Wednesday, October 7, 2015

halloween | kitchen decorations

i love this room in my home.
and if i'm honest i don't sit at the kitchen table enough.
maybe it has something to do with #singlelife but it feels a little weird at the table by myself.
i suppose it's time i should start eating there more often - step out of my comfort zone a little more.
yay for kitchen nooks that turn into tables that hold all the things ;)

small little touches.
black yard spiderwebs.
diy little spiders (fuzzy fabric glued to pipe cleaners).
letters that will hopefully turn into marquee letters.
a fallen freaking bird - it WAS on top of the candles before the pictures were taken - i don't even care.
hanging bats on a string.
my diy gold skulls from last year.
and pumpkins galore.

small touches that give this room that haunted feel.
i'm sure i'll add more here and there as october unfolds - but this is how it is sitting today.

have you started decorating yet?
what are some of your favorite ways to add a little spook to your home?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

costume | snow white + tutorial video

as you may remember, i was snow white for last year's halloween party.
i had such a hard time hunting down the right skirt for this costume, you're welcome in advance for the link at the bottom ;). when this costume came together i was thrilled, and truth be told i felt really snow white that night!

here is a little tutorial (ok it's rather long, sorry!!) on how to get that snow white makeup!

get this look:

shirt | forever21 (similar)
skirt | amazon
necklace | forever21 (similar)
hairbow | amazon  

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Friday, October 2, 2015

monthly goals | october

let's look back at septembers goals...

+ try two new recipes
...y'all this chocolate pecan pie is amazing - i may or may not have eaten it for breakfast for a few days! and that was the only new one i tried. :(

+ blog to-dos (getting ready for halloween, clean up draft posts, etc)
completed! well for the most part! i still have a lot to do for October, but hey, i got a little head start! 

+ 2 DIY projects
teehee! done. you'll see them when i do the halloween decorating round up!

+ be intentional with friendships
i feel that i dropped the ball with this one. :( 

+ memorize scripture & make Jesus a priority
i have yet to discipline myself to memorize a scripture this past month - and that is utterly frustrating. i did make Bible reading a priority, so that is always a plus. 

+ get the house ready for fall/october! (lots of yard work, building things, and cleaning!)
i didn't build things - but i cleaned and did some yard work - although with all of the rain you can't even tell i cut the grass and bushes! haha!

+ maybe do an instagram sale?
I STARTED ONE! :) You can go take a look here @tsh_closet


monthly goals | october 

+ workout and watch my eating

+ get some house to-do's crossed off the list

+ try two new recipes

+ learn how to fix my hair in new was (weird goal, but it is needed!)

+ halloween + blog stuff



do you do monthly goals?
what are some of yours for october?

psssttt....make sure you head on over megan's blog for her favorite things giveaway

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

photography | snapshots

"always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being a photographer" - walter de mulder

the world of a love photography has been rather busy lately and i've had the privileged of working with some truly wonderful people. i've found that the more pictures i take, the more people i meet, i get out of my comfort zone and really hone into what i'm seeing.
i think that is one of my favorite parts of taking pictures - seeing those moments and being able to capture them for others.

with all of that being said, here are some recent happens coming out of my camera...

feel free to look through past photography posts here.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

thoughts | salt water cures everything

"there is some kind of sweet innocence in being human - in not having to be just happy or just sad
in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time." 
/// C. Joybell C


i feel like a wave crashing onto the shore.
the steady rhythm of the current pulling me to and fro.
the faint whispers of the receding tides.

i find myself with my toes sinking into the wet sand.
isolated on a beach with dawn breaking.
thoughts swirling within me...building like the storm that is brewing on the coast.
eyes trained on the horizon.

my hearts' echo is pulling me further and further from the present.
drowning in memories; in thoughts of what is to come.
confused. hopeful. miserable. joyful.
all threading themselves together to spell out the date of today.

salt water cures everything.
tears, sweat, the ocean, more tears.
my safe place - my home - my solace is found with my feet in the ocean.
or with my back to the mountains.
the ocean will due for now.

i feel like a wave crashing onto the shore.
the steady rhythm of the current pulling me to and fro.
the faint whispers of the receding tides.
feeling worn.
feeling poured into.
feeling drained.
feeling the sun beginning to break.

salt water cures everything.
i feel like a wave crashing onto the shore.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

friday | links

soooo we had tornado's in our area last night.
and if you know charleston, you know that isn't normal - or even close to it.
i actually didn't even hear the alert - which is terrifying - and when i woke up and checked my phone around 430am i saw the alert (3 hours late). some of my family have property damage, and there is a lot of cleanup to be done - i'm just thankful everyone is ok.
i'm really hoping to get a jump on halloween decorating over the weekend - it needs to start because october always seems to fill up quickly in my day planner!
three cheers for the weekend!


+ i want to replicate this look for a bedroom!

+ this video had me rolling! it's so true.

+ fabulous list of monthly boxes hellurrr to the party one!

+ it is kind of ridiculous how much i want this shirt.

+ where to foam roll = thank youuuuu

+ the horses in these pictures stunning

+ i would like to buy for my office - seriously it would be done daily!

+ this is just so beautiful to me.

+ i would eat these all day every day!


have a lovely weekend! 

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

fitness | TRX workout

hi friends, it's that time again.
time to talk about fitness and share one of my most favorite pieces of equipment ever.
the TRX.
i first started using the TRX when i was working with a trainer back in 2013, it was hard - but really fun.
i mean, swinging around back and forth, working on my core and finding a way to use my body weight to make gains.
reps and reps and some swinging here and there ;)

i finally got my hands on a TRX for Christmas last year - and have used the pole in my garage to anchor it for my workouts. i've bought an X-mount for the ceiling but have yet to install it; it's on the to-do list.

suspension training allows you to deliberately change your center of gravity, which challenges your muscles. you can read more about the benefits of suspension training here.
why am i such a fan of suspension training?
it really is a challenge - and it's different, portable (you can strap this thing around anything!), and is a lot of fun! i love finding variations of every day workouts for the TRX and then seeing my body get stronger and stronger using only my body weight.
i'm not being paid to say this - i'm just that big of a fan!
now i just need to invest in a bosu ball to up my TRX game - seriously, i've done it before and it is killer!


TRX Workout

15 high rows
30 second plank
15 knee tucks
15 knee to outside elbow (each side - so a total of 30)
15 scissor kicks
20 pendulum swings

then fall on the floor in a sweat puddle feeling like a beast 

have you ever used a TRX?
or done any sort of suspension training? 

show me your hardwork on instagram using the hashtag #TSHFITNESS 

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