Friday, August 22, 2014

frankly | rest

{excerpt from my journal while working through // she reads truth | hebrews day 4}

" then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God's rest has also rested from his works as God did from His. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience. For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of the soul and the spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." - hebrews 4:9-12


what do you rest in? 

"i'm learning that all too often i put my value in the work of my hands or the imaginary commandments i keep."  . . . "our work is good, a gift from God. routine is needed and helpful. but without a strong faith in the work of Christ, we will never be able to truly enjoy the rest that God has for us. deep, soul rest that speaks not only to how we spend our seventh days, but the how we view ourselves every moment of every day." . . . "the rest God calls us into is restorative and real."
. . . "He has already assigned you more worth than you could ever create or accumulate!"
- she reads truth


// what do i rest in? where does my worth come from? 

honestly, lately, myself. i've been relying on me far too often. I expect things to get things right, to provide for myself, to _____.
i'm not resting in God.
i'm not finding my worth and value in God.
& i know that trying to find it elsewhere is in vain - yet i do it.

He has assigned me more worth than i can create or accumulate? 
that is so hard for me to fully swallow.
how can i have worth?
when all i do is sin and practice hateful tendencies and greedy characteristics.
i've found with my competitive nature it is always more, more, more.
more workouts, more strict dieting, more nice house things,
more meaningful conversations, more attention, more, more. more!

i see and know how dangerous that mindset is.
how it gets me nowhere but pain and more sin.

so i need a re-haul of thinking.
being competitive isn't bad by itself - but i've taken it too far.
i can't compete for God's love, mercy, grace, or worth
scripture tells me He gives it to me freely.
i just have to accept it.
remember my salvation - and accept it.
and rest in it.

so why do i run?
why have i placed false security in other things over God?
am i afraid? uncertain of what is to come? of giving up control?

i can't live in fear. (neither can you)
i can't live trying to win everything. (neither can you)
i need to accept God's love. (so do you)
i need to breathe in his mercy. (deeply)
i need to be flooded by his grace. (daily)
i need to rest in his presence. (always)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the circle | closet confidential

joining kiki & jenna today for the circle!
this months theme - closet confidential, and I have been so excited to participate.
I love these kinds of posts - where you get to see more of the person behind the blog and what their style is like. we were encouraged to do a video (AND I WANTED TO!) but wouldn't you know, my flip died and I don't have a fancy dslr that does video, my mac is old, and my iphone was full. SO that was needless whining ;) ...but I did take pictures!  

enter narnia!
just kidding - that is my hot mess of a closet that has been paired down to things I actually wear (I need to do some more pruning in there honestly). going through this weight loss journey has taught me a few things - one of them being that i have too many clothes. I actually now own zero jeans that fit me (woohoo!) so I'm waiting until fall to buy some new ones.
yes, I realize how spoiled I am to have a walk in closet to myself - future husband (wherever you are) I'm sorry, we might not share a might have to walk down the hall to retrieve your clothes, I'm now completely spoiled.


1 | what is the oldest item in your closet?
these. black. pants. i've talked about them before; they are from 9th grade and it was during my punk/rock/goth/whatever phase...and i still love them. a goal of mine has been to fit into them. I can now - which means i will wear them this winter - yes i will wear chained pants, and no, i really don't care if it is a fashion nono. :) // the picture below is in may when they were still S-N-U-G but now they fit pretty well. (can't remember where these are from)

2 | what is the newest?
I received this baby at our $5 per bag clothing fundraise for my neighborhood pool.
it is a loft dress that is actually kind of big by itself - but using the ties makes it perfect! I can't wait to wear it! (fun fact: I've never owned a white dress before...or skirt!) (loft)

3 | what is the most expensive?
this bridesmaids dress...that is gorgeous. I actually am waiting until I get rid of my last 20lbs and then I'm having it altered (it's already too big, yay!). this was around $250 before alterations...sooooo it was a pricey item that I plan to use again! (bella bridesmaid)

4 | what is the biggest bargain
// the first pretty dress was free! yup, my friend was getting rid of it and I snatched it out of her hands...ok I didn't snatch, I nicely plucked it from a bag she was donating and ran away laughing :) (friend)
// the second dress was a STEAL I got from Ross (love that place). the dress originally sold for $158 and I bought it for $40. I have yet to get it hemmed (I know!) but I sometimes walk around my house in it...just to feel regal; don't judge me ;) (ross)

5 | show us your three favorite items right now! 
this was pretty hard, i'm not going to lie - so i chose four.
// the green/tealish maxi skirt is so pretty and i love wearing it with a black top. (ann taylor loft outlet)
// the pink dress was a giveaway win from shabby apple. i actually have only worn it three times, and it is starting to get really loose, but it is just so dang beautiful that i can't let it go yet. (shabby apple)
// the blue cardigan/sweater - swoon. it is actually pretty light and i love all of the swishy fabric. i obviously don't wear this during the summer - but fall is coming swiftly because i'm ordering it to. (old navy)
// the blue flower dress was another free item from my friend...i haven't worn it yet - but this will be another fall outfit with a tank and leggings (since it is SHEER!) with booooottttssss. (i'm ready for fall obviously. (target)


this was a lot of fun!
i can't wait to see some other bloggers share their favorite items!
i am by no means a fashion blogger - and honestly my "personal style" is still developing and all over the place...but it is fun to work with what you have and make new outfits!
maybe i'll do another one of these posts with me IN the clothes ;)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

monthly box | popsugar

so i completely spaced last month and never shared what i received in my popsugar must have box.
i am making up for it today with a detailed list of what all they sent me this time.
this box came on the right day for me - it had been a really bad week and i was just spent. traffic was horrible on the way home, i was irritated and grumpy, and all i wanted to do was lay under a blanket for a solid hour without moving. thankfully i saw this little gem when i walked in the house and my day was made a little brighter.
yeah - that sounds totally lame but i don't even care. ;)

i was completely floored by this box. 
sometimes you get things that you won't really ever use and they go into that "gift again" pile you keep (i know you have one) but this box...oh this box i will use every. single. thing.

now let's break down the box's cost - because let's be honest...we're all on some sort of a budget and we can't spend willy nilly. (<-you've missed that word haven't you!)
the box is $40 a month.
yikes - i know right?
but amy, birchbox and ipsy are only $10 a month - yeah and then you have 1,000 samples that you will never ever use and they fill up half of your bathroom counter (or is that just me?).
so i decided to take the plunge and try out this box for a few months.
honestly - i will probably only go through the end of the year; i want to be wise with my money and spending $40 a month on a box full of goodies isn't always the wisest thing to do.
with that being said, i have noticed since i got this box that my willy nilly spending has gone way down. i don't feel the need to try something new because my box sent me something new. so kind of a small win? at least that is what i'm telling myself.


paddywax ocean tide + sea salt mini jar candle | this smells wonderful! i may or may not have already used it in my room...three times. also the glass jar that it is in (which you can't see) is this beautiful blue and has a great texture. | $10 

kendra scott elle earrings in slate | oh. my. goodness. these earrings are BAM! first of all, they are gray - basically every wall color in my house = so i love them. and the encasing around them is subtle but still gives off a great impact. i've already worn them around my house - and am in love. these are way more than i would ever spend on earrings, so it was really nice getting them in the box this month. | $52 

goodbyn purple meal & dipper set | one of my favorite colors is purple (my upstairs room/old bedroom is a pretty lilac) so i was sold on that. BUT IT COMES WITH A DIPPER - my hummus addiction thanks you. :) | $8

thinkthin brownie crunch high protein bar | this was delicious for a protein bar, and it was the right amount of chocolate for what i needed. it is packed with 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar - so yes, i was sold! | no price listed - it was a special extra in the box.

the mason jar cookie company celebrate! | can we discuss how cute their packaging and marketing is?! i love mason jars - and coming from the south they have been our party glasses long before pinterest made it cute. i haven't made these yet, but boy am i excited to! (lets be honest, i haven't made them because i will eat the entire pan so i need an event to help with my *cough* portion control) | $12

bite beauty lush fruit lip  | i have seen this brand before on other blogs and have always been curious. apparently bite created this new shade specially for popsugar must have's second birthday. it is made with nourishing strawberry, coconut, and avocado oils and everyone who has used it (that i've seen) raves about it - including me. YES I AM SOLD. the color is gorgeous, it stays on a lot longer than regular lip glosses, and the smell is lovely. i'm not sure i would spend the price per tube - but it was a wonderful treat for me. | $22

lollia at last perfumed shower gel | can we discuss how this came at the right time for me that morning i ran out of shower gel and forgot to run by the store on my way home from work to get a new bottle - praise! the smell is very fresh - and not strong at all for it being a perfumed shower gel. it lathers nicely and i definitely feel clean when it is all said and done. again, i'm a cheap skate and probably wouldn't spend the price for the bottle, but it was a nice treat'yo'self moment for me. | $22


my overall thoughts on this months must have box.
10 out of 10.
(and i'm really excited to see what they throw together for the october box!!) <- yes i'm already thinking of october/halloween - it's what i do!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

photography | dannie in the rain

a few weekends ago I was running errands with Dannie and when we got back to my house it was pouring. I made an off-hand comment on how I wanted to practice portraits this weekend, especially in the rain, she responded with "I'm game". wooohoo! we threw some red lipstick on her and she pranced around in the pouring rain in my back yard. it was a blast. and man do I have a lot to learn when it comes to taking pictures in the rain (yes I want to take more!)
Dannie is just one of those people who is always game to let me practice - so you'll see her face around here a lot! :) (like here, here, and here)



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Friday, August 15, 2014

friday | links

i am so glad Friday is finally here.
this week seemed to drag on and on and i am just happy to be almost done with it.
my heart has been heavy the last few days.
lots on my mind weighing me down; thoughts about my future, where i am in life right now, what am i doing, why am i doing it, etc. i think I'm having that quarter-life crisis john mayer sang about ;)


+ i really don't have words for this - but it is heartbreaking and beautiful.

+ i found this photographer the other day and I am blown away. like stunned.

+ kiki shared this post a week or so ago - and it still hits home for me.

+ please arrive swiftly.

+ only cat people will laugh at this.

+ megan took the most gorgeous sunset pictures over the mountains that i have ever seen.

+ this master bedroom renovation knocked my socks off.

+ Katie has the best advice when it comes to traveling - i want all of her clothing.

+ in case you're still reading, i'll give you a little introduction to my photography site.

+ i will take one, please and thank you.

+ this looks like unhealthy (but delicious) breakfast perfection.


you might have missed...

+ new fiction installment: bailey | the why.

+ frankly | trust and wait 

+ you are lovely | beth 

+ currently | august

+ monthly goals | august 

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

update | house list

I figured it was high time I looked at this 2014 house list I came up with.
man, I was ambitious.
to be honest, a lot of this just isn't going to happen.
finances are tight, time is fleeting, and my body is a little broken right now.
BUT it is good to see what I can accomplish with a little budgeting and elbow grease.
I also need to do some posts to update on the little progress I have made.


+ new furniture/table (loving this one!) (or this one!)
+ new photo arrangement
+ entry rug? (aztec anyone?!)
+ shoe placement

bedroom hallway.

+ batteries for smoke detector
+ new light fixture (i would love this one!)
+ paint ceiling

hall bath.

+ figure out what to do with chipping ceiling
+ shower curtain liner
+ new shower head

bo's room.

+ headboard
+ window treatments (I'm going to use my old curtains, so I need to buy curtain rods)

master bed/bath.

+ paint everything (maybe this color?) still need to paint bathroom.
+ bamboo curtains over my bed (I have two curtains from another place in the house I just need to wash and install them)
+ artwork (1/3 completed)
+ move out unneeded furniture
+ new sitting chair?

living room. 

+ furniture placement...bleh (some has changed, but it still feels weird)
+ something needs to change - can't quite put my finger on it, but something


+ patch holes & repaint walls
+ nix current wall art/hangings, get new frames etc.

dining room.
+ window treatment
+ fix walls where paint chipped.


+ clean (degrease) cabinets (1/2 done)
+ organize cabinets

back hallway.

+ buy smoke detector (yeah we only have one in our house whoops) need to install
+ board & batten?
+ paint!!!
+ curtain for in front of washer and dryer (like this)
+ shorten dryer vent tube


+ couch
+ hang bulletin board
+ art

back porch.

+ rip up carpet
+ stain concrete (love this!) (so cute)
+ buy outdoor rug


+ clean out
+ organize
+ set up home gym
+ figure out a solution for lent vent (from dryer)

outside (front).

+ new potted plant between garage doors (lovely)
+ trim bushes
+ landscape under bo's window
+ replace rotting wood / paint house

outside (back). 

+ replace rotting wood / paint house
+ fix fence
+ fire pit / tear down old swing set (dreamy!)
+ pergolia? (swoon)
+ set up patio space to be inviting
+ de-weed flower bed on right of yard
+ spring garden?

so there is my list.
as I've said - not very much has been completed with home renovations this year.
it happens - and I'm not going to cry over it.
I have some plans for the back patio for the fall (I've talked about how I want to use it) that I'm excited to start working on (you know when it isn't 100+ outside!). there are also some other things that I can cross of the list with small effort.
so three cheers to being motivated!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

etsy crushes | warm

I am ready for Friday.
so ready.
beyond ready.
my muscles are sore (yay for 3 hour boxing classes), I've pulled two muscles, and I feel like I could sleep for a week straight and then I would be good to go. yup it is just one of those weeks - so I needed a little pick me up.
etsy does that for me.
it shows me beautiful things that I could one day buy - or gift (but let's be honest, I might just buy them for myself) because these do make great gift guides.

feel free to browse through the other etsy crush posts here.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


have you been crushing on something special lately?
share it with me!

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