Wednesday, September 2, 2015

currently | september

"ah, september! you are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul...but i must confess that i love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved october." - peggy toney horton

september is special to me because it is my brother's birth month.
but other than that, september is basically a catalyst into the most amazing month ever october.
this week has been mentally and emotionally exhausting so far - and it's only wednesday.
do you ever have weeks like that? where you're on edge, you can't seem to find the right thing to say and you're unfortunately snapping at the smallest situations? i definitely need a heart check and to readjust my mind. with everything that is going on i'm seeing how precious life is and how we truly are given grace for the present moment. so if you get a chance please say a prayer for my heart and mind.
<3 thanks y'all.



reading... i'm still working through harry potter and i'm loving it

wishlisting... this hair gel. as a curly-haired girl i'm always on the hunt for new products! also this amazing product for mason jar snacks = so much yes! 

hoping... that a friend of mine continues to get stronger on his road to recovery. i'll share more about LJ's story hopefully next week. he is truly a gem within my life and he is a fighter. please pray for him #LJswarriors 

making... a lot of cleaning products. essential oil cleaners and homemade laundry detergent for the win! <3

pinning... ALL OF THE SPOOKY THINGS. i'm so freaking pumped for halloween. 

anticipating... friday. <3 i'm going to see a friend and i think it will be a weekend full of fun! 

loving... this wall mural! seriously - it is perfection! 


joining up with jenna + anne for their currently link up.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

travel | wandering & castles

when planning our trip i knew i wanted to take my brother back to north berwick (like i went in 2013 with friends). it's a lovely little sea-side town with lots of character and the beautiful tantallon castle. we grabbed our our train tickets (13.60 pounds for 2 tickets) snagged some bagels from a vendor outside of the station and hopped on. the ride took about an hour - maybe closer to only 30 minutes from city center...and it was just as beautiful and scenic as i remembered.

once we arrived we walked the beach, picked up shells, took pictures, and wandered around. i thought back to my last trip to the castle and remembered that they were open certain hours that limited when you could go by bus - we needed to make sure we went ahead and scratched that off of our list first. we ran by the sea bird center to ask where the bus picked up and realized we had 30 minutes to hustle to get across town.  we got on the bus - and arrived to the castle, about 5.50 pounds per person. and it was just as beautiful as last time.

after the castle we walked through the town, wandering in and out of different shops. we found ourselves facing this beautiful deli store front with a mouth watering menu - lunch it was, at JPs Cafe & Deli. y'all this food was beyond incredible. probably the best food we had on our trip thus far. i ate a goat cheese & tomato quick with broccoli salad and another salad with quinoa thing and a plain salad (it was a nice pick three mix); lando got a salmon sandwich and a side i can't remember at the moment. we also both got large mochas (we were so freaking tired) and it was truly the BEST coffee i've had in a long, long time! the owner of the restaurant was so nice and actually brought us different salad dressings to try and let us know that the 2nd sturdy of every month he opens the cafe as a pop-up restaurant for dinner - we were so bummed we would miss it!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

friday | links

i'm so happy it's friday.
and a co-worker made cookies this morning (#forthewin) and i already ate two, no shame people, no shame on a friday ;)
i'm really looking forward to labor day weekend - and fingers crossed this ol' erika storm doesn't put a kink in my plans, i've got some driving to do! this week has been long and i'm ready for to cross some things off of my to-do list for the weekend. i really would like to do a house project or two - i'm attempting to start getting the house ready for halloween (yes, already! - i mean are you really surprised?). i feel like my weekends are already slipping away from me - they just get full so fast! i've got to get better about time management!


+ i'm obsessed with sam stroud photography (seriously, i want to live next-door to them and soak in all of their knowledge) and these tips for shooting indoors = amazing.

+ home goals right here #homegoals

+ ...i admit, i'm kind of obsessed with dubsmash

+ so if my job was more laid back, i would totally have this hair.

+ i feel like doing this in every room in my home.

+ there are moments in my life when i wish i didn't like bread so much (because its my downfall!) but this recipe makes me want to eat the. entire. pan.

+ this hallway stole my heart. (it actually reminds me of my green little hallway) - if i had more natural light i would go this route!

+ i don't even care that it isn't fall yet (although it WAS a nice 72 this morning) - these pumpkin caramel cookies make me want to curl up in bed with a glass of milk, a blanket, and some good movies!

+ ...ok obviously i have a green obsession lately - because this love seat needs to make it's way into my home!

+ has anyone ever done this? if so, tell me about it please! :)

have a lovely weekend! 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

fedeli | shop update

accessories are just a side kick to the beauty that they adorn.
i recently found myself cleaning out my jewelry collection, it was time to make my ridiculously huge pile a lot smaller. i have too many costume necklaces, bracelets that are worn and no longer my style, and rings that i will never wear.
i've found that my style has changed a lot over the last few most of ours do.
which made me think more and more about what i've been making in my shop lately.
am i making pieces that are classic enough to stay in a personal collection for a while - and fun enough to still show their personality and set them apart.
that's the hope.

here are a few recent creations that have been added to the shop.
you can see how they are styled in beth's post, megan's, and sam's! since i'm featured in their TriStyleCo challenge this month.

....did you know there is a 10% discount code that ends 8/31 - use TRISTYLE10 for 10% off of your purchase

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