Tuesday, May 24, 2016

photography | blogging portraits

i love people.
i love their stories, their hearts, and the passions in which they pursue. 
i've known this sweet woman for many, many years and she has recently started digging her heels into blogging at The Darlin Magnolia

a few months ago we hit the streets downtown on an early, and super chilly, morning. 
lauren wanted to capture some images for style posts as well as to help create a cohesive look for her blog branding and social media accounts. we laughed, walked, chatted, and i clicked away to capture small moments that really let lauren shine through; and boy does she shine. <3 

you can see more of her session on my photography blog.

and p.s. i'm running a blogger special in charleston, sc 
charleston bloggers (or bloggers traveling to charleston in the next 6 months) looking for a few photos for their website / brand / post? i'm running a $50 mini-session special until the end of May 2016 (just get in contact with me before the end of may) - reach out to me via email a l o v e p h o t o g r a p h y 9 2 6 @ g m a i l . c o m mentioning this ad and you'll get the discount!


Settings varied - but here are a few for reference:
. .
(lauren standing in the street with palm trees )
F/3.2 | 40.0mm lens | 1/800 | ISO 200
. .
(lauren sitting on steps - close up)
F/3.2 | 40mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 400 
. .
(in front of green foliage wall)
F/3.2 | 40.0mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 400
. .
(in front of door with foliage arch)
F/3.2 | 40.0mm lens | 1/800 | ISO 400
. .
(in front of purple house)
F/3.2 | 40.0mm lens | 1/640 | ISO 400


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Friday, May 20, 2016

friday | links

i am so glad it is friday!
this week has completely taken it's time finishing out - maybe it's because i'm going to maine next week! or maybe it's because it's rained a lot off and on - either way i'm GLAD the weekend is within my grasp! i have my "shrimp test" this morning - long story short: i've avoided shell-fish for 15 years due to, what i thought was, an allergic reaction after eating shrimp (itchy and swollen throat). with eddie moving to maine and lobster being (supposedly) delicious up there i knew i finally had to get tested for a shellfish allergy. the skin test wasn't very conclusive and the blood work came back showing zero allergy - so this morning i'm taking in some shrimp i boiled last night to eat in their office. fingers crossed there is no allergy and then i can eat all the shellfish until i cry ;)
another fun note?
i blew a tire last weekend :(
so i just shelled out some $$ to match the other tires on my car (i just got my new car in april). i was so frustrated. it was the first time i had to call road side assistance and i felt so lame. i KNOW how to change a tire, just not in my new vehicle, which made me realize that i need to really figure out where the jack goes. sigh.


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+ i really want to hit up this place next week while visiting eddie. i mean, hello sweets!

+ every. single. thing. about this nursery i want in my room - just swap out the crib for my bed please! that wall paper and lettering on the walls, n.e.e.d!

+ how to grow a citrus tree in a container

+ have you entered this sweet giveaway yet?

+ i love this DIY - so simple and makes such a huge difference to a room!

+ i love this one year recap letter. especially because i saw it happen ;)

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have a lovely weekend! 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

charleston | johns island farmers market

i love supporting local.
local boutiques, businesses, restaurants, and definitely local produce.
which means that farmers markets bring a little more joy to my heart.
chatting with the farmers, the shop owners, and rummaging through the fruits and veggies and tasting new things - there are few better ways to spend a saturday morning. this was my first time being able to go to the johns island farmers market and it was uh-mazing. so many awesome vendors (produce, jewelry, body stuff (soaps, lotions, etc), food) lined the space and offered beautiful displays and friendly smiles

eddie and i were so focused on the honey (my favorite) and produce that it took us a solid 15 minutes to notice that some of my friends were already there (ha!). i always love seeing friends when i least expect it i feel like it makes the day just 10x brighter! they had been at the market a little longer than we had so they gave us some excellent suggestions of who we definitely had to stop by and see.

my friends at the market kept telling me to go try the one love kombucha because it was so good. now, let me just say i've been MEH on the whole kombucha train; i know that they offer amazing health benefits but the store bought ones just taste like dirty old beer, yeah i said it - you were all thinking it. i begrudgingly walked over to the tent where they had sample cups out and tasted the hibiscus ginger. y'all the second it hit my tongue i was sold - it was so refreshing and tasty!

you buy the beautiful glass carafe full of delicious kombucha and take it home and you can bring it back to the next market to return! i was a little nervous buying something that needed to stay cold (we bought a few things) so i felt like it was the perfect moment to try out my moveable feast bag. it has all of these compartments to put things in - produce, paper products, glass jars, boxes, etc. My  kombucha was still cold over 4 HOURS LATER! i'll call that a win for a multi-functional bag!
i've taken it to a few more farmers market and have carried cold items, fresh flowers, lots of produce all without breaking a sweat. :)

and y'all.
the chips above - oh. my. gosh. they were so good!
eddie and i devoured them in the car - and then they were completely gone within 2 days. and that red salsa ahhhhhhh scrumptious! i am always a fan of finding new foods - and those chips were amazing.
another farmers market in the books and an excellent one at that!

do y'all go to any local shindigs or events?
are you big farmer market goers and what are your favorite things to buy?!

shout-out to tom bihn for sending me the moveable feast bag - i was not paid and all opinions are my own.

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