Wednesday, April 1, 2015

currently | april

i honestly can't believe it's already april.
where did march go?
seriously, like i feel like i blinked and it was many things on the horizon this year and i'm doing my best to stay on track with all of it...but it's already april!
i'm also really excited about the photo shoot i did last weekend; it's been a while since i was in front of another photographers camera...and this specific camera has been about two years. so i may do a little before/during with weightloss picture with the last time susan took my pictures vs now...we shall see i suppose.



wearing...this sweet mens tank i got from walmart for $6. yup, i don't even care. :)

sipping...on a copious amounts of water. i feel like a mermaid.

wishlisting...this stunning floral maxi. i need it in my closet; i will admit that i'm curious as to what kind of bra you would wear with it; and don't tell me strapless, that stuff rarely looks good.

writing...i started to jot down some new pieces to bailey's story. it's been far too long, but my heart has been pulled in so many different promises, but you might see something soon.

exploring...ireland & scotland. i'll be buying all the tickets, booking bed and breakfasts, renting the car, and pinning down locations in the next few weeks for our big sibling trip in may!

listening to...i'm pretty much in love with casey hurt's voice and his music. it takes me to a magical place; i've had your only man on repeat for a few days.


joining up with jenna + anne for their currently link up.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

photography | new gear

it truly is something beautiful...and something i feel i still know next to nothing about.
i'm constantly trying to learn, grow, be challenged, and inspired in my little niche in this huge photography world.
i'm constantly inspired by people like wyn wiley | sam stroud | the shalom imaginative | hyer images | landon jacob | all of these people (and many, many more) inspire me creatively.
the more i practice, get friends/family/clients in front of the camera and become inspired, the more i'm finding my niche and specific's a really interesting process.
a love photography is slowly growing, and i'm humbly thrilled.
with the growth and change that has been happening i knew it was time to update some equipment.
for the last few years i've been using a basic canon rebel xsi that i bought second hand.
it has been a FABULOUS first camera to learn and grow and really get my footing in the DSLR world.
however all starter cameras hit their limits and it's time to grow and change and challenge.
enter the lovely CANON EOS 7D - after many late text message conversations with meg, she helped me narrow it down to this beauty. it has so many features that i stared at it for a solid 30 minutes after receiving it not really knowing where to start; and it has video capability which makes me SWOON!
i also bought a new zoom lens (28-135) to add to my VERY SMALL collection.
i'm still finding my footing with this new camera.
getting the feel, the flow, and the LOOK i want is proving to be a challenge.
i need to watch more tutorials, take more practice sessions, and really use this camera.
it's all about a learning curve right?

i also created and ordered some new business cards to hand out to clients.
i wanted something clean, simple, and minimalist; as well as something that i can build some fun into if i really wanted to.
a square white card stock with black lettering was exactly what i envisioned.
i can leave them white, put water color to them, stickers, drawings, whatever and it will still reflect myself.
i've always loved branding, and i'm slowing working my way to bring a more polished look to each creative endeavor i flow into.


canon 7D | keh
canon 28-135 zoom lens | keh
business cards | tinyprints
gold stickers | thatch & thistle


disclaimer: i collaborated with tinyprints and was compensated for my business cards, all opinions and thoughts are my own; tiny prints rocks!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

friday | links

church street | charleston sc

this weekend.
will be beautiful, busy, and tiring.
tomorrow morning we're doing a big ol' clothing/garage/bake fundraising sale for our neighborhood pool. i'm VP on the board and we're a volunteer run pool, so every little bit helps! (feel free to donate on our gofund me!). Then i'm shooting my cousin's wedding (!!!) and attempting to get some sleep after that, and i will be in my own little photo shoot on sunday, haven't stood in front of another person's camera in some time - i'm a little nervous hahaha. mixed in there will also be some studying, my final chance at the test is this tuesday...and life has been so insane that i'm just drained. prayers appreciated. <3


+ awesome online courses for creatives.

+ every tom hanks movie in 8 minutes = so much yes.

+ 20 things i learned in my twenties...YES!

+ if you are a harry potter fan and have not seen this uptown funk parody? prepare to almost pee yourself laughing. i just love when people make the fandom that much more awesome!

+ this before and after RV transformation = swoon!

+ i'm a little more than obsessed with this photo session - a dress made of flowers? SWOON

+ chocolate chip cookie pie. shut. your. mouth.

+ i really, really want to build these shelves.

+ one of my all time favorite movies now. <3

+ 25 best hikes in the world to put on your bucket list! YES (which is your favorite)

you may have missed...

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have a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

etsy crushes | white space

i love white space.
i really, really do.
there is something clean, beautiful, minimalist, and serene about it.
now, you wouldn't know this walking into my home because i have so. much. stuff.
but i dream of it and hope to one day have lots of white space in my life.
these crushes, subconsciously reflect that.
i was going through making choices and once i put them all together all i could think of was scandinavian princess. yes, a little dramatically weird but i don't even care. so cheers to the beauty that is white space.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


what has been catching your eye lately?
have you been saving for something special?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

singleness | a raw prayer

we all have those moments.
moments of raw, unbridled emotion that blindsides us.
this happened a few weeks back while on a lunch break walk.
i was listening to some nice acoustic music that started evoking these memories and emotions i haven't thought of in a long time, and my heart started tumbling down this dark path of pain.
and i felt so overcome with needing Jesus that i just stood in the midst of a park, surrounded by strangers and covered in sunlight and typed into my phone a completely unedited prayer with tears rolling down my face.
i thought of sharing it on the blog, then i thought of how personal prayer is and how scripture talks about prayer closets and the beauty of praying in secret (man do i have so many prayers written in journals)...and then as i thought more and more on the topic the Lord kept pushing on my heart to share this prayer.
and can i be honest?
i'm a little bashful sharing this - because it is a small look into my soul, completely unedited, and completely vulnerable.
and i'm not sure who all reads this blog from my personal i get a little self conscious.
this is also a far cry from my last post on singleness - which should just go to show that there are different moments within this season. moments of joy and contentment, moments of hurt and anger, moments of not even thinking about it...and each moment comes and goes and is valid and needs to be felt.  /// and where am i right now in all of it? today isn't a bad day, the last few days haven't been so bad - and i'm thankful and rejoicing in it; and learning all the while. that's what we're supposed to do during these hard seasons right? be challenged and learn?
oh i'm learning.


soothe my hurting heart.
be as a balm upon this gaping wound that i feel.
i'm walking in the beauty of your creation; huge oak trees with limbs full of beautiful life look over me reminding me of your faithfulness.
tears build within my eyes because i am hurting and my heart feels alone.
this is a moment when my singleness feels like a weight, like a plague, like a never ending battle.
You've created me to be a warrior and here i am in the midst of the battle feeling overwhelmed and battered and i'm so tired.
i don't want to desire marriage any longer - i don't want to feel this emptiness of a dream not coming to fruition.
i know you have a plan, a beautiful plan that i do not understand - but help me understand.
the enemy keeps whispering lies of worthlessness and abandonment and i don't want to believe them, but i'm weak.
be my strength, comfort me, wrap me in your embrace.
my God i need you desperately.


my hope is, this connects with someone.
to remind you, married or single, that you're not alone within pain and struggle.
that every day and every moment is neither perfect or full of joy.
but when we have these moments, we hand them over, in complete honesty, to the Lord and then continue on with the day.
we do not have to be defined by the season of life we are in.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

my style | dressed up maxi

ohhhhh maxi dresses.
you are the more classy cousin to the yoga pants - and let's be honest, we like our yoga pants.
i found this dress in the target (maternity, shhh) section a few years ago and i love it.
on the days where i just don't care and want to wear it to work i will through a nice(r) shirt tied in a nice little crop top-ish way. maybe it's the southerner in me, but i grew up tying button up shirts (and wearing them) like this all the time.


dress | target (similar) i might actually buy the dress i linked to!
shirt | gift from a friend
necklace | fedeli
shoes | from a friend's closet
clutch | elah tree


...and let's keep it real, those shoes came off in the 2.5 seconds after we were finished taking pictures.
i'm not made for over 4 inch heels (these were close to 6!)

see other my style posts here.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

family | grandmother

i'm not really sure how to start this post... to even attempt to sum up the life that was my grandmother's.
she went home to be with Jesus, my grandfather, father, and mother last friday afternoon.
and i miss her.
i miss the conversations.
the small little laughs.
her embellishing stories.
the crooked smile.
the wisdom.
the genuine compassion and peace that came from just sitting with her.
her class.
and etiquette.
being soft spoken yet stern.
her beauty.

there are so many memories i have with her and my grandfather.
the many nights/weekends/weeks spent out at their property.
chasing dalmatians and staying out to watch the sun set on the water and marsh.
running down the dock full speed to jump into the river.
climbing trees and getting lost.
toasted cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter slathered all over it for breakfast - and maybe sneaking a little cup of coffee into the river room.
nights full of stories.
and quiet.
and crickets.
and staring at the stars laying in the grass.
yard work on yard work
and dirty feet from running down the oak-lined avenue.
my grandmother calling us for dinner
and my grandfather making sure our hands were washed.

the fireplace crackling in the winter.
the absolute quiet of a house without the need for being sucked into wifi and tv.
books on books on books and sharing the fiction stories we were immersed in.
the creaking of the stares climbing up to bed.

our countless conversations of what the future holds.
the questioning of the direction i'm heading.
her re-assuring me that God has a plan.
the "hello amy, this is grandmother, i just want to tell you i love you" voicemails i still have.
the joy she had when my brother came home on break and sat with her.
the truly calming presence that she gave.

there was something different about her.
something mysterious and full of class.
stories you know she held onto and smirked to throughout random parts of the day.
the almost ringing quality of her voice that sounded like bells throughout the house.
the stern eye when you stepped a toe out of place.
the affectionate hugs and hand holds.

mary ann lived a beautiful 82 years.
she traveled with my grandfather while he was in the air force.
she had parties.
raised two awesome children.
and knew how to she knew how to decorate.
she loved the Lord and walked quietly.
all while carrying a little mischievous smirk.

i'm still learning more about her life.
the adventures she went on, the childhood she experienced, the true awesomeness that is our lineage.
i'm blown away by the life she lived.
and the memories people hold of her, i can't wait to keep learning.

my gosh she was incredible.
i'm so thankful for the many conversations i had with her.
and i'm so sad i will no longer have them.
it still doesn't seem very real...but we're processing.
and i feel that this post doesn't even do an ounce of justice to how much i love her and respect her.
how much joy i have for her and how much sadness i have that she is no longer here.

i love you grandmother.
thank you for your wisdom.
your love.
your passion and sweet words.
for the life you lived and the lives you brought into this world.
my goodness you will be missed.

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