Monday, August 22, 2016

travel | exploring maine

the more time i spend in Maine, the more i realize - i'm really pumped to live there (even if only for a short season!). the landscape is so incredibly different than what i'm used to - and to still be near a coastline just makes my heart leap with joy.
the last time i was up, eddie and i took a short drive to explore on july 4th.
i can't remember the exact name of this place - but it's so close to where we will be living, and all i could imagine was throwing a lady in a long dress on these rocks in the water at sunrise or sunset and just snapping away! ;)

i was obviously won over by the beautiful clear water - and all the sail boats (we have those here in charleston, but it just looks different on this coastline!), and all the people kayaking too! it made me want to just hop in that water - i didn't because it also looked freezing haha.

i'll be back up in maine this week for a very short visit.
it's been 2 months and i miss the dude as well as exploring our area - i can't wait for all the adventures both big and small that we have ahead of us!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

friday | links

| a sneak peak from a photo session from last night - see another sneak peak on my photography instagram

it's FINALLY friday - is it just me or has this week been d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g by?!
maybe it's because next week i will finally be seeing eddie. two months is too long.
this weekend will be full of meal planning, cleaning out my bedroom, attending a wedding, and hopefully some down time somewhere ;) i'm also really looking forward to some rainy days. i know that sounds weird, but man it's been so hot here and a little overcast days will hopefully help!

so without further ado here are some of my favorite finds this week...


+ how weird is it that i want to lay on the counters and never leave?

+ this photography session is so pretty!

+ this DIY floating frame looks super easy and i'm a sucker for floating frames!

+ so i'm not the biggest salmon person - but this looks like it would taste good!

+ will someone make me a pancake bar?!

+ teehee already pinning this stuff (come on, you know me!)

+ i'm currently trying to figure out a dress for my engagement pictures - and this one is in the running. if you have any favorites - share them with me please!

+ mmmm pickled red onions - soooo delicious!

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+ journey | consumption

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have a lovely weekend friends! 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

photography | besties fo' life

i have a question.
why don't best friends do photoshoots together more often?!
it was absolute joy capturing the friendship between emily & sterling! emily is my brothers girlfriend - and emily, her friend sterling, emily's sister, and her sisters friend came down for the week and we were able to have lots of girl time, laughter, and i pointed them on where to explore for some charleston favorites.

friday night i wanted to brush the dust off of my camera and try out some new techniques.
these girls have apparently never been in front of the camera. psshh lies.
they were complete naturals and after the first two "stopping spots" the nerves faded away and they really started to open up in front of the camera. and boy was it fun!

feel free to head on over to my photography website to see the rest of their session (lots more to see too!). and i can not wait to show you their individual portraits! <3

location | charleston, sc

interested in booking me for a session - head on over here. <3 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

thoughts | you are enough + a giveaway

i recently bought myself this print from the worship artist's shop.
i actually went to college with April and her husband Robert; Robert & i were in the youth ministry major together and often found ourselves sitting in the same class. their hearts for Jesus is something that truly brings light into a room when they walk in.

i own another one of her prints - and every time i go to her shop i find something else that just makes my heart swell. this one though - it just kind of reached out, cupped my face and held my hand, and whispered these words into the dark places that needed them. looking at the words - wrapped in those beautiful southern magnolia branches - i kind of just read them, over and over and over. letting them sink in to the places where i so often buy the lie of no, i'm just NOT enough. anyone else feeling me on this?

this world will break. you. down.
looking at the news headlines, hearing friends tear each other down, watching individuals kill one another without cause or care; it's just soul crushing. it seems like we are conditioned to focus on the destruction around us - and in turn it beats us down to this place of well, i can't do anything about it, might as well just give up.
not. true.
you are enough.
read that again.
you are enough.

we are enough to bring light into this dark world.
to walk into our office, our school, our church, our homes with a smile on our face and compassion in our hearts. we can listen to those who need to share, we can hold hands of those who need guidance, we can hug those who need comfort, we can bring essential things to those who have nothing. that doesn't take a 6 figure salary, a perfectly put on face and hair day, a car, a job, a masters literally takes the Lord within you.

i remember growing up and being told "amy, you can make a difference."
and it seemed i heard it over and over again after my parents died.
there are many days when i'm beaten down to the point of hysterically laughing at that statement.
and then there are moments like these - in the quiet of a morning
- staring at three words where the Lord resurrects the fierceness within me.

i am enough.
and so are you.


sooooo it's giveaway time!
you'll get this sweet print from scripture doodle, a pour over threshold coffee maker, and this rad tea towel!
enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win. <3
giveaway ends 8/22/16 at 12am 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 | goal check in

i was looking over my goals that i've set for 2016 and i figured it was time to check in.
it's so easy to forget what i wanted to focus on this year - and when the months start to bleed together i can easily loose sight of all that has unfolded.


chill | i've definitely chilled more. i recently had a a few situations come up up where the old amy would have reacted on a 10 scale - and i've reacted closer to a 6. i think the Lord is doing a mighty work in my spirit - doing some refining - and using a few different people in my life (*cough* eddie for sure *cough*) to remind me that everything doesn't have to get under my skin. not only that but i've seen the Lord strip some things away from me - and i'm not that upset about it...if He wants me to slow down some, i can! 

photography | a love photography is growing. i think i've put more effort into getting my name out there and trying new things. i've hit a slump recently and have literally set up 6 (!!) free sessions to just meet new people, try out new techniques, and really polish up some of the rust off! one of my favorite sessions so far this year was this family session of some of my sweet friends! <3 i need to share it over on this blog too!

be active | i'm a smidge frustrated with myself on this one. i'm still at this place where i'm trying to get back to goal weight. i SEE where i've made the slackness a part of my daily life - and i've come to accept that i will never be the person where weight-loss comes easy. i'll have to always hustle - so i'm back to hustling. 

explore | YES! man this year has been a great year for exploring! hiking in cleveland sc, hiking ceasars head, york maine, acadia national park and portsmouth maine, kittery maine, the white mountains in new hampshire, and sooooo many other random exploring adventures! 

be goofy | i think i have definitely had my moments of goofiness this year! i could definitely cut a few more strings loose and just get lost in the crazy ;) 

rejoice | i have definitely been making more of a conscious effort to be joyful for the moments God has given me - and man He has provided some amazing moments of rejoicing. deep conversations with friends, getting engaged, traveling, seeing family and friends accomplish great things, and so much more 


how are you doing on your year goals (did you make any)?
i'm glad i took this moment to kind of "check in" because let's keep it real it's easy to forget what all we want to get done in the beginning of a year.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

etsy crushes | run away with me

as i was laying in bed this morning - lazily attempting to keep my eyelids open i started thinking...
...2016 is quickly coming to a close.
a year that has held so many changes, mostly good - so good, and i kind of don't want it to end.
don't get me wrong - i am pumped to get married in 2017 - but 2016 has just been so sweet.
as i look back, i'm reminded of the moments that are important - and the ones that felt so overwhelming when they were happening but now feel like a distant memory with fuzzy edges.
i guess i just wanted to remind you - that even if right now feels horrible, or if you're struggling with time the edges will start to blur and you'll really feel some relief.
we haves seasons we walk through - and good or bad - things change. <3
just rest a little in that today.

feel free to see other crushes here.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


i hope your wednesday unfolds well.
find those joyful moments - even if they feel few and far between. <3

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Monday, August 8, 2016

relationship | when things change

when i opened this box from the painted press - my heart kind of skipped.
this was the first time i saw my future name in print minus when i write it myself for fun haha.
eddie asked how i felt when i saw it - and to be honest i got tears in my eyes and felt peaceful.
and then i realized how much will be changing.
it's real - it's happening - and i'm in love with him and i can't wait to see this name all over the place.
the fact that i'm able to make something so personal in a little dish just brings a little extra joy to this moment.

and then their little packaging message "you are loved" was like a silent reassurance from the Lord.
seeing that new last name - following the name i've always known - it kind of stilled me.
like - things will really be changing.
not just a wedding - a wedding is just an event - but a marriage.
we're building something - and learning more and more about each other - and being challenged along the way.
and then throw moving hundreds of miles away from my family and friends - it's just...a lot.
so when i read that you are loved it was like a warm hug from God - reminding me that i am, in fact, loved.

did y'all happen to notice the knot bangle?
isn't it perfection for a wedding - get it? tie the knot ? ;)
these will be one of the gifts my bridesmaids will be getting - to help commemorate the journey eddie and i are embarking on.
i think pairing a personalized dish with a bangle for each bridesmaid (or even for a wedding present, a birthday present, etc) is such a sweet idea. so pin this little idea away for when you're looking for a special gift for a friend. <3

personalized dish | the painted press
knot bangle | the painted press

i received this jewelry dish & knot bracelet from the painted press fo'free to give you an honest review; and i love it.
i was not paid to write this post and all opinions and pictures are my own.

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