Friday, November 27, 2015

black friday & cyber monday finds

i used to go out early mornings on black friday - and then i realized there isn't much i REALLY need to get up at 4am for. i know there will be a year soon where i will need to buy a new washer & dryer (ugh) so i will get up for those deals - but there are some f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c. deals online (and heyyy cyber monday!). i'm a cheap spender, you can ask my friends who go shopping with me - so i figured i would share some of the deals i've found online.

black friday:

+ alternative apparel | 40% off across the website
+ herschel supply co | 50% off website
+ roxy | 30% off site-wide - code: FRIDAY30
+ tone it up | i'm not sure exactly what the deals will be, but i'm excited!
+ francesca's | 30% off online!

cyber monday:

+ 10% site-wide on Edens Garden code: CyberGoodnessEG
+ old navy | 40% off entire site

have you found any good deals?!?
i would love to hear them!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

thoughts | i'm thankful for

it's the day before thanksgiving, i know - i can't believe it either - and i really want to walk in to tomorrow thinking about more than just the delicious food i will be eating. i want to take this moment, this day before, to gather my thoughts and turn my heart back to the whole reason we should be celebrating this holiday. not for the great black friday deals the day after, not to put in over time at work....but to really reflect on the year - on our lives - and truly appreciate and offer gratitude for all of the good that has walked in.
i've scribbled out a small, definitely not all encompassing list of some things that i'm thankful for.
so will you join me on list-making today?

i'm thankful for...

+ health
+ a Lord who forgives
+ a job that provides
+ new chapters
+ books
+ a family that stands by my side
+ my home
+ deep conversations that challenge
+ long-lasting hugs
+ a brother who stays close to me
+ a heart that is never willing to be content with passivity
+ quiet mornings & evenings
+ a fireplace to heat a room
+ people who invest in my life
+ laughter
+ wise discernment

...and so much more.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

getting to know you | 30 - part two

it's back.
yes, yes, it's been a long time since i did the first installment - but that's life right?
it's dang rather challenging to come up with a list of things about myself - even if i'm a pretty random individual.
so, i hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better, i always love getting to know people and what makes them tick.

you can read part one here.


write 30 interesting things about yourself.

+ until the age of around 10 i really didn't understand that freckles weren't angel kisses. that's what my mom told me growing up - and when i learned the harsh reality of "sun damage" i was a little sad. oh well, i'm just covered in angel kisses naturally ;)

+ my undergrad was in youth ministry - yup, not many people know that around here anymore. i was a youth pastor for about 4 years and i love teenagers and their struggles and joys. i'm wrestling to see what God wants me to do with that passion and how to implement it throughout the rest of my life (since it's not what i'm doing now)

+ i love talking on the phone.

+ i have an addiction to prison shows. beyond scared straight, lock up raw, locked up abroad, prison gang wars, etc...apparently i'm a closet thug.

+ normal people walk into a room and notice all of the exits - i'm weird and i notice objects that can be used as a weapon in case of a riot or some violent attack.

+ i've burned my fingers a few times trying to master the art of putting a flame out. sometimes i forget to lick my fingers and i'm left regretting that momentary lack of judgement.

+ i still sometimes use the hairbrush as a microphone #dontcare

+ even though i have a queen size bed - i still sleep on one side; the struggles of growing up in a twin bed #firstworldproblems

+ i love captain america. mostly chris evans as captain america - but like, his morals and character, and old-schoolness...i just want to hang out with him, and cuddle - yes cuddle with the captain.

+ every. single. time. i eat a Hershey's kiss i have flashbacks of eating them while in a painting class. it's weird how tastes/smells/etc can trigger memories

+ i've been known to read very quickly when i want to; i think i've read 7 fiction books in one week because i couldn't stop reading.

+ anything marvel (movies especially) always makes my day a little brighter.

+ i'm weird, like i know everyone says that, but i am. i sometimes just crawl around the house because i can #whodoesthat?

+ i love listening to other people's stories. i just had a friend say that in passing about me the other day and it was beautiful to know that other people recognize that trait within me as well.

+ my nails & toe nails are rarely painted - i just don't have the patience and they chip off in .5 seconds anyways so why bother?


i would love to know a few random things about you too!
don't overthink it, just start typing away!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

friday | links

so i did my first barre class last night, yeah...i'll be posting about that soon enough.
needless to say i don't know if i can sit today -__-
i'm hoping this weekend will be productive. i was SUPPOSED to go camping, but i'm still getting over this cold/sinus/weirdness and sleeping outside in the cold probably isn't the best decision, but my heart is so sad - i love camping. so my goal is to clean like a crazy person, but out some personal projects for the blog, maybe get some christmas shopping done? who knows.
do you have fun weekend plans?


+ i'm going to move in to this kitchen!

+ i'm really wanting to make this part of my weekly routine. f.l.e.x.i.b.i.l.i.t.y!

+ these words about photography = YES!

+ the 60 most useful websites on the internet!

+ cute little diy for this season.

+ putting this little baby on my wish list!

+ - sigh - to have a place like this! <3

+ i'm going to need to make this after that dang barre workout.

+ thai drunken zucchini noodles with spicy honey chicken, yes please.

have a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

my style | comfortable + edgy

some days i want to dress well, but i just don't care.
so i need a go-to outfit that will fit the bill.
am i alone in the fact that i don't always want to think about an outfit, or getting dressed?
meh, call me fashionably lazy some days - but this day...this day just worked.
i busted out my trusty ol'mesh skirt and a new tank top (thank youuuuuu), layered it with a statement necklace and the foundation was built. then feel free to layer with a long-sleeve shirt or a scarf - because why wouldn't you wear a tank top and a scarf together?
at least that's what we do here in charleston ;)

shirt | one clothing (tj maxx)
skirt | MNG (similar)
shoes | merona (similar
scarf | - world market (similar)
flannel | oldnavy - last season
necklace | forever21 
location | charleston, sc

feel free to browse through other style posts here.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

photography | morning light

i love when families are up for anything!
an early morning on the isle of palms beach = my morning bird heart rejoices!
the sunlight was fresh and beautiful - bright and warm.
this was a perfect way to close out the summer. 

Settings varied - but here is one for reference:
F/4.0 | 41.0mm | 1/800 | ISO 400 | 

more of my work here.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

daily | cleaning for guests

it's that time of year again friends.
family starts showing up sometimes unannounced if you are one of my kin, and your house could be in chaos.
today we're going to chat about cleaning - and not the deep clean that should happen twice a year.
but the oh my gosh everyone will be here in an hour and i have to do something type cleaning.


+ clear off surface areas of clutter
+ grab a rag + surface cleaner  and get to cleaning - don't forget to wipe down all of the appliances, containers for coffee/tea/etc, and cabinets
+ place most used items (a few coffee mugs, coffee/tea, spoons) in a nice basket so guests don't have to go hunting.


+ clear off surface areas
+ bust out the cleaning products - clean the counter top, scrub the toilet, wipe down any wall lights and mirrors
+ throw the rug in the dryer to shake off that dust
+ put a nice smelling candle + matches in for guests!

living room

+ clear off surface areas of clutter
+ sweep / vacuum / mop (or run that swiffer)
+ spray down your furniture with some febreeze or better yet make your own!

basically it all boils down to these three tips:

1. dust and de-clutter main gathering areas.
2. clean all surfaces guests will be touching/sitting on.
3. light a candle + enjoy your home!

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