Tuesday, May 26, 2015

my weekend | update

this weekend was a whirlwind.
a fun, exciting, weird, hilarious, amazing whirlwind.
pool time, beach time, home made dinner and pie, a fabulous musical, family reunions with a delicious cookout, sheet forts with a dude time... ha, surprised you there.
there was so much fun and laughter this weekend - it was definitely a highlight of the year so far for me.

...and now i'll be packing away and getting everything ready for the sibling trip.
y'all, we are leaving thursday. YES THIS THURSDAY ...aka...two days.
T.W.O. D.A.Y.S
have i mentioned i haven't started packing?
yeah, no, not at all.
i'm probably going to make a target run tonight...or tomorrow night...either way, target will happening.

so i'll be quite around these parts for the next two weeks.
with packing, flying, traveling, i'll update here and there.
make sure you're following along on instagram - that's what i'll be updating the most until i return.

the adventure with the broseph will hold many things.
including: driving through the ring of kerry (yes, on the wrong side of the road, we're getting car insurance), hopping air planes like it's our job, hanging out with the locals and hiking our butts off, lots of laughter, lots of late nights and early mornings, and lots and lots of memories to be made!

i can't wait to catch up with y'all! <3

psstt...see past my weekend posts here.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

friday | links

friday is here - and it's memorial day weekend, which basically means lots of sunshine time and laughter! this weekend is going to be b.u.s.y. for me. family reunion, pool party, musicals, movie nights, beach days, starting to pack...and some surprises that i may or may not share with y'all next week. sooo maybe you should stay tuned on my instagram to see if anything makes an appearance ;)
i'm so sneaky.

also, we're leaving for irleand & scotland in 6 days people...6 DAYS.
so much packing to do, and list crossing off...and this is actually happening.

make sure you keep in mind the whole reason of this long weekend.
to pray for the families and loved ones of those we have lost defending our country.
to honor them and show our gratitude and respect, and to realize that our freedom doesn't come without sacrifice. it's so easy to forget, to over-look, and to sweep under the rug...but these men and women lay down their lives selflessly so that we can have all that we do.


+ i would like a nice long soak in this tub, please and thank you.

+ this elopement session is just out of this world stunning.

+ i am more than obsessed with this back yard set up.

+ is it just me, or do these spinach artichoke enchiladas look delicious?!

+ this gallery wall...swooooonnnn

+ this kitchen....i need it in my life.

+ i'm sorry, did you say homemade poptarts? yes, yes i need them.

+ been inspired a lot lately....and have even been sketching!

+ the marvel nerd in me is drooling

ppssstt shout out to stacia & kiki for helping me figure out where the dress i was hunting for last friday came from...now to save for the next 7 years ;) 

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what are your weekend plans?
do you think you can figure out my surprise?

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

music | martin luke brown

similar to last week, i wanted to share another artist that has been pulling on my heart strings.
martin luke brown.
so. much. yes.
i mean, his intro with his british accent is enough to make me smile...
...then he starts singing and i'm just utterly impressed and drawn in.
my body starts swaying and i find myself getting lost in the lyrics and melody.
this is one of those songs i will play randomly throughout the day, and find myself smiling and dancing and feeling connected...it's beautiful real.

so enjoy. ;)



what music have you been loving lately?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

fitness | valleau apparel

let's talk about workout apparel shall we?
items that are not only cute, fit within the budget, but can also be worn when not working out.
truth be told i was hunting for a bra that would work with certain dresses and tops that showed a little more back than i'm used to...and everything i kept finding were either a. too cheap and wouldn't offer any support or b. were so dang expensive i couldn't justify it for only wearing it with a few items of clothes.
then the chorus started singing and i stumbled onto valleau apparel's selection of sports bras i knew it was meant to be. i gave these sports bras a what's for and have come back to tell you - they rock!! 
not only are these sports bra's made from a former NCAA gymnast, but they are made in the good ol' USA (one of my favorite things to support!) feel free to read a little more about valleau.

i wouldn't go run a 5k in the two i'm featuring (i did run a mile or two) if you're a little heavier up-top; though knowing myself, i could have just sized wrong. i found them perfect for HIIT workouts, tabatas, yoga, pilates, boxing, and any really any other workout you'd like to try.
they dry quickly, are quality fabric, comfortable beyond belief, and will keep you tucked-in if you're doing any planks, turns, or flips. if you're anywhere from a low-c and below you are probably able to do some seriously high-impact workouts in them - but for me, it wasn't as secure as i would like for the super high impact sessions.

honest moment:
i'm a little self conscious throwing these pics out there.
i'm in the middle of this weight loss journey...and my body is within transition.
we are constantly bombarded with images of women who have these tight bodies that make us believe it is the absolute perfection...when it's not.
so even though i still need to loose lbs and tighten here and there - i still want to be able to love myself throughout the journey and help (even if in a small way) to encourage women to be happy.
(2nd honest moment - i wouldn't normally wear a sports bra without a shirt to workout in public; but i wanted to show these bad boys off! BAHA)

needless to say...i will not only be wearing these for working out - but for daily life in some sweet tops & dresses.
/// and you're welcome for the casper whiteness - it's true...summer hasn't fully started yet ;)


the hammock | valleau apparel
the mermaid | valleau apparel
aruba wrap top | fabletics
compression capris | old navy


have you tried out any new athletic wear lately?
what are some of your favorite brands & items?

and for your laughing pleasure - doing a headstand on the grass was way harder than those pictures made it look. i think i have 10 outtakes of me completely flipping and eating it. tree roots where everywhere.

heads up: valleau apparel sent me the mermaid sports bra to test out and review, i bought the hammock and love them both - all opinions, raves, and pictures are my own. :) 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

thoughts | my story is beautiful...

i'm re-sharing my part in allison's my story is beautiful series today.
i wanted it to have a place in my archives too - because i really believe the Lord broke down some walls in the process of me writing it.
so here is a little moment of transparency (not uncommon around here) from me to you.


Be gentle, be soft spoken, be feminine.
These are things I have heard over, and over, and over again through southern culture, the media, books, and even Christian literature. That as a woman I am to strive to be this perfect, humble, self-sacrificing, and kind individual – which is fair and has a lot of weighted truth to it. We, as women, are called to reflect the love and nurturing of Christ – to represent the beauty that He is, the gentleness and compassion that He reflects…but not every woman is gentle

I’ve struggled with this for years – with this feeling like I’m not woman enough.
I don’t always moon over babies.
I’m not always empathetic to the struggles of others.
and I am most definitely NOT gentle.

I am brash, witty, out-spoken, demanding, and a go-getter.
I tell it like it is, sometimes far too harshly than I should (a consistent character trait I’m working on).
I like dresses and putting on makeup – I also like throwing solid left hooks, climbing trees, and getting dirty.
I sob during a walk to remember and get amped watching ROCKY movies.
I can make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies and tie my wrists for boxing faster than most.
I cry over being rejected.
and I have no problem telling a man to step up and BE a man.

I’m a different breed.
I’m not the average woman.
But truthfully – there is no average.
There is no normal.
No perfect.
No right way to be.
YES – God does give us some direction and encouragement on how to live a beautiful, fulfilling life as a woman and I strive to be that daily; but He also uniquely wires us with different characteristics.

So, through all of these years of struggling I have come to a conclusion:
be who God has created you to be.
Keep seeking refinement and walk through the scriptures and be open for change (because God is always prompting change and growth in our lives).
But never be someone you weren’t created to be.
Embrace the Lord.
& embrace  the characteristics He has given you. 


and because i know i'll get questions ;) 
hat | target (similar
necklace | fedeli
shirt | thrifted

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Friday, May 15, 2015

friday | links

picture from style post.

i'm kind of in shock that next weekend is memorial day weekend.
because that means we have just over 12 DAYS until we're on a plan to ireland and scotland!
liiikkkeee i am so ready but my packing - so not ready ;)
i'm also really, really motivated to get some stuff done.
personally, creatively, blog-wise....you know, start making things happen.
of course i get that itch right before a vacation - because my brain just won't quit!
do you get like that?
completely spazzed out with to-do lists and motivation to get some stuff accomplished when you have a limited time window? /// and let's also keep it real - i'll probably have ZERO of this motivation when i actually get home from work. :)


+ ahhhhhhh...to get spend a weekend like this.

+ i laugh every. single. time. i watch this video.

+ praying for this family.

+ if anyone knows what brand this dress is i will come squeeze your face!! (lovingly of course)

+ healthy milkshakes?!?! yes pleaseeee

+ fantastic list of graduation gifts (those clip lights!!!)

+ a mermaid mug?!?! i see this in my future.

+ get your fiction fix. <3

+ in case you need another chuckle.

+ i'm really digging these shorts.

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have a lovely, lovely weekend. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

creative | failures

i'm joining jenna christina in their new monthly series cup of creative.
so go take a look at what all their creative hearts are chatting about, i know you won't be disappointed. :)

describe your biggest failure so far and how you plan to bounce back from it...

i'm not sure that i've had a biggest failure per say.
i would more readily admit that i've been slack and have backed myself into a corner with some things.
i'm not really a procrastinator (used to be, really bad)...and i'm actually a really good pre-planner person...but for some reason i've hit a slump of not really putting forth the time, energy, effort to get my creative endeavors off the ground.

i need to make more jewelry.
i need to take more pictures.
i need to paint more.
i need to notice more of the little things.
i need to write.
i need to promote.
amp up...

...but in all honesty those aren't my true "needs".
i think when i really look at creative "failures" i hone in on the comparison game.
well this girls blog, shop, pictures, _______, are getting more traffic, likes, purchases than mine so i'm a huge failure and i suck at this journey so i'll just stop.
i think that is where i've been.
doubting the talent, the drive, the creativity the Lord has instilled in me.

He created me to see the world differently.
to chase dreams.
to make things, to write, to be a weird little person floating around the world.
so it's time for me to re-embrace that.
to focus on what i love.
to make things for people just because - and maybe make some money in the process.
to not care so much about the success of others - but instead encourage them in their success, ask some questions, learn, challenge myself, and never make it something that i no longer love.

you should always love your creativity.
you should always be looking for new ways to challenge it.
to learn.
to grow within it.
so that is how i plan on bouncing back.
learning new things, focusing a little more, and enjoying the process instead of dreading it.
what about you?
how will you bounce back from your failures?


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