Wednesday, May 4, 2016

currently | may

is it already may?
like for real, where has this year gone?!
i've been busy busy busy lately. i'm editing a ton of photos (a wedding, a garden party, a family photo session), cleaning house (mounds of laundry i tell you), working out more consistently (thank you job for having a gym (even though it is decrepit) for me to hustle during my lunch break), face timing with eddie, and trying to practice gratefulness. the other sunday at church i was just hit hard by the sermon on gratefulness. i feel like lately i have been a complainer - and people are viewing me as a complainer - and i do not want that to be the reflection i put off. so i'm thankful, and stung, by the conviction. it's good though, it's always good.



celebrating...  technology! now that eddie has moved i'm so thankful for face time/skype and the ability to talk/text/and see his face. it helps soften the blow to my heart. it's been a long time since i've done long distance - and my how the game has changed! <3

reading... big magic: creative living beyond fear // i'm slowly working my way through this book (slowly because i haven't had the time to dedicate to reading, but that is changing this week!

pondering... feelings. many people don't know that i struggle with actually feeling all of the range of emotions. with my family history it pushed me into this cycle of self-preservation that stunted a lot of things in my heart and mind. counseling is helping me process all the emotions and to really delve in and feel the beautiful range of emotion - its challenging but beautiful. so i've been crying a lot more recently, not because i'm fully sad, but because for beautiful praise - i am feeling again. 

sipping... ginger tea like it's my life. it's just so calming to me. i also recently got some tazo chocolate chai tea bags - and it's a nice little treat when i am craving chocolate (which is always, lets be honest)

going... TO MAINE THIS MONTH!!!! eeep. i can't handle my excitement. the north-east just looks like such a different kind of pretty, and to spend time with my dude will be awesome (and did i mention we are hiking? of course we are, it's kind of our thing)

wearing... this necklace all the time. 

tasting... plantain chips all day every day. i made some plantain nachos the other day that made my heart soar (chips + hamburger meat + guac + black beans + cheese).

listening to... you + me on repeat. ahhh it's so dang good 

loving...  my new mattress. it's like laying on a cloud. 


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Monday, May 2, 2016

home | sleeping beauty

mattress shopping.
how do you even do it?! seriously - as an adult i haven't had to buy a mattress yet - i have been sleeping on the same one i've had since high school. i knew it was time to upgrade but i didn't know where to start.
i've got a few amazing people coming to stay with me over the summer (looking at you meg + jenna!) and that meant that a twin bed in my brothers room just wasn't going to work.
soooo what's a girl to do?
well, get herself a new mattress and move her old (but still comfy!) one into her brothers room.

i started by doing what every other twenty-something does: i took a poll on FB for what mattresses people love and for some good ol' buying advice. i knew walking in that i wanted to try something other than a spring mattress (what i'm used to) - so i was already leaning towards foam. i had a few suggestions to different companies - but my heart was stolen when i saw tuft & needle.
i'm not sure exactly what it was.
maybe it's that their marketing is on point (come on, we totally all look that).
or that they really walked through the different kind of mattresses and what they do for you.
or maybe it's even that they have a 100 night sleep guarantee (if you don't like it, ship it back fo'free) and a 10 year warranty! anndddd if i'm being honest my heart pitter-pattered at the fact that it is made in the good ol' USA.

the box arrived on my front door step in this box that said "two person lift"
pssh...have you met me?
i had a bum calf muscle and still scooted that thing right on inside.
the morning i took it out of the box it was so easy to slide out, place on top of my box spring, cut the plastic and watch it "inflate". it was like magic. how does a queen size mattress fit in the box that i could easily hide in (and i thought about hiding in it, trust me, jumping out to scare people who walk into my house!). i let it air out for a weekend (not that i needed to, i just happened to be going out of town) and came home super pumped to crawl into bed.

it. was. glorious.
i would say that first night i slept better than i have in a few weeks.
the next night i woke up a little sore on my sides - i think my body was adjusting to the foam mattress when i was so used to a spring mattress. now, about 2 weeks in i can honestly say that this foam mattress has stolen my heart. i didn't think i would like it as much as i do, but ohhhhhh i do. tobi even likes it - he is constantly crawling up into bed to chill out with me.

needless to say, i'm sold.
this foam mattress is delightful and i still look forward to crawling into bed every night.
i'll let you know how it holds up over the next few months - i'm used to having a bed develop a little spot for where i sleep the most - but so far that hasn't happened here - the foam just re-inflates and it's like a new mattress every night!

what kind of mattress do you have?
have you thought about trying something new?
is it surprisingly awesome to anyone else that a mattress can fit in a box?!

i received this queen mattress from tuft & needle fo'free to give you an honest review.
i was not paid to write this post and all opinions and pictures are my own.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

friday | links

this weekend is going to be a hard one.
eddie is moving to maine for work (navy) on saturday.
insert really sad face here.
i feel like i've been a bit of a homebody this last week with him. we've spent a lot of time lounging, cooking, doing house projects, and laughing...maybe even a few tears showed themselves. i feel a little bad that i've un-intentionally let some things fall through the cracks the last week or so (hello friendships, laundry, cleaning, and day-to-day stuff) - but i simply have to remind myself that we needed this time, and that's ok.
i'll be keeping myself pretty busy this weekend with him being gone (hopefully some photoshoots, cleaning, catching up with an old friend, grocery planning/shopping, editing photos, etc).

so if you think about it, please say a little prayer for safe travels for eddie as he is traveling to a few different places before settling in maine. for him to find really solid community and a home church and to feel a sense of belonging in a new environment. and for me for my sanity and heart. i would appreciate it like woah.


+ the photography of this wedding is just so moody and i love it.

+ a great way to memorize scripture

+ i plan to do the crap out of this workout

+ one day i will make this happen at my house

+ and now i just want to roll around in a room full of flowers

+ this photo session totally made my creative brain go wild!

+ i can't wait until fall to visit with this girl (and beth, and sam) fingers crossed we make it happen!

+ 5 ways to step out of your photography comfort zone

have a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

thoughts | small moments whisper big truths

"i love that the Lord is using small moments to whisper big truths to you."

i wrote that on a friend's instagram the other day.
it was just one of those sentences that flew out of my mind before even fully processing all that it could mean.
you know how we are so good at offering words of encouragement, advice, love, and affirmation but rarely let them seep into our own hearts? yeah, me too.

so i started thinking...
...what small moments could God be using to whisper big truths to me?
could it be my frustration and (yes sometimes even cursing) during rush-hour?
amy, have patience and offer grace.
could it be when people in my life frustrate me and make my heart hard?
amy, pray without ceasing and show love.
could it be when things don't go my way at work and i feel like i could be doing so much more?
amy, you are worth more than rubies.
or how about when i see nothing but imperfection in the mirror.
amy, you. are. MINE. and i formed you out of my own image - to reflect my beauty.

small moments.
moments i overlook every single day.
moments that i have prayed for.
cried out to God to just show Himself to me! - to intercede, to be personal in my life.
and there He walks - showing His goodness to me...and i overlook it.

how many moments have you overlooked?
how many of His whispers have been caught up in the rushing wind...things you desperately wanted to hear but were so busy, so distracted, so angry at something that you missed it?
i'm with you friend.
this Christian life is beautiful and unbelievably fulfilling.
it is also challenging, frustrating, misunderstood, and often times just simply hard.

so when you feel that small moment today.
where you can learn something, where you can offer grace and practice patience, where you can accept love and joy - take it. snatch it right up and soak it in.

let's not let these moments slip through our fingers today.
let's embrace them.
and share them.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

charleston | sullivan's island

a few weeks ago eddie & i took an afternoon to swing by sullivan's and take a stroll on the beach.
living in charleston means you're close to many beaches (folly, edisto, IOP, kiawah, sullivan's, botany bay, etc).  sullivans is one i don't visit often enough but it always seems to brings a smile to my face. there are delicious places to eat, a beautiful view of our suspension bridge & the port, sail boats and dogs running up and down the beach chasing balls, and on most days it can be quieter than other beaches.

salt water is the cure for everything.
it was a saying i knew well growing up - and it still stands true today.
whether it's heading out to soak up some rays at the beach, strap on my tennis shoes and building up a sweat, or soaking my body in some epson salts to relax and rejuvenate - it just cures.
and this day was healing.
i found myself staring at the sails blowing through the current, the bleeding blue horizon where sky meets water, the complete and utter joyful sound of waves crashing onto the beach, the softness of the sand collecting between my toes.
it was nice to just be and not worry about being somewhere.
i need more quiet moments like this one. of my friends was looking through these pictures and said "amy, the ones of the water up-close, the sail boats look like shark fins". why yes, yes they do. attack of the sail sharks hit sullivan's!

location | sullivan's beach, charleston sc

a love photography


psstt...i'll be starting a new charleston series that will be going up on the top header of the blog.
some of my favorite places to go, things to do, and food to chow down on - especially that i'm a local born and raised - i'm basically a unicorn around these parts! // so be on the look-out for something new!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

friday | links

where did the last two weeks go?
no, but seriously. WHERE?!
eddie got back from iceland this past wednesday (praise!) and i'm very thankful to be able to spend the last week together before his big move. this weekend will be full of projects, kayaking, sunshine (and some rain), and lots of fun. i'm making him a box full of surprises to take with him on his move - and i asked him to tell me some of his guesses last night, they were cute. ;)
i'm throwing a little "good-bye" party for him tonight at the house.
and i'm putting him to work using the grill - because let's keep it real, i have no idea what i'm doing.
but i AM making my killer sweet potato fries.

what are your weekend plans?
crossing off anything on the to-do list? any fun adventures planned?
seeing any good movies?


+ these free printable pantry labels are gorgeous

+ why it's ok if your passion isn't your full-time thing right now // good, good read!

+ not a part of my healthy eating plan - but i'll take this coconut iced coffee with mini chocolate glazed coffee doughnuts. yes. you read that correctly. doughnuts and coffee.

+ i'll be using this window tip for my spring cleaning list!

+ i'm completely drooling over this front door before & after

+ did someone say baked southwestern eggrolls? yes please

+ i'm really looking at listening to some of these podcasts on the commute to work

+ y'all this floor is making my heart pitter-patter. i NEED this in my home!!!

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have a lovely weekend!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

my style | chilly day

spring is here.
which means if I’m going to post a winter outfit I need to do it now (I should have done it a month ago). this morning was still chilly so I’m telling myself I can get away with it.
#yolo <- yes. i just wrote that. stop judging me ;)

i bought this jacket at the beginning of the fall season and have worn it all throughout fall, winter, and even on the chilly mornings and evenings in spring. i’ve found that I go completely heart-eyes over brown and black leather (pleather) and they go with every single outfit. 

i’m a simple girl.
i don’t need all of the frills to make an outfit appealing for me.
just a few basic pieces to go with any weather and any outing.
and for a little background on this day I was shooting images for a darlin' friend of mine and her blog.
so I was able to really move around and not be constricted while taking pictures.  

long sleeve top | old navy
leggings | can't remember :( 
scarf | groopdealz (gift)
jacket | bb styled (similar)
boots | groopdealz
location | charleston, sc 

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