh my gosh don't even get me started on that burger. IT WAS SO GOOD! 
what you're hearing is that i basically threw my healthy eating out of the window for the day! 
while we were finishing up our food and chatting i was taken back with ANOTHER suprise.
my roomie had ordered me a cake from my absolute favorite coffee house/bake shop/craft beer local joint: bakehouse. this cake.
this cake.
it was so good...and HUGE. one small sliver was ginormous due to it being like 5 layers. 
5 layers of deliciousness. chocolate, caramel, more chocolate and a ring of salt around the top.
yes. cake heaven.(i may or may not have had a fork-full each morning since tuesday night #IDon'tEvenFeelGuilty)
after dinner we all gave big ol' hugs and drove our separate ways.
at home i vegged out to project runway and got into bed early...yes that is a wonderful way to end the birthday DAY on a tuesday ;)
<3 <3 <3


sooo obviously there is a "lack of pictures"
that is how my life rolls - live with it instead of always snapping a picture!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

etsy crushes | it's a dark night

thank you.
thank you.
thank you.
for all of y'alls beautiful birthday wishes on yesterday's post!
it was a beautiful day and my friends surprised me, a lot! (i'll share more tomorrow!)

today i'm going to share with y'all some of my current favorites on etsy.
and since it's october (my favorite month of the year) each etsy crush post this month will have a little october/halloween theme to it.

i hope you enjoy today's finds.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 


feel free to browse through past etsy never know, you might find something fun to get for yourself (or a friend!).

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