Monday, June 29, 2015

my style | wedges + sheer

i can fully admit it.
i've become obsessed with this sheer over-lay clothing trend going on.
i think it adds a little bit of sex appeal to an outfit.
some mystery...some class...some sauciness.
while the slip in this skirt is shorter than i would like - it's still super cute.
& since charleston has decided to be one of the rings of dante's inferno - breezy, comfortable, and cute is the necessity.
i still feel like a total goober having "style" pictures taken - since let's be honest, i dress in workout shorts and t-shirts when i'm around my house; no fashionista within these walls.
also, mad props to the roomie, maria, i walked outside and noticed that the lighting was perfect and practically forced my camera into her hands - i'm slowly teaching her the elements of shooting in manual - and girl has talent ;)

tank | old navy (similar)
skirt | MNG (similar)
wedges | report (no longer in stock; found at Ross)
hat | target (similar)

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Friday, June 26, 2015

friday | links

i'm tired.
this week has been crazy busy and i've had a lot of things on my plate at work, on my mind, and on my heart. you know how there are some days that are so full you haven't had time to really process everything. yeah - that's my mush of a brain right now ;) 
so i'm hoping this weekend brings some clarity and relief to my mind & heart.
spending time with my family at the beach, cleaning the house, game night with friends, church, and working out somewhere in the mix...fingers crossed it ill be beautiful.
actually, i don't need fingers crossed - i WILL make this weekend good.
let's be proactive.


+ this is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen

+ you're welcome in advance for this, because i couldn't stop from crying i was laughing so hard.

+ goodness gracious, i want to go here so badly

+ fabulous make-up done in a taylor swift song!

+ i think i'm going to try this core workout in the next week

+ great tips on posing clients for photography sessions

+ it's what summer nights are made of

+ vegetarian bootcamp - i love this idea

+ preach, preach, preach!

+ cheyenne canyon is now on my travel list

have a lovely weekend.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

travel | gleninchaquin park and the stone circle

we started the morning at the b&b filling our stomachs on some delicious fruit, overnight oats, bread, jams, much goodness!
we put on our rain gear (you know, plan ahead and all) and got in the car to head to a place anne (our host) recommended for us to visit - Gleninchaquin Park.
going into this trip i knew one thing - we wanted to do lots of hiking.
lots. of. hiking.
i mean when you're surrounded by the beauty that is the southwest of Ireland, why not?!

on the way into the park (which was about a 30 minute drive from the b&b) we just kept telling each other how beautiful it was - and to be honest i just kept getting this feeling of home. (which i experienced a lot of during my trip 2 years ago - moments of just feeling yourself really connect with a place - so amazing). we kept pulling off the side of the road to get out, walk around, and probably took us close to an hour to go down the drive, visit the stone circle, and get to the actual park because we were so absorbed with everything.

Gleninchaquin is actually a family owned area and is a working farm full of hikes, bird watching, a stunning waterfall and so. much. more. plus there is this stone circle on the way in that will just still your heart and take your breath away.

we waded through muddy lands to get to these stone platforms that overlooked the water and mountains, it was a cold and windy day, but so worth the random exploration! when we finally made it to the stone circle (i'm telling you, lots of random stops) we just kind of stared at the beauty we were standing in. the mountains in the background, the mist that was hovering over everything, the fog that was making its way down the top of the mountain, no one really being around the area (there were TWO (yes, just two) other people at the stone circle), and feeling like you walked into lord of the rings - it was absolutely remarkable.

...stay tuned, because next up will be the beautiful hike we went on!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

travel | kenmare eco lodge b&b

we stayed an absolutely lovely 4 nights in kenmare ireland at this stunning b&b tucked away in the country-side. anne (the owner/host) was beyond fantastic to stay with and her home was so comfortable. my brother & i mentioned to each other that it reminded us a lot of our late grandmother's old home; completely welcoming, warm, and homey. her sense of style/decor was this beautiful blend of rustic chic that enveloped you the minute you walked inside.

i happened to stumble across kenmare eco lodge b&b on airbnb and fell in love with the atmosphere that translated through the pictures. lando & i stayed in the sweet downstairs room the first night and moved up to a room with two beds the next three nights; both spaces were so comfortable and relaxing. anne had tea we could make throughout the day/night and served a filling healthy (yay!) breakfast - mmm homemade granola, yogurt, overnight oats, and a to-die-for cheese plate with some salmon in the morning and the most delicious bread and homemade jams. we would chat about what all there was to do within the area and where to go that wouldn't be full of tourists; anne had the best advice for how to fill our days well.

we were able to get to know some great people who were coming and going during our 4 nights there. two german gentlemen, a couple from the washington d.c. area, a young lady traveling by herself and another couple from upstate sc. all great conversations, lots of interesting stories, and suggestions of where to visit while we were there.

this was by far the best place we could have stayed in ireland.
anne was beyond welcoming, the area was stunning (hello, a river and mountains RIGHT OUTSIDE) and remote, and kenmare was breath-taking. it was a great place to put our feet up at the end of the day, sit by the fire (which we did; as well as dry our clothes!), drink some tea, and chat about our lives and how the day unfolded. 

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