Monday, September 19, 2016

stitched up hand

hi friends!
im doing a quick check in to say that i can't really type at the moment.
i ended up having to get stitches over the weekend in my right (dominant) hand and typing is basically a no-go at the moment!
(p.,s. how did i get the stitches? i was working on marketing photos for a company and was getting the shot ready when i picked up a vase and it shattered (literally BUSTED) into 1,000 little pieces an sliced my middle finger right on the joint)
keep checking in via instagram - since that is easier for me to update! <3
chat with all of you soon!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

travel | kittery maine & portsmouth nh

the more i've visited maine, the more i've fallen in love with it.
on my last trip to visit eddie i got to know kittery a little bit better.
i drove his big'ol truck to Fort Foster for two photo sessions i had scheduled. i ended up staying there until sunset started to dip in - and the skies turned these beautiful rich hues that you just kind of stood there and drank up the stunning splendor.
i can see many evenings spent here just getting lost in the horizon with eddie.
and i can't wait.

we spent only full day together doing some errands and found ourselves exploring portsmouth new hampshire - which is just a short drive from the house. i'm really digging portsmouth's feel. it reminds me a lot of charleston - just older and obviously more new english. it has a good vibe, lots of great restaurants and shops and oh my goodness the buildings are so lovely. i hope to book a lot of downtown sessions with people needing head shots, portfolio work, and even family sessions!
i am so pumped to do more exploring of this area - especially when it is snowy!

my next visit will be during the fall - can i just jump for joy at all of the amazing colors i will see?! <3

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

etsy crushes | it's coming

man oh man.
is it really already the middle of september?
and just to think - NEXT WEEK i will be hanging out with meg, sam, and beth! <3
as i'm sure it's no surprise - i've been trolling etsy and staring at all of the pretty things.
i've found myself captivated by sooooooo many things that i just had to write another etsy crush post.
let's keep it real - i want to buy all the things.

i'm just feeling cozy.
like fall is coming - the blankets are being busted out (even if it's 90+ degrees still), apple cider is calling my name, and those beautiful bright colors are just falling into my dreams!

feel free to see other crushes here.


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what items are you loving lately (etsy or other stores!).
are you starting to feel the pull towards autumn? because i know i am!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

photography | emily & sterling

this is emily & sterling.
emily is my brothers girlfriend and she is truly awesome - and sterling is one of her besties.
they recently visited charleston and we were able to head downtown one night and snap some pictures. i've started a new package for friendships called your tribe shots (which i actually posted about recently); and emily and sterling were able to give me some test shots for my portfolio.
i had so much fun working with them for their first "real" session with a photographer.
i laugh at that - because they were so dang natural in front of the camera.

you can see more of their sessions on my photography's blog page - and trust me, you'll want to see the rest of the images, they are magical! <3

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

monthly goals | september

let's look back at august...

+ start the process of at least one wedding DIY
bahahahahah. well - i've LOOKED into it. but i haven't actually done it. which means i've GOT to get it done asap. there are a few specific DIYs that will take some effort - but could still be done in an evening! <3

+ put some pictures on my etsy shop (yup, i'm going to sell some of my image!)
y'all. I just haven't done this. i'm pondering if it's worth it - like would people buy prints of certain images i've taken (the beach, ireland, scotland, etc). so i'm still weighing this option. 

+ try 2 new recipes
teehee. so i've been eating healthier the last few weeks - and with that the first few weeks are super repetitive. i stick with what i know and don't really branch out. so i'm hoping to branch out more in the next week or so. i did start having these paleo sauces with things - my favorite is the ginger cilantro! 

+ more purging of household items! i really have to start minimizing.
i have a HUGE pile of stuff to sell in my living room - and even created a FB album so friends/family can buy! 

+ start using my TRX again.
in order to do this, i need to clean out my garage and have a garage sale -__-
i really need to make it a priority as i LOVE my TRX. 

/// needless to say i didn't really make good on my monthly goals in august.
august was a weird month full of lots of to-dos and even more thoughts with planning so i'm hoping september will be more feel like i accomplished more than one thing ;)


monthly goals | september

+ hang out with meg, beth, & sam in colorado! i can't wait for this fun time together! <3

+ start planing for halloween. this year will be much more simple in regards to decorations - more classic, spooky elegant, and not as much stress. i just don't have the time to go all out ;)

+ do one dang DIY for the wedding.

+ plan a fun photography session for my own creative release.

+ try 2 new recipes.

+ try a new curly hair product.


what are some of your goals for september?
how did your august go?

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Monday, August 29, 2016


...sometimes you just don't have words to fill the space.
i'm in a season like that right now - i'm just quiet.
i'm busy, life is full, and things are good - but i feel like i'm just quiet around these parts.

so i may post again this week, or i may just see you next week.

i'll leave you with a photo from a session i did while in maine this past weekend.

i love all of you and will chat soon.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

charleston | thoughts during a sunrise

a little while ago i found myself watching the sun split the sky in majestic silence.
my eyes took in the dark waves lightening their hues - the pinks and purples of the clouds bleed orange and yellow.
i heard the waves lap against the shore in a soft rhythmic morning song.
it was as if all of creation hit the reset button and a new day dawned - and i was there to witness it.

i caught a glimpse of beauty that is so often unseen.
sunrises - in all of their splendor - rarely get the moments of awe they deserve.
and as i stood leaning against the battery railings - staring into the ocean horizon - i reminded myself...

...God created all of this.
all of this beauty
this brilliance
these colors and these forms...

and He still said that His greatest creation is me. 

greater than all of the stars in the sky.
all of the beasts in the fields. 
greater than the clouds that kiss the horizon and the waves that touch shore to foreign shore. 

even in my struggle.
in my pain.
in my failure.
and in my joy.

i am God's greatest creation.
how freeing that realization is.
we, humans, are His greatest, most prized and beautifully formed creation.
nothing in this world even comes close to His view of us.
soak that in today friends, soak it in. 

location | charleston, sc - waterfront & the battery

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