Friday, February 12, 2016

friday | links

happy friday!
i'm so happy that the week is almost over!
there has been so much happening - it reminds me of college days, which, hey, that isn't a bad thing!
this weekend will be full of fun! hiking, breakfast with friends, church, family time, and even fingers crossed a trip to ikea!
do you have any favorite items from ikea? i've been on the hunt for some new things (since i only go once every 3 years or so).
i had a rough moment last night, maybe i'll share it with y'all soon - it's all about my weight-loss journey - and dang was it a raw moment. one where i was in tears of frustration with myself and where i am. this isn't always rainbows and butterflies - but i know it's building my character.


+ oh the white subway tile + wood highlights in this kitchen = love.

+ i need to make some of this firming & softening body scrub.

+ not only are these pictures stunning - her outfit is gorgeous!

+ i'm kind of in love with this ikea hack!

+ 15 places straight out of fairy tales - take me to all of them please!

+ oh how i love this custom sign making post! so. much. talent!

+ who would like to try this ab workout with me?

+ no more paper towels - this is something i've been considering for a while.

+ if you can't find me, i'll be curled up in this chair reading my life away.

you may have missed...

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+ recipe | everything bagels, stuffed with pimento cheese & wrapped in bacon!

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have a lovely weekend! 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

photography | magic hour + marsh

back in of my best friends came in to town.
she asked if i would snap a few pictures of her and her husband and their two pups for a Christmas card.
of course i said yes and we romped through some woods in our neighborhood to the marshes hidden away. it was a beautiful magic hour and their love for each other just shined on through :)

this is ashlee and her husband - and i've known ashlee for about 22 years.
we became fast friends when i moved into my home around the age of 5. we were inseparable - always together - running up and down the streets and staying up way too late with sleepovers. the funny thing is her child-hood house is almost exactly like my home just a flipped floor plan and a different mud room. we both lived in the same room downstairs - and even moved up to the FROG in each of our homes around the same time.

we've liked the same boys, laughed until we peed our pants, and cried countless tears. we've done make-overs, sang hanson and nysnc at the top of our lungs - and even kissed their posters! she was by my side when my dad and then my mom died. we often get asked if we are sisters...and we often say yes (actually she is listed as my sister on FB haha). once high school ended (she was a year behind me) we still managed to stay close, and even after all of this time, and her moving to new york, hawaii, and now florida - we are still able to connect in a way that is timeless.
i love the friendships where seasons come and go, months can go without a conversation, and you're able to pick up without any awkwardness. that's when you know it's a life-long friendship.
and i have that with ashlee. <3


a love photography

Settings varied - but here are a few for reference:
. .
(portrait - standing at edge of woods)
F/2.0 | 50mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 500
. .
(portrait black + white)
F/2.0 | 50.0mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 250
. .
(3rd to last image)
F/2.0 | 50.0mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 250


do you have some friendships like that?
ones that will last a life-time?
tell me all about them! :)

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Monday, February 8, 2016

thoughts | to do more

i was wrestling through something the other morning.
i was searching pinterest for healthy recipes and i decided to look through my most recent pins...and i found myself hitting this spot of comparison, coveting, and feeling less than; and man that was so stupid...but we all do it. i find myself doing it all of the time with instagram (i've talked about this before too) and with conversations and ___________. this comparison game is insane.

not only that, but i feel like i should be doing more.
and then i enter this battle of balance and time and money and thoughts.
i look at the things i've pinned, or liked, or talked about - and how much have i actually put into action? my to-do list grows but things don't get crossed off.
and why am i crossing things off to begin with?
is it for the eyes of others?
for them to covet my pretty spaces and my fitness goals and for MY pride?
or is it for me? for me to find peace, to bring the Lord glory with good steps forward?
pride - man it is something we all struggle with, and we hardly realize it.

i was listening to a sermon the other day and a few sentences just slapped me hard in the face.
the pastor was talking about pride and how we really marinate in it - how we not only tear ourselves down when we compare to others and don't feel like we measure up, but how in the same breath we then tear someone else down. for instance - if we are at a restaurant and we eat something that makes us feel guilty (i do this all the time) then we look around the restaurant to find someone who is bigger than us eating something even worse. conviction. or we sit there and say "i'm not as pretty as she is, but man i'm happy i'm not as ugly as that girl".
we do these things.
we can play it off all we want - but we do.
and the Lord knows our thoughts...the ones we don't filter to be spoken.

and so with this pride.
the things i want to accomplish - the things that are floating through my head...
...why am i doing them - what is their purpose.
it's something i'm chewing on and something i know i will continue to wrestle with.

it reminds me of the scripture in psalm 51:10

"create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." i being renewed?
and if so, am i acting on that new sense of redemption?
is my spirit unwavering (steadfast) in the midst of comparison, or am i still being easily swayed?
it's a lot to chew on...but i'm thankful to be nudged by God.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

charleston | classic coffee roasters + vinture giveaway!

there is just something about spending time with friends with something warm in your hand.
last weekend my friend lauren (the darlin magnolia), my roomie, & i bundled up to go grab some coffee before heading downtown for a morning full of picture taking - lauren is a style + lifestyle blog - and i even got some pics of myself for some style posts.

one of my favorite coffee shops in west ashley is classic coffee.
the environment is inviting, the staff super helpful and friendly and the drinks & food are delicious.
the food comes from a local bakery, wild flour pastry, and i dove in to a sausage + egg biscuit while the girls got chocolate scones!
i absolutely love grabbing a cup of coffee (or chai tea!) and sitting outside with the sunshine chatting with friends.
it was absolutely perfection.

if you're ever visiting charleston and find yourself in the avondale/west ashley area - make classic coffee a must-stop. just pop on in, grab a cup, and go walk through the consignment and thrift shops in the area! you can even pop across the street and go check out all of the awesome graffiti.

location | classic coffee roasters, charleston sc
shirt | vinture apparel c/o
jacket | BB Styled
jeans | old navy
watch | JORD
booties | francescas for the fun!
enter for your chance to win a shirt from vinture apparel!
this shirt is so comfortable. it feels like one of those shirts you've had for years and has hit that "just right" softness after so many washes. they do run small (i ordered a L and am normally a M and the L was still a little snug) but the cut & design is gorgeous!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and may the odds be ever in your favor....

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

currently | february

well hello there february!
i feel like i blinked and january was gone - anyone else feel like 2016 is starting to breeze by?!
which basically means i need to buckle down and really start crossing things off of my list.
i really want to be present during this month.
take the time to enjoy the moments and soak in the days...without worrying about every little thing.
i have a lot of fun things planed for this month, which makes me happy!
so stay tuned - things are going down fo'reallllllll.



sending...  some snail mail soon. it's on my monthly goals list and i want to be consistent in it! 

reading... i'm currently reading audio-book listening to the one by kiera cass and i need to get my hands on the next one because i'm almost finished with this one and it is intense right now (i wanted to sit in my works parking lot and just listen and be late for work!)

dreaming... of mountain homes and all of the things i would want to do. can i just fast-forward life and have some extra $$ to drop on a mountain home? thank youuuuu.

eating... plantain chips and hummus like it's my job.

hearting... the crop top + skirt combination on francesca's home page! 

smelling... so eddie got me this candle for christmas. and i'm in love. i burn it all the time and my house smells like a glorious mountain retreat...which as you know, makes my heart soar!

listening to... this cover of wildest dreams. i think i like it better than t-swifts original. i really like her rendition of summertime sadness too! AND IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR MIND friend told me about this ted talk on the sistine chapel and it floored me, so you're welcome in advance!


joining up with jenna + anne for their currently link up.

currently | january

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Monday, February 1, 2016

monthly goals | february

let's review last months goals...

+ make something
yeah, no this didn't happen. :( :( i HELPED do some projects, but i didn't actually make anything. 

+ watch 2 movies out of the top 100 (30 before 30)
yes! i actually watched a few! inside out, spirited away & ugh. inside out just moved! boooooo. both movies were fantastic - and really, really fun to watch!

+ stay consistent in workouts and watch portion sizes
womp. wompppppp.
i actually "gained" 2 lbs this month (i use quotations because sometimes you just hover around a number 1-2lbs). but i KNOW this was 2 lbs of me eating poorly and not really working out. 
i've already started to combat this and get back in a healthy mindset. 

+ try 2 new recipes
holllaaaaa check, check, check!
i made this crockpot chicken, beans, and potatoes (i used sweet potatoes) meal and it was AMAZING! and this creamy spinach and parmesan cheese orzo was uh-mazing. (has anyone else realized how much water is needed to cook orzo?! it's crazy!) and i made the everything bagels stuffed with pimento cheese and wrapped in bacon

+ attempt a new makeup look
i didn't document this - but it did happen! :) 

+ read a book (maybe even finish one of the 4 i'm in the middle of)
i read listened to a few while sitting in traffic and traveling to VA.

+ FULLY finish the back hallway
done. i do have a few more prints i would like to hang up. buutttt it's finished so be on the look out for a post! 


monthly goals | february

+ send some snail mail

+ give God my firsts - i was convicted of this with the message yesterday at church. give God your firsts... first of the day, of the week, of relationships, of finances.

+ try 2 new recipes

+ do some creative photography

+ cross off 2 things off of the home to-do list

+ attempt a new workout


what are some of your monthly goals?
is anything hanging over your head from january?
how are those new year resolutions going?

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Friday, January 29, 2016

reading | the homemade kitchen

recently i got my hands on a copy of the homemade kitchen by alana chernila and i've found myself thumbing through it during my spare time. i'm completely captivated by the writing, the recipes, and the photography.
let's just say this is one of the best recipe books i've had the pleasure of owning.
alana walks through the cooking basics:
how to cook an egg | fried, poached, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, scrambled,
how to cook a vegetable | steaming, roasting (loved this one! - she walked through so many different vegetables!)
how to turn fruit into jam | blackberries, cantaloupe, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears, raspberries, etc
how to make a pickle & salads | cook rice and roast a chicken | make pie crusts & how to use fresh herbs.
those are just a FEW of the things in the first chapter of "be a beginner".

i really, really enjoy this cookbook.
and it's so much more than that - the chapters on "put your hands in the hearth" and "be active" and "slow down" and "do the work"...ok so ALL OF THEM really resonated with me.
i feel like a broken record - but not only are the images gorgeous, and the recipes looking beyond scrumptious, alana's writing tone just brings you in and is welcoming.
it's like i'm having coffee with a good friend and she is sharing all of her tips and tricks for the kitchen.
and did i mention how beautiful this book is?
i mean, if you don't cook you could just buy it to sit on your table to impress your guests ;)

do you have any cookbooks that you recommend?
what recipes have been drawing you in lately?
share with me all the things please ;)

outfit : albion fit leggings & top *thank you gift cards!*   |||   bedding : target

i received this book for review from blogging for books /// all pictures & opinions are my own. 

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