Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween | links

happy halloween!today's links will be full of halloween fun!
i'm currently dressed up as a skeleton for work (you can see so on my instagram).
tonight is our annual halloween bash, and the theme this year: disney dead or alive.
i want to hear y'alls guesses on who you think i will be, and will i be dead or alive?!
you'll find out next week when i share all the halloween decorations and the party round-up!


// ikea's take on the shining (so awesome!)

// constellation pumpkins!

// i am in love with these bat tights!

// this dessert would be perfect for a halloween bash!

// ghost lights

// of course lauren conrad has an incredible mermaid costume!

// a great idea for vampire teeth

// this wednesday adam's makeup tutorial is awesome!

// jenny posted what i sent her in the etsy swap! woohoo!

// hellow skeleton onesies! you are so much fun!

// fun cat makeup!

// some wonderfully simple and still awesome halloween decorations.



are you doing anything fun for halloween?
what are you dressing up as?
what was your favorite costume as a child?

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Thursday, October 30, 2014


so i was going to post this morning, until i found out that someone in california stole my debit card information and went on a $400+ shopping spree at michael kors and an outdoor store (among many places). this is what our world is coming to...people expecting handouts without realizing that other people work hard for the benefits they are given freely.
it would be one thing if this person used my card at a grocery store...or somewhere where maybe they are too broke to buy necessities. BUT INSTEAD they go on a shopping spree to places that are shallow and unnecessary.
i. am. so. mad.
like WHY do people do this?!


needless to say i've gone to the bank to get it all ironed out.
this is real life - and it happens (it's happened before) just makes my heart break a little more each time i hear about it (or experience it) because 40 years ago people had a better respect for their fellow man. now it's all selfish and a all about me and instead of you realizing how your actions can change the lives of others.

just some food for thought.

p.s. tomorrow is halloween.

and so i don't leave you empty handed today.
here are some costume ideas from last year!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

etsy crushes | black as night

halloween is THIS FRIDAY!
i am so excited!
and also a little blind - i had my eyes dilated this morning so please excuse any typos.
i wanted to share some of my latest etsy crushes that all relate to halloween (you know the drill by now). i keep finding the coolest, most unique, and beautiful things!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 


p.s. i can not WAIT to show all of you the halloween decorations at my house!
BUT it might not be until next week - still making some last minute adjustments before the party this friday!! WOOOHOOO (can anyone guess who i'm going as this year?!)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

must watch | halloween favorites

charleston, sc


my must watch list for the season:

// hocus pocus - i think this is on everyone's halloween watch list. something about running a'muck and laughing at the sanderson sisters as they try to lure children to their death always puts a smile on my face.

// the nightmare before christmas - another classic that i must watch every. single. year. i love jack. he is just fantastic and has such a beautiful heart - he may be a little bi-polar, but i would be too if i was an eternal skeleton in charge of a village full of monsters.

// the covenant - can i just go ahead and say how disappointed i am that they never made a second movie. i heard the media whispers that they would do it - but no, no such luck. and this movie is just fantastic to me!

// halloweentown - bring it on home disney! i remember being obsessed with this movie (and the second!) when they first released; and to this day they are still so much fun!

// witches of east end - this. SHOW! ahhhh we haven't watched any of the second season yet (i know!) but it is soooo good. also, the home decor is SPOT ON i found myself pausing it a lot thinking (how can i replicate that?)

// sweeny todd - ahhh a fake blood musical. this one is all kinds of creepy. johnny depp really brings some kind of terrifying edge to mr. todd.

// the addams family - wednesday addams is my spirit animal. haha i kid (or am i?). i was actually wednesday addams for a halloween event years ago and my mom was morticia. it must run in the family.

// blood and chocolate - have y'all seen this? i don't know why i love it so much...but i do! it is a beautifully done movie - with such a haunting edge. i don't really know how to explain it - but i wish they would make a second one too.

// the secret circle - i also wish they didn't cancel this show! the opening credit music always freaks me out (seriously, i get chills) and the plot line was great! this is another show that i watch every october (normally while decorating). plus, the home decor in this show is incredible too! i will take cassie blake's entire bedroom - thank you.

what are some of your "must-watch" movies/shows for the season?

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Monday, October 27, 2014

photography | melissa - halloween themed

ok, so you've already seen sarah's photos from this session, now you will get to meet melissa.
i still can't describe how incredible this session was to shoot.
these women are gems.
they are hilarious.
and so fun to work with.
and of course my friends ;) which makes it easy to direct! was fierce.
i was able to capture some images that gave me chills.
there is definitely a spooky/haunting factor to her session.

there are many, many more (around 50 images) on my photography blog from melissa's session. if you love the little taste you see today - i highly suggest you head on over there to see more. (personally, i'd love to hear your feedback!)



make sure you check out the rest of melissa's session.
and while you're at it, if you missed sarah's, take a peek.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

friday | links

charleston, sc

ahhh friday.
you beautiful beast you.
i am so happy you are here! this week has been a long one, but a good one! i'm looking forward to getting back on schedule this weekend with hang outs, yard work, church, and boxing (yay!). there will also be some last minute decorating and costume getting - you know, because next friday is halloweeeeeeennn! YAY!.


// life before and after a cat <- hilarious!

// princess hair!

// the last paragraph in this post was like balm to my hurting soul. so beautiful.

// every day of my life.

// i would love for my sketchbook to look as beautiful as theirs.

// i loved seeing madison's portraits from the weekend!

// he he he - this is why you don't try to fit!

// in every season...

// i would never, ever leave this craft room!

// i may or may not be trying something similar this weekend - it could turn out really bad, ha!

you may have missed....

// etsy swap | link-up

// renew retreat | first impressions

// comfort | fall favorites 

// etsy crushes | it's a dark night

have a lovely weekend!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

renew retreat | first impressions

so, now that you've met everyone in person, do you feel like their blogs represent their real-life personalities? do you feel like we are all reflected well?

i asked that question to the group of ladies at the renew retreat.
i was curious of the impressions we've made - if we came across transparent enough on our blogs to translate well in real life. i think everyone agreed that each person was exactly like they thought they would be.
i wouldn't say i was surprised by that.
reading these ladies blogs and then meeting them face to face, and not only that, but conversing and spending the weekend together really did show me how true authenticity and transparency is appreciated and respected in the blog world.
there is something beautiful about a community who preaches transparency.
so i thought i would share some of my own first impressions.
and of course, i would be curious of what their first impressions of me would be ;)


it was so nice to give them a real-life hug.
madison is warm, bubbly, and incredibly open. she reminded me of a ray of sunshine.
rachel reminded me a lot of the mornings in the mountains; she was thoughtful, inquisitive, and genuine.
| rachel's pic is from her blog, i somehow didn't get a pic of her at the retreat! :( :( |

meg | jenna
granted i just met these lovely ladies at the maiedae mixer last month, i loved seeing them again.
meg is my twin. i really think we were separated at birth. she is full of such life and joy and love that it is contagious. i just love her zeal for all things adventure.
jenna is so incredibly compassionate. i love it, and i love her. she exudes love and warmth and acceptance.

jenni | meg 
big ol' smiles.
jenni has a beautiful laugh. she exudes happiness, and she is real. which i really, really appreciate.
meg made me feel at home right away; as weird as that may sound. she's a listener, a pursuer, a woman who digs a little deeper. i loved getting to really know her and share life stories with her.

kaitlin | robyn 
i just want to hug their faces.
kaitlin has such a sweet smile! she was such a thinker, and a sharer, and full of passion. i loved getting to hear her story over the weekend.
robyn was exactly who i thought she would be. kind, beautiful, smiley, and an absorber - i loved that about her, she absorbed the conversations and offered great snips of advice.

lauren | jessa
such sweet women.
lauren is so kind. she has an enveloping kindness that puts you at ease and makes you feel welcomed.
jessa is so happy. she was constantly smiling and making a solid effort to know us better.

somehow i didn't get a picture of lisa & carrie #bloggerfail.
forgive me ladies!! (but madison got some great pictures!)

lisa | carrie
these sisters are so beautiful and kind
lisa brought a sense of wisdom - i don't know how to explain it, but she just carried herself with this wisdom.
carrie like lisa also exuded wisdom, but more-so i just noticed how graceful she was.

bailey | kristen 
they brought a fun balance to the group.
bailey was more quiet than some of the other girls, but not in a bad way - in a really pretty way. you could tell she was taking everything in and learning - it was encouraging.
| bailey's pic is from her blog, i somehow didn't get a pic of her at the retreat! :( :( |
kristen was hilarious once she fully warmed up. she was all smiles and laughs!


what do you think of first impressions?
do they carry a certain weight?

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